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Tally ToolBar : Download to get latest about Tally

Here is my new step towards taking Tally users close to Tally, The Tally Toolbar. Most of us have downloaded many toolbars in our browsers and have never used them. Most probably the case can be that users don't even know that a toolbar is installed on their computer browser and they haven't used it.
But Tally Toolbar is different from others. Besides giving you latest information regarding Tally it also helps you in day- today working. Users would find almost every thing they may need related to Tally.

What can Tally Toolbar do for you ?
Let's take a step by step look at different components of Toolbar. What it can do for a Tally user?

The Search:
You can search what ever you want on Tally as well as on other search topics. This can be done without opening a separate search page like google etc.

Site Links:
Site Links are related to important Tally Topics. These are regarding Registration of Tally, Downloading Latest version of Tally and latest articles on Tally, Tally Help, Tips etc.

RSS Link provides you the feed related to Tally Blogs and Sites as well as Financial sites offering usefull information. At present I have included Economic times, Yahoo finance and ABC Business. Users can let me know about any thing else which can be usefull for Tally Users.

Find Tally People:
This Link basically provides resourses about Tally People. Who ever needs Tally People can click here and find Tally related people.

Ticker gives user any information which needs immediate attention. News Like Latest updates new releases can be seen here without going to the relevant Tally site pages.

Talk to a Tally User:
All the users of This Toolbar can chat with their fellow Tally users and discuss their problems. At present there are more than 700 Tally users registered here which can chat with each other.

Gadgets :
These gadgets can be used in day today working. It includes on screen calculator, To do List formulator, Sudoku game puzzle etc which are useful as well great utility.

Email Notifier :
If configured with your email account you would get notified when ever you get the mail.

So This Toolbar can help in keeping you abreast with what is latest in Tally. Download the Tool bar and start searching what you need.

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