13 June 2008

Stat version 71 available for download for Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamilnadu states

Tally has released stat version 71 for download. This is only a stat version which has been made available for download. The product release is still on the cards. The stat version is important for Tally users in assisting them filing correct Statutory report e.g. VAT , Service Tax, TDS, Exicse etc. This stat release have good number of modifications for states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamilnadu etc.
VAT CST enhancements, VAT classifications have been made for Maharastra. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Goa states.
Composite VAT issues have been resolved for Karnataka State. A lot of VAT/CST issues have been resolved for States of Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Uttar Pradesh.
Detailed release notes and state version 71 can be downloaded from the site.
It is noteworthy here that all Tally users need not to download the stat version and it is a on going process. Stat version upgrades are free for all original users.


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