27 July 2008

The Big Question: Which Tally version should I Buy ?

The question may seems to be easy one for some people but it is very tricky one for most of the people who may be planning to use any accounting software. When it comes to keeping record of your business transactions on computer then Tally comes to one's mind naturally. Unless and until your requirements are not big enough and exhaustive Tally would handle them easily and efficiently.
The question comes naturally that Which version should I buy? The answer is also simple i.e. Tally 9, The latest version from Tally India which is having most features and is updated regularly. The reasons are described here:-

Tally 9 is Latest and the Best
Let see it in this way. Which windows version are you running at present? The answer would be Windows XP or Vista, reason being its the latest and most of the features. Older version are not supported by your machine or they gets slow in operations. The same is the case with Tally also. Tally 9 is the latest and having most of the features. It has fast speed of processing and uses the latest tools and technology while working.
Previous Tally Version are Dead
See the Tally 7.2 End of Life document. You would find that just like windows 95 or windows 98 they are dead. No help is present on Company side, No tools are present to correct the data, technology on which Tally 7.2 has worked is obsolete. So if you have older version with you or you are arranging from some where, then be careful as are alone, as from company 's side these versions (any thing lower then Tally9 i.e. 7.2, 6.3, 5.4, 4.5 etc) are dead. Use these software versions at your own risk as no support on error or data lose would be available.
Updates are available only on Tally 9
Any software is successful for you only when it is updated on regular basis. For accounts this thing is very crutial as many govt. rules related to Taxation changes. This can be achive only when software is updated regularly. Tally 9 is the only version which is updated on regular basis. You would see the statutory version updation only in Tally 9. You would see these updates in almost every 15 days. I have not seen any other software company updating that much frequently.
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12 July 2008

Tally rel 2.13 is here with stat version 72

Tally 9 rel 2.13
Tally has released another release for its software Tally 9. This release 2.13 has added support for HP 10 series of Printers. This would enhance the Tally's performance on HP printers. Users can now upload the data using passive ftp mode. Some bugs have also been removed related to excise and Payroll. Issue of Forex Gain/Loss has also been addressed. The Forex Gain /Loss of the current period is adjusted in the next year, the values of the unadjusted Forex Gain/Loss for current period is taken as outstanding ledger balance.
If you were facing these problems then you can download the latest release. The latest version link is also available to Tally Toolbar users under Site links.

Stat Version 72
Stat version 72 has lot of important modification for the users. To start with New form 10 for Kerla VAT and CST has been provided. The states who have changed their VAT rate for diesel and Petrol are now been modified in this stat version. For Haryana a new class of 8.8 has been created. For UP and Orrisa new vat classifications have been created as declared by these state govts. Modifications for Maharastra and Gujarat has been also done related to filling the tax return form. For Rajasthan VAT form 7, 12,48,50, output tax annexture and purchase tax annexture can now be exported in excel format.
Lots of VAT/CST issues has been resolved for Gujarat, Tamilnadu and Punjab states. In addition to this minor form related modifications has been done for Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and west bengal.

All these modifications are very timely and keeping Tally software ahead of the pack. I haven't heard this much modifications done by any other software in the field of accounts.