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Tally to discontinue Tally Certified Professional (TCP) Exam

Tally is in the process to revamp its education system. To develop a better ecosystem around Tally product some new thinking is going on. Training of Tally and Tally Academy network is one of the vital link in development of this ecosystem. The Tally certification process was also one of the tools of that ecosystem. The certification process was started with an expectation to create a work force of certified people who would be ready for market which has a huge demand for trained account professional. The work force was created but it couldn't achieve the level it was planned for.
Tally Academies couldn't create the scene where anybody willing to be certified in Tally just walk in for test and walk out with certificate in hand within 90 minutes. The number of students enrolled in Academy and number of students who took TCP had a huge gap.
Now Tally has decided to scrap the examination process and something new is expected very soon. In this scenario all academies should consume all TCP cards available with them before 31st Jan, 2008. Any students willing to attend the TCP test or preparing for it should go for it before 31st Jan. If the Academies are not able to consume all the cards then they should be returned to company.

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