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Keyword search in Tally : New feature of Tally.ERP 9 rel 1.61

Tally.ERP 9 is coming up with newer and newer features to work with. On March 9 new release was available for download. Rel 1.61 can be downloaded from the

site. Rel 1.61 of Tally.ERP 9 has come up with a new feature of Keyword search. By this feature you can search any keyword in Tally. This keyword can be a part of ledger name, quantity, unit, item name etc. The list of table gets reduced up as soon as we enter the keyword. You would be wondering that this feature was already there in Tally. As we enter any string in tally the table appears with all the possible name of ledgers, items, etc. and this list reduces automatically as we type the name. When extra or new is in this feature. then what is new in this feature.

Keyword Search

Let me explain, In the version before rel 1.61 if we have to search for any party then we have to remember his exact name. In the same way if we have to select an item then the item name should be know to us in exact format. For example if we have a party name 'Balaji Computers', then if we type 'b', Tally would narrow the search table with names starting 'B' , then 'A' and so on. But if we have entered the name as 'M/s Balaji Computers' then we cannot find out the name as in tally it is recorded as 'M/s Balaji Computers' and we are searching with 'B'.

Now Tally users have solution for this. In rel 1.61 if you just know the name as 'Balaji', by typing 'Balaji' it would show all ledgers which contains 'Balaji' in its name. It would show you 'M/s Balaji Computers' as well as 'Shri Balaji Communications' as keyword 'Balaji' is present in these ledgers. You can select the desired one.

The same is the case with item names. You have to just remember what includes in item. need not th remember the exact item name or no. This feature can let you search items based on quantity, its unit as well as item name.
To some people this search method may look little bit difficult, but later on they would find it better.

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Anonymous said…
Can we modify/ customize the existing PO and Sales Invoice formats as per a company's requirements?
Shailendra said…
Yes you can. You need customization.
mail me with your performas
rk said…
Can we create delivery challan in tally ERP9 ver.1.61
Anonymous said…
how do i install 1.6 ver
Anonymous said…
I want to change invoice format how can i change it.
Unknown said…
how we can put Part no. of item i price list and in invoices.? PLS REPLY
Sukhdeepak said…
Can u put the price list.
Anonymous said…
Idea good, I support.
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Amazing post

Anonymous said…
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This is awesome – thank you for curating all this valuable information.

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