28 December 2010

Learning Tally in Three Steps; Step Two: Entering Vouchers

This is the second part of my basic Tutorials on Tally. As we have earlier discussed in Part first that activities on Tally softwares can be divided in three main parts i.e. Creating masters, entering vouchers and seeing the reports. Creating masters has been discussed in great length in Step One, now lets know how vouchers are filled. What ever transactions are done in any business, they are recorded in form of vouchers. This is the main entry which is done by operators. Based on the details provided while entering the voucher and accuracy maintained the reports present true pictures.

Entering Vouchers

Next Basic step in working on Tally is to enter vouchers. Mainly we enter Receipts, Payment, Sales, Purchase, Journal and contra vouchers.

Here are some video Tutorials about Passing vouchers by svtution.
Contra Entry

Sales Entry

Another Tutorial for ledger entries

The more of Tally one uses in its business, the more complex its vouchers becomes. In the final and Third step I would discuss viewing reports.

24 December 2010

Learning Tally in Three Steps: Step One Creating Masters

This article is for beginners of Tally software. Readers who have mailed me that they want to learn Tally from the starting can find this post helpful. I have earlier posted getting started in Tally. which has rich list of resources from where anybody can start learning Tally. Now is the next step forward the first lesson in Tally. Before that let me give a brief idea of what we do in Tally and how we use this software. This First part of three step process.

How we work in Tally.
As we all know Tally is an accounting software, basic activity in Tally is to record our transactions. But before recording we have to do some master creations. After that we can enter transactions using those masters. These masters are ledgers , items, units and groups etc. After that we can see the reports on the basis of vouchers entered. So the basic tally activity can be divided into three parts viz.

Creation of masters,
Voucher entry and
Viewing Reports.

Creation of Masters
The first step even before learning creation of masters is creation of Company. To start working in Tally we have to create a company. You can learn step by step how to create company in Tally.ERP 9 from this blog post. For Tally 7.2 guidelines on how to create company can be found on this article with screen shots.

One Short video is also available which tries to teach How to create a company.

Now we have to create masters. The ledgers, the groups if needed to define particular type of ledger to group them , the items if we are keeping inventory and the Units etc Here is the list of tutorials to create these masters.

How to create a Stock Group ( Where you can classify different Items)

In Step Two we would learn How to create vouchers. So Keep Watching.

14 December 2010

Need Older Versions of Tally : Here is the list

Few ApniTally readers have requested for older versions of Tally. They are either stuck to a particular release and cannot upgrade due to some technical problems or perhaps they dont know about the free upgrade facility of Tally. Some times there are several other reason also which i would discuss here. What ever may be the reason I have tried to answer this problem. For them i have made download section in my site. You can see it on the right hand pane of the site.

The speed of Tally providing updates is fast and there are many updates available. In almost 15 days new release of Tally is available on the site with some new features. So its not possible to keep track of all updates on my blog but major release are present there.

Why we got stuck at a release?
I have seen in my customers and ApniTally readers also that once they have bought Tally they seldom upgrade it. They only upgrade when they are either stuck by some problem which have been addressed by Tally in higher version or got their computer format and they don't have the last installer with them. In that case they just go to the web and download the latest version available. Every user tries to play safe and don't want to change its Tally unless and until it is necessary to do or done by someone else.
But the question of particular release is still there. Sometimes TDL doesn't allow upgraded versions.as it gets stuck with changes in release. Some time statutory version requirements doesn't allow to change to new releases. Some times upgraded versions are not that much stable then earlier versions( It happened in case of Tally9). And last but not the least some times fear of paying extra cost or reluctance to pay extra money on new features lets users bind to one release.
What ever may be the reason lets download major releases and version of your choice.

Download Tally.ERP 9

Download Tally9

Download Tally 7.2

I hope no major release is left. For older stat versions check downland Tally section on right hand side.

09 December 2010

My Favourites : Now in Tally.ERP 9 also

In my earlier post I have discussed one exciting feature which is coming up in future. This feature is Income Tax calculation for individuals. Today I am going to discuss another exciting feature which is coming in Tally.ERP 9 rel 3 and this feature is of My favourites. If browsers can have it then why not Tally.

My Favourites
In rel 3 of Tally.ERP 9 every user would get an option to save his choices of viewing the reports. This feature can be assigned too any number of users. In an organisation different people play different roles. This can be dependent on their roles. Accounts manager want to see balance sheet in a different manner whereas owner wants to see it in a different manner. The store keeper wants inventory reports in age wise where as purchase manager may need inventory in a different style. Every time settings would be changed for same report. This can be related to different views of Balance sheets which you prefer or the stock report view you want. These views can be saved for later use. Now every user would be able to save his view.

According to Tally,
"With Tally.ERP 9, you can always go into My Favourites menu and see the report in a pre-defined view. You can also set as many Favourites as you require, and view them every time without re-configuring. Whether it is various exceptions reports or just a list of Outstandings, My Favourites is your simple solution for personal settings."

Key Benefits
Main benefits which user is going to get is that his unique settings would be getting stored irrespective of how many users use same computer or same Tally.
Second Major benefit is saving of time.

04 December 2010

How To Buy or upgrade your Free Tally.ERP 9 Online?

Free Tally Activation promotional started by ApniTally and Tally Solutions have ended. ApniTally Got Fabulous Response and Almost 1500 users got Their Tally Activated. As the promotional period was time bound almost 800 users have their Tally got Expired. I have earlier suggested what should Tally user do if Tally got expired in my previous articles. But due to many requested and few failure updates i am presenting simple steps for those who want to continue working on Tally.

View more presentations from tallyhelper.

Please note that new users can buy by clicking on New users and entering new Details. Users can Upgrade their rental options for single user and multi users and for one month to One year. Expired Tally.Net subscription can also be renewed from This method.

28 November 2010

Now calculate Income Tax Return with Tally.ERP9: New upcoming feature

Tally is changing at a very fast pace. Newer and newer features are being introduced. Infact Tally had made a roadmap of development. According to Tally road map new features are being added in Tally in every series Tally is releasing. Series A (which is the current series), Series B and Series C are the three major division of Tally.ERP 9 road map. Every series would have three releases.
Series A has given us many exciting features like remote login, sms integration, and Job portal integration etc. In the month of December release 3.0 of Tally.ERP9 which would be the last release of Series A is on the cards. It has new exciting features which i would share with ApniTally readers. Out of So many features one feature which excites me very much is of Income Tax calculation.

I think after this feature Tally would become a complete business package for a small business entity (although it is still a complete package.). After this feature, any business would need just Tally and nothing else. After VAT, TDS, Service Tax and other statutory requirements i think this would be the last statutory which was left earlier.

Series a would include Income Tax calculation for Individual and later in Series B comprehensive tool would come for corporates. According to Tally,

"This exciting feature makes it possible to generate the income tax computation sheet and IT Returns and mail it to employees, In addition, it will provide quarterly and yearly returns. With the Income Tax feature, calculating tax and submitting returns are made easy for both the organisation as well as the employee."

Income Tax rules would be modified from Time to time as changed by Govt. Of India and automatically updated.
The returns would be calculated automatically.
All all form like 16, 16A, 12BA would be provided with quarterly and Half yearly forms with e formats would be provided.
More over these can be manually over ridden by users at will.

It is surly going to ease the life of every businessman by simplifying the returns.
Some other hot features would be discussed on later posts. So visiting and keep watching. Readers can let me know their feedback on usefulness of this feature.

12 November 2010

What Next : After activating your Free copy of Tally.ERP 9

Almost 600 users of ApniTally has activated and tried Free Tally per month. They have used it for various purposes. I hope their purpose of using has been fulfilled by now. All the users who have activated their Tally.ERP9 before three or more months, their Tally would have been expired till date. This post is to help those people. As all good things have to come to an end this is no exception.

Now question is what is the next step?
The answer is not that simple but let is try to make it simple. The answer depends on the purpose of activation. If the reason reason of activation was just to take free things and nothing more then i would say that thanks buddy for investing your time and energy to see one of the worlds best yet simplest software.
If the reason of activation was to work in original Tally.ERP9 software and gain some hands on experience then i hope it would have been fulfilled. If still some more time is needed then either take another machine and some other email id and again activate the licence as same thing can not be done on same machine.
If the reason of activation was to test the software before buying it then i think that purpose would have been fulfilled by this time. If Tally is great on your expectations then next logical step is to Buy it via credit card from Tally's site. If still more time is needed then rental option of Tally is available. Another three months can be purchased by just paying Rs.450/- only.

Here few points are worth considering:
First: One machine can be used for only once. You cannot use same machine just by activating by another email id.
Second: that machine can only activate original Tally, no more activations on that machine.
Third: the last date to activate is Dec1, 2010. After that code would be deactivated. so do activations if any before this date.

05 November 2010

Happy Deepawali

Wishing all the readers of Apni Tally a

03 November 2010

How to access Tally data on Mobile

Tally has introduced a new feature of getting the data on mobile in its release 2.0 onwards. Any Tally user with a valid Tally.Net id and release 2.0 and above can use this feature. The feature is particularly important for people who are always on the move. They are away from computer and want current status of ledger balance of any party, then it can be done by simply typing out a message on mobile and within few seconds the status on mobile would be available.

The prerequisites
The prerequisites of this feature are:

First a valid license (if you need one free License then follow the instructions.) ,
Second an active Tally.Net ID ,
Third active Tally.Net subscription.
and last but not the least. an internet connection.

The Procedure
The procedure can be understood by this presentation.

In coming posts i would be posting some standard working messages so that users can get more help on this feature.
Mean while reader can send the messages which they have successfully sent as comment to this post.

25 August 2010

Single Step Procedure for Tally Job : Tally Job Portal

Tally's Job/Recruitment Portal is revolutionary in Many ways. First it is only and going to be the best platform for all those professional who are either using Tally or are in accounting field. Second it is unique in its approach. It provides candidate information to respective employers free of cost. Third it provides direct intersection of employee and employer.And last but not the least it provides employer the facility to judge its candidates according to qualities it need for particular job. In my earlier article I have discussed how employers has been given facility to for recruit people for their organisation. The Second prospective of employee is discussed here.

Single step procedure for Job: Welcome to Tally Portal
  • Are you currently working on Tally?
  • Are you willing for Job in Tally?
  • Are you looking for jobs in the field of accounting, Store, HR(Payroll), Excise, Taxation etc?
  • Are you looking for Job in MSME's of India?
  • Are you willing to upgrade your Tally expertise?
Then one step solution is here for you. Tally's Job /Recruitment Portal. Tally has started revolutionary concept of subscription for all Tally Job seekers. As we have discussed earlier Every Tally owner employer can post his job requirement via Tally free of cost; All those job seekers can see these listing via Tally subscription. You can apply for the jobs which ever you like and you would be directly contacted by the employer.

After availing subscription you get following benefit:
  1. Post your Biodata on Tally's portal.
  2. Be seen to all Tally users who have Job requirement.
  3. e-books and course material on Tally topics to enhance your skills.
  4. Unlimited online tests to check your skills.
  5. One year facility to be seen to Tally employers and be judge by them.
These whole lot of things are just in Rs. 450/- for one year.

Go to your nearest Tally academy or your Tally Partner (More Details).
Purchase Tally Currency worth Rs. 450/-
Scratch the Card and fill this form.
Complete the procedure and start finding.

You can drop a comment below mentioning your email address for can mail me at shailyji at gmail dot com and ask for currency. I would tell you about payment method. For ApniTally user online or telephonic help can also be provided for Registration if registered through us.

20 August 2010

Tally's Job Portal- The Employers Prospective

Tally has recently started its Job /Recruitment services. Tally is actively involved in making synergy between selling product and providing trained man power for it. For this they have built a strong 2000 + TallyAcademy Network all over India. Time and again they have come up with innovative plans to boost its training network and placement network. Few years back Tally started its recruitment services and provided free of cost recruitment services by making biggest placement services in India. Now Tally has made more focussed approach to achieve this synergy, Tally's Job portal.

Current Scenario in SME's
Like any job portal there are two aspects, the employee and the employers. Job sites charge fee from employers publish their jobs and candidates apply to respective employers. But this scenario doesn't suit to micro and small industries (msme's), as they :-
  • Don't have not enough resources to get services of a professional recruiter.
  • Enough posts to publish or man power requirement.

SME's make large chunk of employment generator. This recruitment is normally done through references and personal contacts.
This segment has been now taken care by Tally through its job portal.

What Tally Offers
Now every Tally Customer can see the available man power around his place through Tally itself. No extra charges required.Now any Tally customer who has ERP 9 release 2.0 on its system can :-
  • Search Candidates according to his requirements.
  • Publish its own requirement/vacancy.
  • Make a test to check the knowledge of candidates.
  • Call the candidates and take their knowledge test.
How It works?
Tally Control Center is the answer. All you need is rel 2.0 of Tally.ERP9. Perhaps those who have explored control center have seen non highlighted options of Jobs and recruitment, search candidates etc in control center. Now they are active.
One thing should be taken care of is that Tally.ERP 9 rel 2.0 needs valid Tally.Net subscription for at least once. When i say once then it means that as these features are available in control center of Tally.ERP 9 rel. 2.0 it would be available in future releases. So subscription is required.

So if you are owner a business and require Tally trained people then just follow th process below
  1. Open your Tally
  2. Log into control center with Tally.Net id
  3. Search candidate according to various selection criteria
  4. Call them via mail or contact number.
  5. Make a test in Tally itself
  6. When candidate comes assign the test to them in your office.
  7. See his performance.
  8. Recruit him.

In my coming posts i would elaborate on how this can be done step by step. Users can post queries regarding this as comments.

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05 August 2010

Tally releases Tally.ERP9 release 2.0 (Beta) with sms facility

As it was planned by Tally, the next step solution from Tally.ERP 9 is finally here in beta form. With release of 2.0 beta release Tally has added more features and facilities in its erp solution. Tally now claims its software to be truly mobile as user can get the business information on the fly.

New Features:

SMS on the move
According to release notes provided by Tally Tally information can now be obtained via sms. Getting information from any where from your Tally makes it truly mobile. Using a mobile device any user can obtain required information just by simple english language. The company connected to Tally.Net can send the required information to authorized user via simple SMS.
Auto Backup facility
Now any user can set the auto backup of its data to the selected location. With a setting done once now user can forget about backup of data. It would be taken care of by Tally's auto backup feature.
Enable this feature in company creation and forget about it.
Job and recruitment
This feature has been finally activated in control center. Companies can now look for right candidate to operate its software right through Tally itself. They can select the candidate and test their capabilities by assigning then tests.
Candidates can make themselves available for job by posting their resumes in Tally control center. They can attend the test given by respective employer.
General Enhancements
Licensing has been simplified a little bit more. Now unlock key can be obtained from Tally site itself if user is not getting the unlock key via email.
Now one can also install multiple licenses of Tally on a single PC.

17 March 2010

Keyword search in Tally : New feature of Tally.ERP 9 rel 1.61

Tally.ERP 9 is coming up with newer and newer features to work with. On March 9 new release was available for download. Rel 1.61 can be downloaded from the

site. Rel 1.61 of Tally.ERP 9 has come up with a new feature of Keyword search. By this feature you can search any keyword in Tally. This keyword can be a part of ledger name, quantity, unit, item name etc. The list of table gets reduced up as soon as we enter the keyword. You would be wondering that this feature was already there in Tally. As we enter any string in tally the table appears with all the possible name of ledgers, items, etc. and this list reduces automatically as we type the name. When extra or new is in this feature. then what is new in this feature.

Keyword Search

Let me explain, In the version before rel 1.61 if we have to search for any party then we have to remember his exact name. In the same way if we have to select an item then the item name should be know to us in exact format. For example if we have a party name 'Balaji Computers', then if we type 'b', Tally would narrow the search table with names starting 'B' , then 'A' and so on. But if we have entered the name as 'M/s Balaji Computers' then we cannot find out the name as in tally it is recorded as 'M/s Balaji Computers' and we are searching with 'B'.

Now Tally users have solution for this. In rel 1.61 if you just know the name as 'Balaji', by typing 'Balaji' it would show all ledgers which contains 'Balaji' in its name. It would show you 'M/s Balaji Computers' as well as 'Shri Balaji Communications' as keyword 'Balaji' is present in these ledgers. You can select the desired one.

The same is the case with item names. You have to just remember what includes in item. need not th remember the exact item name or no. This feature can let you search items based on quantity, its unit as well as item name.
To some people this search method may look little bit difficult, but later on they would find it better.

11 March 2010

New update of Tally.ERP9 available for 5% VAT rate

Tally has updated the new release of Tally.ERP9. Rel. 1.61 is here for those who has to update to VAT5% rate. This release has statutory updations for Rajashtan state where VAT has been increased from 4 % to 5% from March 9. Statutory version 105 is compatible with rel 1.61 only. One need to upgrade to both for VAT to updated.

Earlier in Release 1.6 Haryana VAT was updated in which VAT was increased from 4% to 5%.
You can check out all the details of statutory updates in release update document ( statutory release notes).

You can also get rel1.61 rel document and see the progress in each release. What minor /major enhancements have been done and what bugs have been fixed.

One can get the latest release here.

05 February 2010

Tally Tutorials :How to add your terms and conditions in your Tally.ERP 9 Invoice

ApniTally reader FX Augustine as asked me

a problem related to printing terms and conditions in Tally Invoice or quotation. I take this opportunity to tell all my readers about how to add your own terms and conditions in our invoices. A standard Tally invoice prints under declaration some standard conditions e.g. "We declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars are true and correct." In addition to this Tally provides two more space to declare our terms and conditions. These are terms of Payment and terms of delivery. Lets see How can we utilize these spaces for our purpose.

Terms of Payment & Terms of Delivery

While making an invoice Tally would ask for some details under heading dispatch details and then order details. If that screen doesn't come then your check your F12 configuration. The first line of Accept supplementary details should be put to Yes

You can enter the payment terms as agreed e.g. cash payment. You can also write your terms of delivery also which can be cash on delivery etc. These conditions would be get printed on invoice. It may be worth noting that terms of delivery can be of multiple lines as Tally has provisions of that. I have taken a snap shot of the invoice where simple invoice format is no. These
terms and conditions very from customer to customer and you can change them when ever you want and some times you do not even need these terms and conditions and want to print the invoice
without these conditions. In that case you can
leave these fields blank.
There are some conditions which are permanent and should be printed
on every invoice. These may include some thing about warranty, or charges on late payment or bank charges etc. In declaration we usually put these conditions. For that we have to go to

Gateway of Tally -> Accounts Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter

and then Sales under list of voucher. There is a field of declaration and here you have to enter what ever conditions you want to put at the bottom of the invoice. It would remove the standard tally conditions and put user defined conditions.

If readers want they they can get their invoice customized. Tally has facility of Invoice customizations with the help of TDL. User can get their company logo inserted in invoice, rearrange certain fields, add some more fields etc. They can send me a mail to request a quote.

31 January 2010

Tally.ERP 9 rel 1.6 : Latest release of Tally with lots of new features

Tally has launched its new release of Tally.ERP 9. Now release 1.6 of Tally.ERP 9 is available for download. Few path breaking features has been added in this release. One of the main and attractive feature added is of Quick setup wizard. Another interesting feature which user can find interesting is mass email option from Tally itself. A button of Stock query has also been put while creating stock vouchers etc, so that user can check the status of a particular item before doing any transaction. Other features include Multiple page invoice printing for excise manufacturers and excise dealers. Consolidated e-TDS returns can also be obtained for group companies. In addition to this some general enhancements and modifications related to data synchronization has also been done by the company.

Quick setup wizard:
This is pretty interesting to know that now you have got something like this in Tally also. This setup wizard would do automatic configuration for statutory masters. This tool would be a boon for new users who have faced problems while configuring statutory master. Be noted that you can get correct statutory reports only when you have got your masters configured correct. At present following statutory msters can be configured by Tally Quick Setup Wizard
  • Excise for Dealer
  • Excise for Manufacturer
  • Tax collection at source (TCS)
  • Tax deduction at source (TDS)
  • Value added Tax (VAT)
Mass Emailing:
This is also one of the interesting tools which tally has included in Tally.ERP9 rel 1.6. Now you can send reminders, outstanding statements, confirmation of accounts and Payslips to all selective employees. A special email exception report to view and correct the email address that were not entered or correctly entered while creating masters.

Stock Query:
A separate button has been created S: Stock Query to display the Stock Query Report for an item during the Voucher Creation/Alteration screen. This report will help the user to check the Stock position and other information related to the specific Item while creating/altering a Voucher/Invoice/Order or during selection of an Item.

Some enhancements has been done specially related to synchronization. Now you can put filters while synchronization Both way synchrnization can be done now in latest release. The synchronization process would be now 70% faster. One way synchronisation ca be done from client to server. While synchronisation you can filter voucher type also.

Statutory version:
Statutory version 100 is available with this release. This version can do setting for all the statutory changes done till now. Almost all state has done modification in statutory and tally can be updated this way.

Should I upgrade:
The next logical though which comes is, should upgrade to Tally.ERp 9 rel. 1.6. Here is the answer. This release has all the reasons to be upgraded, new features, latest update etc. But there is a catch. One should have their Tally.net subscription updated. If your Tall.ERP 9 is showing Tally.Net subscription expired then you have to subscribe for it and pay. Otherwise your tally would become educational if you proceed with latest release.

Reader can get full details of changes in release notes.

23 January 2010

Some Nice Sites to get help on Tally

I have to admit now, we the users of Tally software have so many people online to help us. For past few days I was busy else where and could not write about Tally. During this period I wrote for Quick Online Tips a blog which offers nice articles to help people on general computer related problems and some really cool tricks. As handling people's response about Free Tally was beyond my control via emails, I choose to narrate the whole process to activate Tally there. ApniTally readers whom I couldn't respond via mail can activate their copy of free Tally by following procedure described in this post. During this period a site webneetech also approached me and publish my interview on its site.

Today I was scratching my mind for one article on Tally I thought lets see whats going on internet related to Tally. I always keep on tab on what is going on internet related to Tally. New blogs which are currently on Tally, or new partner sites of Tally which are offering its services etc I never fail to miss.
I have written about it previously also, and some helping sites, but this time to my surprise I found really good stuff which i can't stop myself from telling my readers.

Tallynine.com : Developed By Mahender Rana, this site has some really nice articles on Tally. Well readable this site is developed on wordpress. I have never worked on wordpress and found it dificult, but i don't know how Mahender thought of wordpress instead of blogger. He is a technical guy and some of the articles are with in depth knowledge.

Tally9book.blogspot.com : Another nice site which is quite readble and having good number of articles. Site is developed by a businessman Sanjay Satpathy. He has also developed www.tally9book.com which is having basic knowledge about Tally which may be helpful to new users. If he keeps on writing then his site would be doing good business also.

Accounting Education: Developed by Mr. Vinod Kumar from HP, this site has small small articles. But I envy his frequency of writing. Readers can get basic knowledge articles also. Site has nice design and is on blogger platform.

Tally9.info : This is the site of a Tally Partner and is maintained by Ashwin. The site frequency is low but articles are informative. User can get help good help there. I wish he should continue helping

These are few sites which I could search for readers to take a look. I hope more and more people would come forward. I have mentioned only those site which provides free help to its readers and many partners of tally are running their sites but they are purely business sites. Readers can evaluate and take the help and suggest any others sites which can be helpful for readers and skipped by me.