How to avail Tally's Placement Services

Do you know that Tally offers Placement assistance to its learners? Yes, Tally India Pvt. Ltd. the makers of Tally software also provide placement services to its customers. Companies who are looking for Tally professional to help them in their day today working can ask Tally for helping them finding the right person for their job. This service is provided free of cost.
In the same manner Tally provides placement assistance to it's learners free of cost. To avail this facility only one condition has to be met and that is, you should be TCP i.e. Tally Certified Professional.
You can become a Tally Certified Professional by cracking a 90 minute online exam. For this you have to contact any Tally Academy near you in your city. You have both options, i.e. you can learn Tally from a Tally Academy or you can directly attempt the test. You can prepare for TCP exam by attempting a demo test also.

The Process
If you are a TCP then here are the steps that has to be completed for availing this service. After successful completion of online test you would get TCP certificate at your home address within a week. This certificate has registration number on it. This registration number is also printed on your exam hall ticket which is printed at the time of registration.
Go to Tally's site and you would find TCP Login in education section. Enter your registration no. as user name and same as your password.
You would be shown the terms and condition screen which you have at accept.
After accepting the terms and conditions you would get your biodata details which you have filled at the time of TCP test.
These details need further enhancement according to your resume qualification and experience. It has four sections which store your information in detail. General profile stores your contact details. Job profile stores your previous job experience details. Education sections stores educational details and Skill set section stores your key skills in specific areas.
The placement service is available for one year only. You have the option to select the location of work of your choice. You also have the option to avail this facility after 3 months, 6 months and one year which ever suits you.

We would find some extra feature like resource center to get help articles , which is currently under development. One should change his password after logging in for the first time. According to Tally policy every TCP can get 3 Interview chances.
According to terms an conditions of Placement services If one rejects the job after selection then he would loose all his remaining chances of interview.

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