05 February 2010

Tally Tutorials :How to add your terms and conditions in your Tally.ERP 9 Invoice

ApniTally reader FX Augustine as asked me

a problem related to printing terms and conditions in Tally Invoice or quotation. I take this opportunity to tell all my readers about how to add your own terms and conditions in our invoices. A standard Tally invoice prints under declaration some standard conditions e.g. "We declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars are true and correct." In addition to this Tally provides two more space to declare our terms and conditions. These are terms of Payment and terms of delivery. Lets see How can we utilize these spaces for our purpose.

Terms of Payment & Terms of Delivery

While making an invoice Tally would ask for some details under heading dispatch details and then order details. If that screen doesn't come then your check your F12 configuration. The first line of Accept supplementary details should be put to Yes

You can enter the payment terms as agreed e.g. cash payment. You can also write your terms of delivery also which can be cash on delivery etc. These conditions would be get printed on invoice. It may be worth noting that terms of delivery can be of multiple lines as Tally has provisions of that. I have taken a snap shot of the invoice where simple invoice format is no. These
terms and conditions very from customer to customer and you can change them when ever you want and some times you do not even need these terms and conditions and want to print the invoice
without these conditions. In that case you can
leave these fields blank.
There are some conditions which are permanent and should be printed
on every invoice. These may include some thing about warranty, or charges on late payment or bank charges etc. In declaration we usually put these conditions. For that we have to go to

Gateway of Tally -> Accounts Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter

and then Sales under list of voucher. There is a field of declaration and here you have to enter what ever conditions you want to put at the bottom of the invoice. It would remove the standard tally conditions and put user defined conditions.

If readers want they they can get their invoice customized. Tally has facility of Invoice customizations with the help of TDL. User can get their company logo inserted in invoice, rearrange certain fields, add some more fields etc. They can send me a mail to request a quote.