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Learning Tally in Three Steps; Step Two: Entering Vouchers

This is the second part of my basic Tutorials on Tally. As we have earlier discussed in Part first that activities on Tally softwares can be divided in three main parts i.e. Creating masters, entering vouchers and seeing the reports. Creating masters has been discussed in great length in Step One, now lets know how vouchers are filled. What ever transactions are done in any business, they are recorded in form of vouchers. This is the main entry which is done by operators. Based on the details provided while entering the voucher and accuracy maintained the reports present true pictures.

Entering Vouchers

Next Basic step in working on Tally is to enter vouchers. Mainly we enter Receipts, Payment, Sales, Purchase, Journal and contra vouchers.

Here are some video Tutorials about Passing vouchers by svtution.
Contra Entry

Sales Entry

Another Tutorial for ledger entries

The more of Tally one uses in its business, the more complex its vouchers becomes. In the final and Third step I would discuss viewing reports.

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