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What Next : After activating your Free copy of Tally.ERP 9

Almost 600 users of ApniTally has activated and tried Free Tally per month. They have used it for various purposes. I hope their purpose of using has been fulfilled by now. All the users who have activated their Tally.ERP9 before three or more months, their Tally would have been expired till date. This post is to help those people. As all good things have to come to an end this is no exception.

Now question is what is the next step?
The answer is not that simple but let is try to make it simple. The answer depends on the purpose of activation. If the reason reason of activation was just to take free things and nothing more then i would say that thanks buddy for investing your time and energy to see one of the worlds best yet simplest software.
If the reason of activation was to work in original Tally.ERP9 software and gain some hands on experience then i hope it would have been fulfilled. If still some more time is needed then either take another machine and some other email id and again activate the licence as same thing can not be done on same machine.
If the reason of activation was to test the software before buying it then i think that purpose would have been fulfilled by this time. If Tally is great on your expectations then next logical step is to Buy it via credit card from Tally's site. If still more time is needed then rental option of Tally is available. Another three months can be purchased by just paying Rs.450/- only.

Here few points are worth considering:
First: One machine can be used for only once. You cannot use same machine just by activating by another email id.
Second: that machine can only activate original Tally, no more activations on that machine.
Third: the last date to activate is Dec1, 2010. After that code would be deactivated. so do activations if any before this date.

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AmebaA said…
Tally Decided to Stop the Free Tally (1st December 2010).
Anonymous said…
I am tally service provider
Mahendra said…
Are you sure for Another three months can be purchased by just paying Rs.450/- only. ?
or it is Rs.1350 ? for 3month period ?
Shailendra said…
ya its true. 1350/- is for multi user tally for 3 months

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