06 December 2009

Now reach for help to ApniTally from Tally Itself

First of all best of luck for all users who have downloaded and activated original Free Tally from me. I hope it would give them good exposure to Tally software and they would see the features of the software and feel it worth buying. The offer is still valid and any one who needs a free copy can send me the mail to activate their Tally.
For those who need Tally CD with lots of implementation guides and presentations can send me a mail also. Users who have got their CDs would have found it interesting.

Now you can directly post your Tally queries to ApniTally via Tally software itself. Here is the procedure to do it.

Get Help from ApniTally through Tally.ERP 9
As I have earlier mentioned in my earlier post about support center facility in Tally.ERP 9, this can be useful for getting help from ApniTally too.

  1. Simply click support center button or press Ctrl+H ( you should be connected to internet)
  2. Click New Issue button on the right hand pane or press Alt+N.
  3. You would be asked about New service partner or Tally Solutions.
  4. Choose New service partner and search name wise.
  5. Enter CyberTec and press enter.
  6. CyberTec Solutions would be shown.
Select it and write your issue there. It would reach me .

Here is whole process in screen shots.

You send me a Hello mail to test this feature of Tally.

16 October 2009

Get a Free copy of Tally.ERP 9 This Diwali

ApniTally is providing Diwali gift to its readers. Till date many readers of ApniTally has contacted me for Tally software or a crack for it. I have tried to provide them download of Latest versions. But they were all educational version i.e. with date restrictions. But now who ever wants can get a licensed copy of Tally.ERP 9 and that too Free of Cost. You would get the Unlimited User Gold version for your network. if you have computers to install. This should be considered as promotion of Tally as well as ApniTally. So if you were willing to buy Tally but want to use it with full features for some time before actual purchase or just want to learn Tally for some time then this promotion is for you.

What you have to do?
The process is simple. No quizzes, no slogans just simple download. First download the latest version of Tally.ERP9 from here or here and install it. Now download Cross Loop software and install it. After you do that just give a mail and i will activate your copy of Tally.ERP 9.
Further more if you need some tutorials related to implementation or how to do list then i can mail CD of Tally Tutorials which i have compiled from different sources. I would charge Rs. 450/- as handling charge for this. I am planning to activate most licenses on Sunday. After that i will send the time on mail to individual person.

What's the catch ?
There is no catch in this you need not to spend a single penny in this. Only catch what so ever is that this Tally would work for 3 months only. But if you need not to pay a single penny and still enjoy full version for 3 months then its not a bad deal. After the license period is over and you still want to use it for some more time then you can pay accordingly and Buy it on rent for 3 months and so on.

Happy Diwali !!!

21 September 2009

Tally Licensing Gets Easier with Tally.ERP9

I remembered the day when Mr. Bharat Goenka in a meeting with Tally partners in Delhi admitted that original Tally users users face more difficulty then the pirated users. This difficulty is due to the licensing policy most of the times. Original users have faced difficulty in all versions of Tally whether it is version 6.3 or 9. But as promised the difficulties were reduced and licensing has been done easier.
In release 7.2 of Tally user has to update the license periodically after around 45 days by connecting it to internet. In case the computer gets formatted without surrender of licensing then it has to be reset by sending a request to Tally via mail or on phone.
In rel. 9 of Tally this periodic updation was reduced, but in case of system formatted request had to be sent to Tally to reset the license. With the release of Tally.ERP9 this process has also been automated. Now user can reset the license by himself and he need not to send a request to Tally. Here is the process to do it.

Resetting your Tally.ERP 9 license your self.

Here are the steps which you have t take to reactivate Tally.ERP9 if you are unable to surrender it. Although these steps would reset the license but it is no alternative to surrender the license if you are changing the system or if you can surrender the license.
First of all few prerequisites.
  • You should have Tally.ERP9 Sr. No. , its key and the email address with you.
  • You should have to access to email address mentioned while activating Tally.ERP 9. In other words you should have the password of the email id which you have mentioned while activating the Tally.ERP 9.
  • Last but not the least you should have internet connection on the PC.
Now Install the Tally.ERP 9 software by downloading from Tally Site. You would get the latest release in this way. Run it and open control center by pressing Ctrl +K. Enter the email id and your Tally.Net password. If you don't know the Tally.Net password then you can take help of this article on Control Center and about How to reset your password and change it.

You would find first option of My Tally Net Accounts . Double click it and open it. you would find all your Tally licenses active on this email id. Select the license you want to surrender by again double clicking or by pressing enter.
Here you would get First of option of Licensing and configuration. Press enter or Alt +LNow you would see the Sr. No of Tally.ERP 9 and the status in last column. Select the column and press right arrow key you would see to options of active surrender. Select surrender and press enter. Accept the screen and move out of Control center. After few minutes you can again activate the same license. For any help you can see the Getting Started List.
If you have some error message then you can see the status again and if the status is still active then try the steps again to surrender.

Related Articles:
Help on Control Center
Getting Started List of Tally.ERP 9

17 September 2009

Tally.ERP 9 in Just Rs. 450/- only: Do you need It?

Buy Tally OnlineI am late in telling this news to all the ApniTally users as I took a long break. Many exciting things had happened during this period. But now I am back and the great and exciting news is that Tally.ERP 9 is now available on rent. Yes. Yo just pay as low as Rs. 450/- and take away Tally.ERP 9 for one month. More rental options are available, but do you need it? That a good question and I would try to answer it in a simple manner.

Why do I need Tally.ERP 9 on rent?

There are few scenarios when you may need Tally on rental basis. According to Tally site you may need Tally on rental basis if you have capital expense constrain. In other words you can not invest Rs. 40,000/- in a single go and still you can pay some amount on monthly basis as you have some monthly budget in you hand. Just pay 1350/- per month and use Multi user license.

If you have to use it for certain project which is just for 6 months or for say one year and after that you have to wind up the operations then this option is superb. Just use it for as long as you want and then forget. A company having a remote project site can install it for some time as long as the project is going on and then take the data and merge it in its main accounting and forget the license.

If you have unexpected work load or peak season load then just install additional machine and Tally license for peak season without having to buy permanent license. For get it after the season. If auditors are with you and they need tally, give them a separate license and separate license for some time let them do the work without disturbing you.

Tally.ERP 9 rental is going to ease your Tally buying decision. Until now you have to test the working of Tally in educational mode where you were unable to change the date. But now you can buy tally on rental basis for just one month and test Tally on your company requirements.

What you need to understand?

  • You need to understand that you are paying the rent for use of license. You are not buying Tally on easy installments.
  • After the expiry of rental period if you want to buy the license then you have to buy by paying the full price. No reduction of rental price.
  • You should understand that rental option is suitable for occasional or short term use. In future if the prices of Tally increases rental would also increase. You may end up paying more price for Tally.

The pricing.

For Tally.ERP 9 Gold :
• The per quarter rental charge is Rs. 4,050/-
• The per month rental charge is Rs. 1,350/-

For Silver edition:
• Quarterly – Rs. 1,350/-
• Monthly – Rs. 450/-

Buy Online
If you have credit card then you can simply Buy Tally.ERP 9 on rental basis as well as full version. You can download latest version and install it in your computer. For ApniTally readers free help on Installation and support would be provided. A CD containing tutorials on various aspects Tally.ERP 9 would also be delivered free of cost.

25 July 2009

Tally Tutorials: How to do TDS in Tally.ERP 9

TDS accounting in Tally was present in way back version 6.3. It was then enhanced with version after version and release after release. The present release 1.3 of Tally.ERP 9 fulfills all the requirements related to Tax Deduction at Source, Its filing, it's reports etc. The pdf document on TDS in Tally.ERP 9 which was earlier discussed in my previous post is available for download.

Here is a slide show to explain the whole process of Tax Deduction at Source.

It starts with how TDS is activated in Tally, how master ledgers are created and how transactions are passed on in ledgers. Lastly it tell about filing the TDS.
The slide show is made by Tally Solutions and here is presented for educational purpose. One can download the file from here for future reference.

20 July 2009

Tally Tutorial: How to do Excise for Manufacturer in Tally.ERP 9

I have given links to some files which were Getting started list for learning concepts in Tally.ERP 9 in my earlier post. I don't know if so much of tutorials would be available then how much can be learnt and upto what extent it can be understood. In the Getting started list there was one tutorial related to Excise accounting for Manufacturers in pdf format. For those who have not learnt here is another option in form of slide show. Here is an slide show version of same tutorial which is better explained with examples easy to understand.

The Presentation starts with understanding the concept of Excise, How it is levied, different types of duties m their valuation methods etc clearing all the basic concepts.
It further explains the challenges in excise accounting and tells how this is done in Tally.ERP 9 by explaining with relevant industry examples.

You can download this slide show for your future reference and personal use. The slide show is prepared by Tally Solutions and presented here just for educational purpose.

10 July 2009

Want to learn Tally? Here is your Getting started List.

Going through the comments on ApniTally, I have seen that people either have query related to their problems or many times they have asked about learning tally on internet or from home. One thing which I have noticed is that several times people ask wrong questions on wrong pages. I don't know why questions on a post are most of the times irrelevant to the post. What seems to me that users landed on what ever page are not trying to search the relevant information on the blog. What I feel is that answer to the questions raised by the users are on the site itself. They just need to search the related articles.
Coming back to Helping learning Tally through this website, I had initially some thought about what should be the contents of this website. Should I post tutorials on all the topics of the Tally slowly and steadily? Should I start from the scratch and stedily build the tutorial base in the site? But with the passage of time the kind of help provided by the site defined the way. My tutorials are usually not of ABC kind. They are based on practical problems faced by the users. Till date around 150 articles are on the site but not all are tutorials but all are informative. Perhaps ABC kind of tutorials would come on the site when I would get enough time but informative articles would be always there.
Browsing through the Tally site I noticed that enough learning material is available on the site itself. On can start learning Tally just by downloading the tutorials and practicing on Tally educational software. I have compiled some resources from where one can learn Tally quite good to work on it. Lets start with these resources.

Lets Learn Tally
Understand the Tally first, Its working etc. through Getting Started with Tally. Learn about licensing aspects of Tally . If you want to have information about Tally.ERP 9 then download this file are read Getting Started with Tally.ERP9 . It would give you a good idea about different new aspects of Tally.ERP 9. Facts about Tally.ERP 9 licensing are in Getting started with ERP 9 Licensing, download and learn about Tally.ERP 9 licensing. Now comes the different works to be done in Tally. Tally Tutorials would help you in learning these little aspects. Do the job what you want including implementing VAT in Tally, payroll, Synchronization, data migration, POS invoicing, Excise etc.
Coming to advance level and comprehensive tutorials here is Getting started with TDS . Download and learn how to do TDS work in Tally with Examples. Getting started with Excise for Manufacturers, would give you insight on Excise in Tally.ERP 9. Download Getting started with Synchronization and learn to synchronize data between two locations. Getting started with Data Migration would help you migrate data from older versions of Tally to the latest one. Know about Tally Control center and Support Center or just download comprehensive Getting started with Control Center and Support Center files and know about them.
Getting to some technical aspect you can find the Tally.ERP 9 FAQs post in which you can know about error codes in Tally, the memory access violation solutions . These FAQ files are available for download.
If still more help is needed then download the Tally help file of the software and here you would get enough knowledge of any topic on Tally. And last but not the least never to forget Tally help and Tally Tips are always there.

05 July 2009

Tally.ERP 9 FAQ's : Tally Help Extended

Tally has extended the help related to Tally.ERP 9. As it was indicated in previous post users of Tally.ERP 9 can post there problems, issues from the software itself. In my opinion this is one of the major key area where Tally is stressing and getting good response from its users to make it's product more trouble free and successful.
One more step has been taken in this direction by introducing submitting a support issue online. Now users can submit their issues related to tally operation or related to support on This page. Users of Tally who have any issue can fill in the form online for submitting an issue.

FAQs on Tally.ERP 9
To further help users of Tally.ERP 9 FAQ documents have been compiled by Tally. Users can download the PDF documents which are clubbed under different topics. Go to the download page of Tally.ERP 9 FAQs page to get help. You need Acrobat reader to read these documents. FAQs are under these categories.

Downloads these FAQ files in single click here.

12 June 2009

Tally Tutorial: How to use Tally.ERP 9 Remote Id.

One of the major feature announced in Tally.ERP 9 is its remote user facility. Now you can access your Tally data from a remote location. Let us see how remote login facility can be used to see some basic reports in Tally. This can be done now because for some time this facility is free of cost to all Tally.ERP 9 users. At present you can only view few reports and cannot put entries in Tally through remote login. You can check out the functioning of remote login facility on your own computer without going out to some other PC. Here is step by step guide about how this can be achieved.

First things first Create a user id
First of all we have to create an id in the company in which you want to do remote activity. You must be knowing your Tally.net id which has been used for your licensing purpose or to operate control center and help center etc. That Tally.net id is going to be your remote id to login and see reports. You may know that for Tally single user you get one remote id and for Tally multiuser you get 10 remote ids.
First alter the company details and give administration user name and password in Tally company detail. Go to Alt + F3 --> Alter This can be done giving any id through which you would be opening Tally. Through this id you would be able to use Tally security control where you have to define your user ids.
Put Security control to Yes and give the id of administrator and its password. Confirm the same password and save the settings. This would activate security control feature and you would define user names here.
Now go to
Company Info--> SEcurity control --> Users and passwords
and select Tally.Net User in security level and type Tally.Net id in name of user field. Put allow remote access to Yes and accept the screen.

You can create 10 such ids in Tally.ERP 9 multi user.

Putting the company online
Next step is to put the company online. Go to gateway of Tally and Press F4 or click Connect button on the rigth hand pane. Be sure that your computer is connected internet while connecting the company. You would notice that now Connect button is not highlighted and Disconnect Button is highlighted. It measn your company is connected and it is ready for remote operations.

Loging in remotely
The final part is to log in that company remotely. This can be tested in same machine. Open another instance of Tally and in Company Info menu select Login as Remote User in stead of normal Select company.
It would ask for Tally.Net id and password. Supply the information and you would be shown the list of companies which are online for your user id.
Select that company and you would be shown only option on which you can use remotely.
In due course of time Tally would add more featurs related to remote login.

This login can be on different computer also.

Error rectification
During the process you may find some errors. One of the major errors which occurs is that no online companies are shown in company list when we login remotely. For this you have to verify that the remote id created is a Tally.Net user and no other user. This user should be given remote access.

21 May 2009

Understanding Tally.ERP 9 Control Center

Tally Control Center is another new feature which is introduced in Tally.ERP 9. Control Center keeps track of your Tally.Net id details. It has many features but most important reason you have to visit control center is to change the password for your Tally.Net id.
While Re-activating your Tally.ERP 9 you would need your Tally.Net Id and password. And if you forgot the password then you need to reset the password. The process of resetting the password has been explained in previous post on Tally Support Center. When the password would be reset the it has to be changed to the one which is easier to remember. To do so you have to open control Center by pressing Ctrl+K. A login screen would pop up the enter your Tally.Net id and password. Copy paste the password which you have got in your email by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V. Control Center would open and here you would find all option which Tally has provided. With other option you would find change password option also. Enter the change password optiona dyou would get another screen to change your password. Here again paste the the password in old password column and enter the new password in New Password field. Repeat the same password again and press enter. Your password is changed. Do note that this is an internet based activity, so you need to start the Internet on your computer before accessing this service.

Other options
The other options in control center are manage your ids where you can see all your Tally.Net ids, their status etc.
In change My Profile where you can change the details regarding you e.g. your name and your phone number. The future services like Tally Job and Recruitment and Tally shop would be activated here it self.

16 May 2009

How to get support on Tally.ERP9 more promptly?

ApniTally readers have given some mind scraching response to Tally.ERP9 Post. While Sandeep has his apprehensions related to downgrading to Tally9 if he finds some trouble, for Mahen its not right time to upgrade to Tally.ERP9 as he finds some problems in excise and VAT and TDS. As you can not track back if you upgrade to Tally.ERP9, the solutions is what Mahen has done. As he has rightly sent the problems to Tally support , I would like to say that this is the right method get your problems solved as soon as possible.
As all Tally users are working on different kinds of accounting environments they get different kinds of problems. If your kind of work environment is having some sort of trouble them it should be reported to Tally. Two cases are possible, One there is an actual error as things cannot be done and second users must not be knowing how to do the particular task. In both the cases reporting the matter in full details to support@tallysolutions.com is going to provide you the much needed help.

Support Center

Tally has introduced an inbuilt mechanism to get the support in Tally.ERP9. It is called the Support Center. Until now you were getting help by pressing Alt+H now you can get support from Support Center by pressing Ctrl+H. Here press Alt +L and you would see the login screen it. Remember the email id which you have given while activating Tally.ERP9? Where you have recieved unlock Key for Tally! You have to enter the same email id and the password which you have recieved on the same email id. Remember you should be connected to internet before doing this thing as this would be an internet based activity.
If you dont remember the Tally.Net password then you need not to worry. Press F5 and you would get another email regrding password as it would be RESET. Check the mail copy the password by pressing Ctrl+c and paste in Your Tally.Net Pawword field by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V. Login with this new password.

Here press Alt+N or click new Issue to report new issue.
Select Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Send to field, give descriptive heading in Subject field and full description. Press Enter and the matter is reported to Tally!!! You would get the response very soon and get a ticket number related to issue reported by you. I don't think this can become easier then this.
You can keep track of all your issues and apply filters on them also to sort out the required one. If any one neds this simplicty then he has to upgrade to Tally.ERP9.
You should change the Suport password from the given by Tally to one which is easily can be remembered by you. How you can do this wold be explained in coming post.

11 March 2009

Tally.ERP 9: Why to Install? How to Install ?

After the launch of Tally. ERP 9 next release is on the blocks. The release 1.1 of Tally.ERP9. For ApniTally readers who are still deciding whether to upgrade to Tally.ERP9 or not, here are few words which can help them in making decision.

Why to Install?

1. The first and fore most is its Free. Yes, for all Tally 9 original users its free. Just go to the Tally site and download the latest pack.
2. It has better performance the it's earlier versions. Better performance means handling large database at faster speed.
3. Added new features. New features like Remote capability, Payroll, excise etc. are available without any cost.
4. Better help. Newer version has better help features. You can get info about shortcut keys available at any window. More over the online help option is just superb. Problem solving via Tally end is now easy.
5. Last but not the least, It's new. When we can go for windows vista even after knowing it's not hundred percent perfect, then why not Tally.

Why not to Install?

1. If you have customizations running on your Tally. First you should take care of the customizations by converting them to newer version. There is a possibility that you may get some errors in them after conversion.
2. If you don't have the keys and email address. Arrange the keys and make email address of your own before shifting. It may be possible that you are using some one else email address. (probably the person who installed the tally may have mentioned his email address).

How to install?
The installation process is changed in Tally. ERP9. Here is a brief detail about installation process.
1. Make sure you have the sr. no. , key and email address with you.
2. Go to site of Tally and download the latest version.
3. Run install file and install it in seperate folder.
4. Surrender the earlier version of Tally9.
5. Follow the steps mentioned in this slide show

03 March 2009

Tally.ERP 9 :New Face of Tally is here, Download for Free

Jumping a leap ahead Tally has introduced its next generation software version of Tally. Tally.ERP 9 is the next version from Tally's stable. Flooded with many advanced features Tally has tried to place this software for those who need more then Accounting software and cannot buy heavy and costly ERP software. The nomenclature of software has been done in way to show best of the both worlds i.e. The same old trusted Tally 9 software and now the ERP embedded in it. So it became Tally.ERP 9. Tally has put ERP software in 15.4mb, this is the wonder which only Tally can do.

The software is free for all existing Tally 9 customers and would cost Just Rs. 3600/- + taxes for users of Tally 7.2 and Tally 6.3. But educational version is free for download for everybody. Tally 9 customers can upgrade free of cost but they should first understand the license process and activation process. More over Tally Gold now means only 10 users. So users more then 10 machines should think before upgradation.

New Features
New features have been added to new additions. The first thing you would notice would be the new feel of the product. New colour combination and new bottom bar. You would get shortcut keys available for a particular screen in the bottom bar.

One of the breakthrough feature is Remote user login via Tall.Net facility. By this feature Tally data can be accessed from any where by just having an internet connection.

The second breakthrough feature is inbuilt Control center and Support Center. Control center enables you to control to whom you want to give access and the support center is extension of Tally help through software itself. Now you can send your queries and problems faced just by typing and sending via email. You would maintain a log of all complaints and their status. No need for calls to support center!!

Enhanced payroll
is another feature added. Now Tally payroll provides :-
  • Automated computation and deduction/contribution of Employees & Employer’s Contribution towards Provident Fund.
  • A predefined PF process to expedite voucher entry and accurate processing of contributions.
  • Generates Form 12A: Statement of PF Contribution during a particular month
  • Form 5: Details of the Employees joining during a particular month
  • Form 10: Details of the Employees leaving during a particular month
  • Form 3A: Employee wise Annual Payment details
  • Form 6A: Annual Statement of PF contribution
  • PF Combined Challan: Monthly Challan form to be submitted to the bank while paying the PF amount
  • ESI Monthly statement and payment challan.
  • Form 3, 5, and 6 related to ESI
The most important is the much awaited Excise for manufacturers. Some of the major facilities in excise are :-
  • It allows multiple excise registrations for same company
  • Item wise valuation method (velorem, quantum, MRP)
  • Rule 11 excise invoice,Rule 11 invoice for purchase return
  • Avail Full / Partial CENVAT Credit on Inputs and Capital Goods/ Service Tax towards Duty payable, reversal of CENVAT Credit
  • Print G.A.R. -7 Challan, RG 1 register, Generate ER-1 & ER-3 returns
  • Maintain PLA Register and Excise computation reports.
The release notes and features and some tutorials are also available here. Take your time and study. Users can expect some more posts in this blog on Tally.ERP 9 startup.

21 January 2009

Tally to discontinue Tally Certified Professional (TCP) Exam

Tally is in the process to revamp its education system. To develop a better ecosystem around Tally product some new thinking is going on. Training of Tally and Tally Academy network is one of the vital link in development of this ecosystem. The Tally certification process was also one of the tools of that ecosystem. The certification process was started with an expectation to create a work force of certified people who would be ready for market which has a huge demand for trained account professional. The work force was created but it couldn't achieve the level it was planned for.
Tally Academies couldn't create the scene where anybody willing to be certified in Tally just walk in for test and walk out with certificate in hand within 90 minutes. The number of students enrolled in Academy and number of students who took TCP had a huge gap.
Now Tally has decided to scrap the examination process and something new is expected very soon. In this scenario all academies should consume all TCP cards available with them before 31st Jan, 2008. Any students willing to attend the TCP test or preparing for it should go for it before 31st Jan. If the Academies are not able to consume all the cards then they should be returned to company.

14 January 2009

How to downgrade Tally 9?

There may be chances that as a Tally user you have upgraded from some lower release to upper release. As Tally 9 rel 3 beta is upgraded from rel. 2.14 or lower you may get circumstances that you need to downgrade to earlier releases. The reason of downgrade may be various and it can vary from release to release.
  1. You have upgraded to higher release just because of you have got the latest release in your hand, later you find out that, your current release version is not that much stable.
  2. You have upgraded due to new feature and you found that your new feature is used but many other problems have cropped up.
  3. You have upgraded but now you found that your TCP's or customizations made for earlier releases are not compatible with new release.

I have faced problem due to upgrade twice with my customers. First time it was with release 1.2 of Tally 9 when the higher version was very much unstable and frequent rewriting of data was faced. The second time it was with release 3 beta of Tally 9 when i found that customer's TCP files which were used for customisation were not compatible with Release 3 beta of Tally 9. In both the cases i have to switch to earlier version.
I learnt few lessons from these instances.
  1. Never upgrade to higher version if it is running smoothly and no major problem is faced with existing release.
  2. Before upgradation proper backup plan should be in mind and all precautions should be taken into consideration in form of data backup.
  3. Sr. no, Key and email id should be handy before doing any misadventure.
How to downgrade a Tally release?
Two steps are involved in whole process.
First the exe file and then
The data should should be downgraded
As earlier told a proper backup of the data should be taken. In case of Tally 9 release 3 beta, license information should be with you and it should be properly surrendered first. After surrender Tally should be uninstalled by the utility. All files in tally folder should be properly removed and then older version exe should be installed in the same folder. Tally license can now be activated again.
Now comes data part. Open Tally and before opening the company press Ctrl+Alt+R at the company selection menu. It would ask for rewriting the company, press yes and rewrite the data. You would see that company is converted into lower release.

Please note that this thing is not possible while downgrading Tally version 9 to Tally 7.2. Although this thing can work if you want to revert to Tally 6.3 from Tally 7.2. Our main focus of discussion is Tally 9 and it's releases. Yo should check various stats like the total no of ledgers, vouchers etc before and after downgradation.