25 August 2010

Single Step Procedure for Tally Job : Tally Job Portal

Tally's Job/Recruitment Portal is revolutionary in Many ways. First it is only and going to be the best platform for all those professional who are either using Tally or are in accounting field. Second it is unique in its approach. It provides candidate information to respective employers free of cost. Third it provides direct intersection of employee and employer.And last but not the least it provides employer the facility to judge its candidates according to qualities it need for particular job. In my earlier article I have discussed how employers has been given facility to for recruit people for their organisation. The Second prospective of employee is discussed here.

Single step procedure for Job: Welcome to Tally Portal
  • Are you currently working on Tally?
  • Are you willing for Job in Tally?
  • Are you looking for jobs in the field of accounting, Store, HR(Payroll), Excise, Taxation etc?
  • Are you looking for Job in MSME's of India?
  • Are you willing to upgrade your Tally expertise?
Then one step solution is here for you. Tally's Job /Recruitment Portal. Tally has started revolutionary concept of subscription for all Tally Job seekers. As we have discussed earlier Every Tally owner employer can post his job requirement via Tally free of cost; All those job seekers can see these listing via Tally subscription. You can apply for the jobs which ever you like and you would be directly contacted by the employer.

After availing subscription you get following benefit:
  1. Post your Biodata on Tally's portal.
  2. Be seen to all Tally users who have Job requirement.
  3. e-books and course material on Tally topics to enhance your skills.
  4. Unlimited online tests to check your skills.
  5. One year facility to be seen to Tally employers and be judge by them.
These whole lot of things are just in Rs. 450/- for one year.

Go to your nearest Tally academy or your Tally Partner (More Details).
Purchase Tally Currency worth Rs. 450/-
Scratch the Card and fill this form.
Complete the procedure and start finding.

You can drop a comment below mentioning your email address for can mail me at shailyji at gmail dot com and ask for currency. I would tell you about payment method. For ApniTally user online or telephonic help can also be provided for Registration if registered through us.

20 August 2010

Tally's Job Portal- The Employers Prospective

Tally has recently started its Job /Recruitment services. Tally is actively involved in making synergy between selling product and providing trained man power for it. For this they have built a strong 2000 + TallyAcademy Network all over India. Time and again they have come up with innovative plans to boost its training network and placement network. Few years back Tally started its recruitment services and provided free of cost recruitment services by making biggest placement services in India. Now Tally has made more focussed approach to achieve this synergy, Tally's Job portal.

Current Scenario in SME's
Like any job portal there are two aspects, the employee and the employers. Job sites charge fee from employers publish their jobs and candidates apply to respective employers. But this scenario doesn't suit to micro and small industries (msme's), as they :-
  • Don't have not enough resources to get services of a professional recruiter.
  • Enough posts to publish or man power requirement.

SME's make large chunk of employment generator. This recruitment is normally done through references and personal contacts.
This segment has been now taken care by Tally through its job portal.

What Tally Offers
Now every Tally Customer can see the available man power around his place through Tally itself. No extra charges required.Now any Tally customer who has ERP 9 release 2.0 on its system can :-
  • Search Candidates according to his requirements.
  • Publish its own requirement/vacancy.
  • Make a test to check the knowledge of candidates.
  • Call the candidates and take their knowledge test.
How It works?
Tally Control Center is the answer. All you need is rel 2.0 of Tally.ERP9. Perhaps those who have explored control center have seen non highlighted options of Jobs and recruitment, search candidates etc in control center. Now they are active.
One thing should be taken care of is that Tally.ERP 9 rel 2.0 needs valid Tally.Net subscription for at least once. When i say once then it means that as these features are available in control center of Tally.ERP 9 rel. 2.0 it would be available in future releases. So subscription is required.

So if you are owner a business and require Tally trained people then just follow th process below
  1. Open your Tally
  2. Log into control center with Tally.Net id
  3. Search candidate according to various selection criteria
  4. Call them via mail or contact number.
  5. Make a test in Tally itself
  6. When candidate comes assign the test to them in your office.
  7. See his performance.
  8. Recruit him.

In my coming posts i would elaborate on how this can be done step by step. Users can post queries regarding this as comments.

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05 August 2010

Tally releases Tally.ERP9 release 2.0 (Beta) with sms facility

As it was planned by Tally, the next step solution from Tally.ERP 9 is finally here in beta form. With release of 2.0 beta release Tally has added more features and facilities in its erp solution. Tally now claims its software to be truly mobile as user can get the business information on the fly.

New Features:

SMS on the move
According to release notes provided by Tally Tally information can now be obtained via sms. Getting information from any where from your Tally makes it truly mobile. Using a mobile device any user can obtain required information just by simple english language. The company connected to Tally.Net can send the required information to authorized user via simple SMS.
Auto Backup facility
Now any user can set the auto backup of its data to the selected location. With a setting done once now user can forget about backup of data. It would be taken care of by Tally's auto backup feature.
Enable this feature in company creation and forget about it.
Job and recruitment
This feature has been finally activated in control center. Companies can now look for right candidate to operate its software right through Tally itself. They can select the candidate and test their capabilities by assigning then tests.
Candidates can make themselves available for job by posting their resumes in Tally control center. They can attend the test given by respective employer.
General Enhancements
Licensing has been simplified a little bit more. Now unlock key can be obtained from Tally site itself if user is not getting the unlock key via email.
Now one can also install multiple licenses of Tally on a single PC.