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Tally 9 Release 3 Beta : Should I Upgrade it?

Many of ApniTally readers have posted me queries related to problems faced in release 3 beta. They have downloaded Release 3 beta from the site and converted the data. Now they are facing operational problems in this release. What should they do now? Should beta be tested or not? Should new releases be downloaded or not?
Here is my answer to these queries.
Going by the experience which i have got from Tally I would like to say that if you are using a version and it is running smoothly then you should never think to upgrade directly on your live or current data unless and until some new feature is there and you are in dire need of that feature. Data conversion from lower release to higher release is very easy but from higher release to lower release it is not that much easy.
Reader may think if Tally is not to be upgraded then why Tally people are upgrading every 15 days? Here i would like to say that new release normally have some modifications etc which some times may not be needed to some people. Where as some users of some states may not need that upgrade. More over a stable release which is working and a condition where new feature is not needed up gradation is not advisable. There are chances that newer release may bring problems with it.
Here are few solutions to overcome possible upgradation problem
1. When ever you change the release then first thing you should keep in mind is always take a backup of data before converting.
2. Try new upgradation on separate location and separate data so that original data can be protected.
3. Give some days of try to new upgrade so that possible errors if come can be seen on demo data. Only after satisfaction of problem free functioning new upgradation should be put into full practice.

So coming to basic question of upgrading to release 3 beta i would like to share that beta is for testers only. It is having many problems and users should avoid the release to their live data. Although keeping in mind above steps it can be done or be wise and wait for final release 3.

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considering what u have said that it beta 3 is for TESTER only? te facts should bedisclosed by tally.
I was having problem with tally 2.13 and 2,14 and i posted thae same for the support from tally..and in reply they suggested that i should upgrade to beta 3 without any warning that it just for testing...... More over there is not always possible to run the two versions side by side as unless and untill u enter simailar data in two version u can not truely verify the results. SO as a result the tally should not release version for generall user for taesting becuase the nature of DATA we all are hadling is sensitive and we jsut cant play with this.
Yes. It is true. Now-a-days, if you report a problem to Tally Solutions, the first thing that they tell you is to upgrade to Tally 9 Release 3 Beta. This is what many of our clients were told. To make the things worst, those who upgraded to Beta Release 3, faced many more problems.

Here's something about Tally 9 Release 3 Beta.

What is BETA Software?
Beta is a nickname for software which has passed the alpha testing stage of development and has been released to a limited amount of users for software testing before its official release.

Should you upgrade to Release 3 BETA ? No. Why ? Read this.
Shailendra said…
Singhyar when Beta version is written behind any software then it is understood that it is for testing. But most of the Indian user don't Know this fact.
But taking backup when ever you do some thing with Tally is a good practice.More over your data should be protected against version change. Me too have upgraded to rel 3 beta and i am waiting for this beta phase to be over.
Installing Tally toolbar in your browser would give you latest information about latest happening in this regard.
Tallynine said…
Well I have been using tally rel. 3 starting from the first build e.g. 76 and now it is build 90. i never face till date any issue except generation of ETDS return. in fact there are many attractive points to rel. 3 including payroll structure and many more.
This is my personla experience.
Best Regards,
Mahendra, here are some issues that we have faced in Tally 9 Release 3 Beta.
a) Data Synchronization between two systems running Tally 9 Release 3 Beta ?
b) Programmatically accessing data of two or more open companies (i.e.) retrieving data from one company; transforming and then sending it to another company ?
Do update us.
This comment has been removed by the author.
It is true that BETA means some thing still under testing stage>>
BUT the question raised was that tally people should warn for that since the data we all are using is very critcal>>>
Pls refer my earlier refer my earlier email interaction with them where in they suggest to sownload beta...then in subsequent mail they back ward rewriting is possible but u will loose audit faetures and when i insited more details they just turned away their earlier suggestion and said back word transition is harmful.

We should all know one thing that people out there at support are (some of) software litrate and knoow very less about accounts and importance of acounts data.

TALLY company people should know and realise that they should not throw some thing of wich they them selves are not sure of.


Tally support should be very careful in answering Questions??? and dont just throw the answers unless u r very sure?>? more over tally should not post beta version for all regular users out there>>>if u want to test the version send it to specific users who can give time to play with that!! DONOT JUST REFER for NEWER VERSION to every one who is posting any problem with the support.
kanwal anand


From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: [TLY-5459087-8070475] Tally Auditors version

Dear CA.Anand,

With regard to your mail we would like to inform you that you can move to the lower releases of Release 3 Beta by forcefully rewriting the data. But in the case you move the data to release 2, all the audited details stored in data will get erased.

Best Regards,

H N Ravi

BAP Help Desk,

Tally (India) Pvt Ltd,

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: [TLY-5459087-8070475] Tally Auditors version REMINDE R

Dear CA.Anand,

With reference to your mail, we would like to inform you that we do not suggest you to get back to previous releases like Release 2.14. As there are lot of enhancements and structural changes in the database & file systems in Release 3, backward compatibility is not suggested. Also you can get the latest versions in Release 3 and that can be downloaded from tally's website

Best Regards,
H N Ravi
BAP Help Desk,
Tally (India) Pvt Ltd,
080 - 6628 2559

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