21 January 2009

Tally to discontinue Tally Certified Professional (TCP) Exam

Tally is in the process to revamp its education system. To develop a better ecosystem around Tally product some new thinking is going on. Training of Tally and Tally Academy network is one of the vital link in development of this ecosystem. The Tally certification process was also one of the tools of that ecosystem. The certification process was started with an expectation to create a work force of certified people who would be ready for market which has a huge demand for trained account professional. The work force was created but it couldn't achieve the level it was planned for.
Tally Academies couldn't create the scene where anybody willing to be certified in Tally just walk in for test and walk out with certificate in hand within 90 minutes. The number of students enrolled in Academy and number of students who took TCP had a huge gap.
Now Tally has decided to scrap the examination process and something new is expected very soon. In this scenario all academies should consume all TCP cards available with them before 31st Jan, 2008. Any students willing to attend the TCP test or preparing for it should go for it before 31st Jan. If the Academies are not able to consume all the cards then they should be returned to company.

14 January 2009

How to downgrade Tally 9?

There may be chances that as a Tally user you have upgraded from some lower release to upper release. As Tally 9 rel 3 beta is upgraded from rel. 2.14 or lower you may get circumstances that you need to downgrade to earlier releases. The reason of downgrade may be various and it can vary from release to release.
  1. You have upgraded to higher release just because of you have got the latest release in your hand, later you find out that, your current release version is not that much stable.
  2. You have upgraded due to new feature and you found that your new feature is used but many other problems have cropped up.
  3. You have upgraded but now you found that your TCP's or customizations made for earlier releases are not compatible with new release.

I have faced problem due to upgrade twice with my customers. First time it was with release 1.2 of Tally 9 when the higher version was very much unstable and frequent rewriting of data was faced. The second time it was with release 3 beta of Tally 9 when i found that customer's TCP files which were used for customisation were not compatible with Release 3 beta of Tally 9. In both the cases i have to switch to earlier version.
I learnt few lessons from these instances.
  1. Never upgrade to higher version if it is running smoothly and no major problem is faced with existing release.
  2. Before upgradation proper backup plan should be in mind and all precautions should be taken into consideration in form of data backup.
  3. Sr. no, Key and email id should be handy before doing any misadventure.
How to downgrade a Tally release?
Two steps are involved in whole process.
First the exe file and then
The data should should be downgraded
As earlier told a proper backup of the data should be taken. In case of Tally 9 release 3 beta, license information should be with you and it should be properly surrendered first. After surrender Tally should be uninstalled by the utility. All files in tally folder should be properly removed and then older version exe should be installed in the same folder. Tally license can now be activated again.
Now comes data part. Open Tally and before opening the company press Ctrl+Alt+R at the company selection menu. It would ask for rewriting the company, press yes and rewrite the data. You would see that company is converted into lower release.

Please note that this thing is not possible while downgrading Tally version 9 to Tally 7.2. Although this thing can work if you want to revert to Tally 6.3 from Tally 7.2. Our main focus of discussion is Tally 9 and it's releases. Yo should check various stats like the total no of ledgers, vouchers etc before and after downgradation.