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New update of Tally.ERP9 available for 5% VAT rate

Tally has updated the new release of Tally.ERP9. Rel. 1.61 is here for those who has to update to VAT5% rate. This release has statutory updations for Rajashtan state where VAT has been increased from 4 % to 5% from March 9. Statutory version 105 is compatible with rel 1.61 only. One need to upgrade to both for VAT to updated.

Earlier in Release 1.6 Haryana VAT was updated in which VAT was increased from 4% to 5%.
You can check out all the details of statutory updates in release update document ( statutory release notes).

You can also get rel1.61 rel document and see the progress in each release. What minor /major enhancements have been done and what bugs have been fixed.

One can get the latest release here.

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