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Tally.ERP 9 rel 1.6 : Latest release of Tally with lots of new features

Tally has launched its new release of Tally.ERP 9. Now release 1.6 of Tally.ERP 9 is available for download. Few path breaking features has been added in this release. One of the main and attractive feature added is of Quick setup wizard. Another interesting feature which user can find interesting is mass email option from Tally itself. A button of Stock query has also been put while creating stock vouchers etc, so that user can check the status of a particular item before doing any transaction. Other features include Multiple page invoice printing for excise manufacturers and excise dealers. Consolidated e-TDS returns can also be obtained for group companies. In addition to this some general enhancements and modifications related to data synchronization has also been done by the company.

Quick setup wizard:
This is pretty interesting to know that now you have got something like this in Tally also. This setup wizard would do automatic configuration for statutory masters. This tool would be a boon for new users who have faced problems while configuring statutory master. Be noted that you can get correct statutory reports only when you have got your masters configured correct. At present following statutory msters can be configured by Tally Quick Setup Wizard
  • Excise for Dealer
  • Excise for Manufacturer
  • Tax collection at source (TCS)
  • Tax deduction at source (TDS)
  • Value added Tax (VAT)
Mass Emailing:
This is also one of the interesting tools which tally has included in Tally.ERP9 rel 1.6. Now you can send reminders, outstanding statements, confirmation of accounts and Payslips to all selective employees. A special email exception report to view and correct the email address that were not entered or correctly entered while creating masters.

Stock Query:
A separate button has been created S: Stock Query to display the Stock Query Report for an item during the Voucher Creation/Alteration screen. This report will help the user to check the Stock position and other information related to the specific Item while creating/altering a Voucher/Invoice/Order or during selection of an Item.

Some enhancements has been done specially related to synchronization. Now you can put filters while synchronization Both way synchrnization can be done now in latest release. The synchronization process would be now 70% faster. One way synchronisation ca be done from client to server. While synchronisation you can filter voucher type also.

Statutory version:
Statutory version 100 is available with this release. This version can do setting for all the statutory changes done till now. Almost all state has done modification in statutory and tally can be updated this way.

Should I upgrade:
The next logical though which comes is, should upgrade to Tally.ERp 9 rel. 1.6. Here is the answer. This release has all the reasons to be upgraded, new features, latest update etc. But there is a catch. One should have their subscription updated. If your Tall.ERP 9 is showing Tally.Net subscription expired then you have to subscribe for it and pay. Otherwise your tally would become educational if you proceed with latest release.

Reader can get full details of changes in release notes.

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Unknown said…

There is not catch as such. You can upgrade to rel 1.6 without any charges. subscription is applicable only for Tally.NET services (Synchronizaiton, Remote access etc. Where as on license there will not be any impact.
Shailendra said…
Nandaraj, If your Tally.Net subscription is expired then you cannot enjoy the new features. You have to first upgrade your Tally.Net subscription and then you can install Tally.ERP9 rel 1.6 Otherwise it would not go ahead.
Try it and give me your update.
Unknown said…
any one help me my name is jaison we are using tally erp 1.5 never show the balance :- Exp. we paid 10,000 agst two bills one bill amt 8750 and balance amount neven show the in method of Adj.
harjit singh said…
how do i attach files- pdf, bmp etc in the voucher. there is an example in which it has been done. suresh press works example.
please tell how

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