29 April 2008

How to avail Tally's Placement Services

Do you know that Tally offers Placement assistance to its learners? Yes, Tally India Pvt. Ltd. the makers of Tally software also provide placement services to its customers. Companies who are looking for Tally professional to help them in their day today working can ask Tally for helping them finding the right person for their job. This service is provided free of cost.
In the same manner Tally provides placement assistance to it's learners free of cost. To avail this facility only one condition has to be met and that is, you should be TCP i.e. Tally Certified Professional.
You can become a Tally Certified Professional by cracking a 90 minute online exam. For this you have to contact any Tally Academy near you in your city. You have both options, i.e. you can learn Tally from a Tally Academy or you can directly attempt the test. You can prepare for TCP exam by attempting a demo test also.

The Process
If you are a TCP then here are the steps that has to be completed for availing this service. After successful completion of online test you would get TCP certificate at your home address within a week. This certificate has registration number on it. This registration number is also printed on your exam hall ticket which is printed at the time of registration.
Go to Tally's site and you would find TCP Login in education section. Enter your registration no. as user name and same as your password.
You would be shown the terms and condition screen which you have at accept.
After accepting the terms and conditions you would get your biodata details which you have filled at the time of TCP test.
These details need further enhancement according to your resume qualification and experience. It has four sections which store your information in detail. General profile stores your contact details. Job profile stores your previous job experience details. Education sections stores educational details and Skill set section stores your key skills in specific areas.
The placement service is available for one year only. You have the option to select the location of work of your choice. You also have the option to avail this facility after 3 months, 6 months and one year which ever suits you.

We would find some extra feature like resource center to get help articles , which is currently under development. One should change his password after logging in for the first time. According to Tally policy every TCP can get 3 Interview chances.
According to terms an conditions of Placement services If one rejects the job after selection then he would loose all his remaining chances of interview.

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20 April 2008

Welcome to ApniTally: Please help Yourself

Welcome to ApniTally. Your own blog on Tally where you can find free help on Tally. You can post query on Tally and find solution. This post is to describe how you can use this site for the best of your benefit.
As the contents of the site are increasing day by day, I am finding that ApniTally readers are finding it hard to locate the correct resource or articles. Some times repeated questions are asked on different pages as comments. The answers to these questions are very much in several articles but those readers are unable to find those articles in the bolg.
My purpose of this post is to describe how this blog can provide you best help related to Tally.
If you are a first timer then you can find most popular articles on left hand side pane of the blog under the heading My evergreen Posts.
You can also consider subscribing my posts through email or feed reader. In this way you would not miss a single article on Tally.
On this blog current article are arranged in systematic order in various links. These links are under Tutorials, Tally tips and Computer tips.

Older articles are tagged under certain words. Click on labels and you would find the relevant articles containing these words.
Still you can enter the search term in Google search bar on the right hand pane. It would search all articles which you are looking for.
To find all time help in Tally on this blog or on other blogs and site just Download the ApniTally Tool bar which would help you in finding articles in the field of Finance also besides Tally.
For immediate queries to solve you can always write down in Your Voice box in the lower end left hand pane.
You would get response not only from me but also from others too.

15 April 2008

Tally Tips : Useful Tips for Tally. ERP 9, Tally 9, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

ApniTally Tally Tips are the small tips to Tally software users which solves their problems. ApniTally is working hard to provide solutions and help to Tally users. During our journey many users have asked solutions to their problems. We have provided them with solutions time to time. We have tried to put all Tips on Tally software which are discussed in our blog.
This page is ever changing and would be modified when ever new tip is covered on this blog. Users can click on the link and it would be opened in new window.
Useful Tally Tips on Tally ERP 9, Tally 9, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 and Tally 5.4
Useful Tally Tips on Tally.ERP 9 and other versions

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The List continues as new articles would be added whenever they are posted on the blog.

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13 April 2008

Starting a New Financial year: How to Split a Company

Don't go by the title Literally !! You need not to virtually split you company to start a new financial year. In fact you have to double your company in new financial year. And Tally would be your tool in this en devour. Please read the title as "How to split a Tally company to start a new financial year".
This should be ideally your final step for closing your last year accounting transaction. Although by this time tally users have started transaction in new financial year but balance sheet for last year would be in final stages.

The prerequisites

Here are some pre requisite of splitting a company:
  • You should have posted all entries pertaining to last financial year like closing balances, adjustment entries, depreciation entries etc. Else Wait!
  • You should have adjusted all Forex Gaines/Losses. you can verify that no unadjusted forex gain/ loss is shown in balance sheet.
  • There should be no purchase bill or sales bill pending . Go to profit & Loss statement or go to inventory statements to see any purchase bill pending or sales bill pending. The path is :
Gateway of Tally -> Display -> StatemEnts of Inventory

Don't forget to take the backup of the data first.

The Purpose
Splitting a company data is helpful in easy of operation of company. As during the year company data goes on increasing it slows down the tally operation. Splitting makes company lightweight. A data for one year becomes safe and unwanted and accidental changes in previous year can be prevented by splitting the company.

The Procedure
The procedure is very simple. What you have to decide is which is the company you want to split and what is the date on which you want to split. The company data is on which you are working and the date is usually 1-April of the current year e.g 1-April-2008 for now. You can split the company on half yearly basis also on 1-Sep. if half yearly results are finalized.
Open the company to split. From Gateway of Tally press Alt+F3. Select SPlit Company Data from menu option and Select the Company to split. You would find following screen.

Just enter the date and its done!
It would create two new companies based on your date. You have to continue working in the second company. It is worth noticing that your current company is still there. So you have three companies and you have to continue working in the company ending (From 1-Apr-2008). You would find all the openings are there for respective ledgers.

06 April 2008

Starting a New Financial Year : Avoid Duplicate Invoice Numbers

Few of my customers faced a special hurdle in starting the new year. They have the problem of duplication
of Invoice number, purchase order form numbers, journal voucher numbers etc. In one way this is not a problem at all, If we are using simple numbering of vouchers in Tally. Tally has a feature to repeat it on what ever basis you want e.g. yearly, monthly, daily or even never get repeated . If you have put it on Yearly basis which is default in Tally then it would get repeated after every financial year. The invoice number on 1/04/07 would be 1 and Invoice number on 1/04/08 would also be 1. As the financial year has changed this numbering would start again and there is nothing to worry at all.
But problem comes when we use special numbering method to number our vouchers. Some people have used S/07/1 instead of simple 1 in sales vouchers and P/07/1 instead of 1 in purchase vouchers or similar thing like this. Now if they would do the entry on 1/04/08 then similar number would appear in sales voucher and all other vouchers where special voucher numbering has been done. But It should have been S/08/1 or P/08/1 instead of S/07/1 and P/07/1 on 1/04/08.
How to rectify this error?
This problem can be rectified only from where it has originated. The place from where this numbering is changed.

Go to

Gateway of Tally -> Account Info. -> Voucher Type -> Alter

Now select the voucher type you have to alter. Here we are going to alter Sales voucher. You would find a field of Use Advance Configuration under Method of Voucher Numbering.

Put it to Yes. Another screen would appear, here you would find another screen in which you can try various options. Here you would also see what you have done to specialised last year's voucher number in Prefix Details. Just add another entry below it. If you have put S/07/ then you can put S/08/ applicable from 1/04/08.

Same thing can be done for all type of vouchers which has special kind of numbering.

For those who are starting invoicing in Tally for this year and having a bill book also may face a problem of starting bill number. Their bill book may be having bill no. 1134 as the first bill on 1/04/08. They also want Tally to show similar invoice number.
They have solutions on this very form. At the beginning just put the starting number as 1134 or what ever you have instead of 1 and wohlah its done!! Your first bill on 1/04/08 would be 1134.

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02 April 2008

Starting New Financial Year : Is it time to create a new company ?

Starting a New Financial YearMarch ending and April starting is very crucial period for every accounting professional. It is time to finalize the old books as well as starting the new ones also. Accounting professional are busy closing the books and managing the returns etc. It is very busy time for a Tally users too. Tally users are busy but for various reasons. Some of them would be starting a new feature of Tally in their accounting like invoicing or inventory or payroll from current financial year while others would be busy starting afresh using Tally. What ever the reason may be but one question comes in the mind is,
Should i start with a new company to start the accounts in next financial year?
Is it really time to create new company? Lets explore.

Creating a new company costs nothing but it can cause extra burden on you as well as it can save you from some extra hassles also. You need a new company where as you can also do with current company, all depends on your needs and situation.

You need to create a new company in following cases only.
  • If you are a first time user of Tally and you have no account in Tally.
  • You are creating a new firm and separate accounting is needed.
  • Previous company you have created has too many errors and irregularities and beyond rectification.
For all other reasons you need not to create separate company as you can do with the current one.

  • If you have to just do accounting in new financial year.
  • If you have to activate some extra feature like payroll or excise or any other feature.
You can do it in current company.
What you have to do it is extend the financial period in Gateway of Tally. Press Alt + F2 and enter the period as from 1/4/2007 to 31/3/2009. Change PeriodYour Gateway of Tally would look like this.Gateway of Tally after changed Period
This way you can enter the transactions in previous year as well as in the new financial year. Choosing financial year of more then one year has only one drawback and that is you have a danger of entering vouchers in back year as it is open now. you are entering date as 1/4 and it can go in 1/4/07 as well as in 1/4/08 so you have to be careful.

Later on when you have finalize the accounts or year 2007-08 you can split the company on 1/4/08 and you would get a new company on which you would get the openings of all ledgers automatically.

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