21 September 2009

Tally Licensing Gets Easier with Tally.ERP9

I remembered the day when Mr. Bharat Goenka in a meeting with Tally partners in Delhi admitted that original Tally users users face more difficulty then the pirated users. This difficulty is due to the licensing policy most of the times. Original users have faced difficulty in all versions of Tally whether it is version 6.3 or 9. But as promised the difficulties were reduced and licensing has been done easier.
In release 7.2 of Tally user has to update the license periodically after around 45 days by connecting it to internet. In case the computer gets formatted without surrender of licensing then it has to be reset by sending a request to Tally via mail or on phone.
In rel. 9 of Tally this periodic updation was reduced, but in case of system formatted request had to be sent to Tally to reset the license. With the release of Tally.ERP9 this process has also been automated. Now user can reset the license by himself and he need not to send a request to Tally. Here is the process to do it.

Resetting your Tally.ERP 9 license your self.

Here are the steps which you have t take to reactivate Tally.ERP9 if you are unable to surrender it. Although these steps would reset the license but it is no alternative to surrender the license if you are changing the system or if you can surrender the license.
First of all few prerequisites.
  • You should have Tally.ERP9 Sr. No. , its key and the email address with you.
  • You should have to access to email address mentioned while activating Tally.ERP 9. In other words you should have the password of the email id which you have mentioned while activating the Tally.ERP 9.
  • Last but not the least you should have internet connection on the PC.
Now Install the Tally.ERP 9 software by downloading from Tally Site. You would get the latest release in this way. Run it and open control center by pressing Ctrl +K. Enter the email id and your Tally.Net password. If you don't know the Tally.Net password then you can take help of this article on Control Center and about How to reset your password and change it.

You would find first option of My Tally Net Accounts . Double click it and open it. you would find all your Tally licenses active on this email id. Select the license you want to surrender by again double clicking or by pressing enter.
Here you would get First of option of Licensing and configuration. Press enter or Alt +LNow you would see the Sr. No of Tally.ERP 9 and the status in last column. Select the column and press right arrow key you would see to options of active surrender. Select surrender and press enter. Accept the screen and move out of Control center. After few minutes you can again activate the same license. For any help you can see the Getting Started List.
If you have some error message then you can see the status again and if the status is still active then try the steps again to surrender.

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17 September 2009

Tally.ERP 9 in Just Rs. 450/- only: Do you need It?

Buy Tally OnlineI am late in telling this news to all the ApniTally users as I took a long break. Many exciting things had happened during this period. But now I am back and the great and exciting news is that Tally.ERP 9 is now available on rent. Yes. Yo just pay as low as Rs. 450/- and take away Tally.ERP 9 for one month. More rental options are available, but do you need it? That a good question and I would try to answer it in a simple manner.

Why do I need Tally.ERP 9 on rent?

There are few scenarios when you may need Tally on rental basis. According to Tally site you may need Tally on rental basis if you have capital expense constrain. In other words you can not invest Rs. 40,000/- in a single go and still you can pay some amount on monthly basis as you have some monthly budget in you hand. Just pay 1350/- per month and use Multi user license.

If you have to use it for certain project which is just for 6 months or for say one year and after that you have to wind up the operations then this option is superb. Just use it for as long as you want and then forget. A company having a remote project site can install it for some time as long as the project is going on and then take the data and merge it in its main accounting and forget the license.

If you have unexpected work load or peak season load then just install additional machine and Tally license for peak season without having to buy permanent license. For get it after the season. If auditors are with you and they need tally, give them a separate license and separate license for some time let them do the work without disturbing you.

Tally.ERP 9 rental is going to ease your Tally buying decision. Until now you have to test the working of Tally in educational mode where you were unable to change the date. But now you can buy tally on rental basis for just one month and test Tally on your company requirements.

What you need to understand?

  • You need to understand that you are paying the rent for use of license. You are not buying Tally on easy installments.
  • After the expiry of rental period if you want to buy the license then you have to buy by paying the full price. No reduction of rental price.
  • You should understand that rental option is suitable for occasional or short term use. In future if the prices of Tally increases rental would also increase. You may end up paying more price for Tally.

The pricing.

For Tally.ERP 9 Gold :
• The per quarter rental charge is Rs. 4,050/-
• The per month rental charge is Rs. 1,350/-

For Silver edition:
• Quarterly – Rs. 1,350/-
• Monthly – Rs. 450/-

Buy Online
If you have credit card then you can simply Buy Tally.ERP 9 on rental basis as well as full version. You can download latest version and install it in your computer. For ApniTally readers free help on Installation and support would be provided. A CD containing tutorials on various aspects Tally.ERP 9 would also be delivered free of cost.