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Tally.ERP 9 :New Face of Tally is here, Download for Free

Jumping a leap ahead Tally has introduced its next generation software version of Tally. Tally.ERP 9 is the next version from Tally's stable. Flooded with many advanced features Tally has tried to place this software for those who need more then Accounting software and cannot buy heavy and costly ERP software. The nomenclature of software has been done in way to show best of the both worlds i.e. The same old trusted Tally 9 software and now the ERP embedded in it. So it became Tally.ERP 9. Tally has put ERP software in 15.4mb, this is the wonder which only Tally can do.

The software is free for all existing Tally 9 customers and would cost Just Rs. 3600/- + taxes for users of Tally 7.2 and Tally 6.3. But educational version is free for download for everybody. Tally 9 customers can upgrade free of cost but they should first understand the license process and activation process. More over Tally Gold now means only 10 users. So users more then 10 machines should think before upgradation.

New Features
New features have been added to new additions. The first thing you would notice would be the new feel of the product. New colour combination and new bottom bar. You would get shortcut keys available for a particular screen in the bottom bar.

One of the breakthrough feature is Remote user login via Tall.Net facility. By this feature Tally data can be accessed from any where by just having an internet connection.

The second breakthrough feature is inbuilt Control center and Support Center. Control center enables you to control to whom you want to give access and the support center is extension of Tally help through software itself. Now you can send your queries and problems faced just by typing and sending via email. You would maintain a log of all complaints and their status. No need for calls to support center!!

Enhanced payroll
is another feature added. Now Tally payroll provides :-
  • Automated computation and deduction/contribution of Employees & Employer’s Contribution towards Provident Fund.
  • A predefined PF process to expedite voucher entry and accurate processing of contributions.
  • Generates Form 12A: Statement of PF Contribution during a particular month
  • Form 5: Details of the Employees joining during a particular month
  • Form 10: Details of the Employees leaving during a particular month
  • Form 3A: Employee wise Annual Payment details
  • Form 6A: Annual Statement of PF contribution
  • PF Combined Challan: Monthly Challan form to be submitted to the bank while paying the PF amount
  • ESI Monthly statement and payment challan.
  • Form 3, 5, and 6 related to ESI
The most important is the much awaited Excise for manufacturers. Some of the major facilities in excise are :-
  • It allows multiple excise registrations for same company
  • Item wise valuation method (velorem, quantum, MRP)
  • Rule 11 excise invoice,Rule 11 invoice for purchase return
  • Avail Full / Partial CENVAT Credit on Inputs and Capital Goods/ Service Tax towards Duty payable, reversal of CENVAT Credit
  • Print G.A.R. -7 Challan, RG 1 register, Generate ER-1 & ER-3 returns
  • Maintain PLA Register and Excise computation reports.
The release notes and features and some tutorials are also available here. Take your time and study. Users can expect some more posts in this blog on Tally.ERP 9 startup.

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Tallynine said…
The tally.erp is really great. however activation of license is a bit problem.
i tried many time to activate,it is activated but i did not receive the unlock key!
Also, there are major problems
1) in pay roll auto calculation of pf administration fees (0.01% EDLI charges )does not account correct. each time it comes to a minimum of Rs. 2.00 of base salary.
2) the old problem of printing of payment advice on letter head is is still not modified by the tally team. you will not be able to print the payment advice on letter head because the name and address of company prints again on the letter head.
3)PF caclulation in (auto challan) does not comes to true if you make a want a correction in pf entries

Any way its the biggest gift for all tally lovers like me
Best Regards,
Anonymous said…
Actually Tally9 .Erp is still having problem of vat report, service tax report ,tds report, excise for manufacturer reports, also there are connectivity issue for .net user , there are many issue remain same which tally ignore from years like after split the company you cannot reconcile last year chq, and also i want a solutions for this problem also like i sold a laptop to a customer but customer want to upgrade the ram of laptop so i make a credit note for that customer and select sale bill during credit note entry, now customer ledger is showing right balance but stock qty showing 1pcs with zero value. this and many more problem in tally 9 .erp. Main thing is that tally is never asking his customer what they want ? they simply want sale but not ready to give support tally helpline is also a useless they only solve activation related issue not technical issue in tally
Anonymous said…
Naresh jain u have correctly said.
Tally is same from 5.4 there are no major changes in reports same reports. for e.g the stock aging after split it comes in as new stock. Stock valuation in weighted average method is not possible. bank reconcialtion after split in the new database have to enter the unpresented manually. security control -vocuher wise (has to be purchased separatly). Please Tally solution take a feedback from the customers using tally. tally support persons should first have an accounting background with I.T then only is the support going to be perfect, NOW ITS SIMPLY GOOD FOR NOTHING & WASTE OF TIME.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for introducing new version of Tally....

annuity insurance services
Nice to hear, Tally 9 customers and would cost Just Rs. 3600/- + taxes for users of Tally 7.2 and Tally 6.3.....Thank you so much for such a great information
Anonymous said…
hmmmm! My old posts were deleted. OK. Here is the take on tally.erp 9 - upgraded from 9 r 2.14 on 31st Mar 2009.

There is a slight difference in activating the licence - procedure. After tally_req.lic file is created on server (non Internet PC) ---
in 9 r2.x we used to take only that file to internet PC paste it in tally folder and send external request.
now, in tally.erp 9 one has to copy the full tally folder from server and paste it in (prefered) desktop - only then does the 'send external request' menu pops up - otherwise one cannot see the menu.

once the tally gives the tally_resp.lic file, take only the file back to tally.server PC and now, tally asks for an "Unlock key" which is sent to ur email address. PUt it in and its alright.

BTW, at chennai, found no problems in VAT returns/annexures or in Service tax returns.

Dharu said…
Tally Support is really useless. On their website they say that Tally 9 will co-exist with Tally ERP 9 for 45 days. After installing Tally ERP 9, I call up Tally Support, and a lady tells me it will work for 2-3 days. When I remind her it's 45 days, she says maybe if you are luckt it will work longer. Now, I don't think we pay money and risk our data and business activity on some Luck.
Unknown said…
Tally 9 will co-exist with Tally ERP 9 for 45 days. ther is no need to depend on your luck, you will get more value than your money

Mohan.D Rao
outspoken said…
When is the last date to upgrade from Tally 9 rel 2.13 to Tally ERP for FREE?
I would like to postpone this decision to as late as possible as now tally 9 is working fine!

Also my e-mail ID during tally registration does not exist anymore. I have changed it. How do I activate tally erp?
vijay said…
have got ERP9 which keeps crashing. Lost data twice. Support team not very useful. Resellers charge 1800 /- just to try to solve the problem. Was happier with tally 7.2 which was stable......vijay kambe 9821139272
Harish said…
Tally ERP9 is useless - it is simply waste of time & money. Lot of reports which was easy to extract from 7.2 & 9.0 now very difficult to retrieve. Says 'out of memory' when you want to print/export reports or outstanding reports.
Shailendra said…
Harish, you should download rel 1.3 and try again. The reports are as smooth as before
Raks said…
hey frnds,
in taly9.erp wen i set d field set/alter vat details to yes in statutary & taxation it automatically set no..
it is not set yes,wats d problem????can anyone help me
Anonymous said…
Tally erp 1.61 stuck
delete voucher is extremely slow take 30 sec
you cannot view ledger contain 1,00,000 voucher it give out of memory error in tally erp 9 1.61
view larges ledger contain more than 10,000 voucher takes 50 sec
leger contain more 10,000 voucher if export to excel very huge time it takes 100 sec
my current tally data size 158 mb
tally erp is slow.
Anonymous said…
tally erp gold version some one alter voucher take 20 sec and slow down network

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