24 October 2008

How to Install Tally 9 Rel 3

Many users have tried their hands on rel 3 beta of Tally 9 and tested its new features. But many are still waiting for official release. Release 3 of Tally 9 would have many thing changed when it would be ready for release. Official release notes say's many new features and enhancements. Enhancement includes performance wise and memory usage wise. Among many things One thing that would be get changed is how to install Multi User Tally.
Unlike its previous versions rel 3 license server has to be installed separately. This has been done to enhance the functioning of Multi user Tally. For Single user version the installation process is almost similar and nothing extra has to be done, But in case of Multiuser version installation process is little different. Here are the steps to Install Tally 9 rel 3 Multi user.

Installation at Server
Tally has made license server different from the software installation. Multiuser installation has two different steps. The first step is to install it on server and then to install on nodes. Before installation the License here is a check list that you should be ready with.
  1. All PC's on Network are connected properly.
  2. Proper IP's are assigned to them and from every node you can ping the server IP.
  3. The License Sr. No., Key and email address are handy with you.
While installing it on server you have to tick the license server option shown in the setup window. It would treat that machine as server. Follow the steps of the setup wizard. Click upto the finish.

Installation at Nodes The installation process for nodes is as usual. One thing you can do is to specify the Port and the IP address while installing it on the space given fo this. You would save one step of modifying the Tally. ini file. For example if you have installed server at IP and port specified is 9000 then this thing as to be mentioned while installing Tally at nodes. Be sure not to tick License Server while Installing Tally on Nodes.

Activating the License

After Installing Tally if you run tally you would get a message like this, 'Tally server running License not activated'. Because the license is still not activated although the server is installed.
You have to browse tally folder in which you have installed the software e.g. c:\tally9 and find a file TallyAdmin. Run that file and you would get option to activate your license. Here put the license Sr. No., Key and Email id. Make sure that internet is connected and press enter to activate the license.

Your Tally 9 Rel 3 is installed.

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05 October 2008

Tally 9 Release 3 Beta : Should I Upgrade it?

Many of ApniTally readers have posted me queries related to problems faced in release 3 beta. They have downloaded Release 3 beta from the site and converted the data. Now they are facing operational problems in this release. What should they do now? Should beta be tested or not? Should new releases be downloaded or not?
Here is my answer to these queries.
Going by the experience which i have got from Tally I would like to say that if you are using a version and it is running smoothly then you should never think to upgrade directly on your live or current data unless and until some new feature is there and you are in dire need of that feature. Data conversion from lower release to higher release is very easy but from higher release to lower release it is not that much easy.
Reader may think if Tally is not to be upgraded then why Tally people are upgrading every 15 days? Here i would like to say that new release normally have some modifications etc which some times may not be needed to some people. Where as some users of some states may not need that upgrade. More over a stable release which is working and a condition where new feature is not needed up gradation is not advisable. There are chances that newer release may bring problems with it.
Here are few solutions to overcome possible upgradation problem
1. When ever you change the release then first thing you should keep in mind is always take a backup of data before converting.
2. Try new upgradation on separate location and separate data so that original data can be protected.
3. Give some days of try to new upgrade so that possible errors if come can be seen on demo data. Only after satisfaction of problem free functioning new upgradation should be put into full practice.

So coming to basic question of upgrading to release 3 beta i would like to share that beta is for testers only. It is having many problems and users should avoid the release to their live data. Although keeping in mind above steps it can be done or be wise and wait for final release 3.