29 February 2008

Tally Tutorials : Complete Tutorials on Tally ERP 9,Tally 9, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 all versions

ApniTally has piled up a series of Tally Tutorial over a period of time to make you understand different features of Tally. Here is the List of Tally Tutorial available for  Tally on this site.  These Tally Tutorials are applicable on all versions of Tally right from Tally 5.4 upto Tally ERP 9 including Tally 8.1,  Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 and Tally 5.4. 

If you want to try these Tally Tutorials and need Tally ERP 9 software then it is freely available. You can download Tally ERP 9 free from this Tally ERP 9 download page.  Install Tally on your computer and browse all the Tally tutorial and try them one by one.
The List is ever increasing and more and more links would be included on this page. User can click on each link and it would open in a separate window. The Links are arranged in chronological order.
Tally Tutorials: Ever Increasing List of Tally Tutorial on all versions of Tally including Tally ERP 9
ApniTally Tally Tutorial

Tally Tutorial

The Latest Tally Tutorial

Tally ERP 9 has new release 6.6 which has a feature to access your Tally reports in any browser. How to enable this feature is discussed here.

The Complete List of Tally Tutorial

Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to migrate Tally data from older versions like Tally 9.0, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2 and even Tally 6.2 and Tally 5.4

If you want to shift your Tally license from One computer to another computer or just want to reactivate on same machine.

How to Calculate Interest in Tally ERP 9
Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to set your Tally for interest calculation. Tutorial applicable on all versions supporting interest calculation. Learn Tally interest calculation.

Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to Book your interest. Learn Tally interest booking.

Want to put your company logo in Tally ERP 9 ? Here is the solution.

In starting a new financial year in Tally Invoice numbering needs to be restarted.

Tally 9.0  Tutorial which is applicable in Tally.ERP 9 also on how to convert your old Tally Data into newer version of Tally.

Tutorial on How to start your Tally learning. If you want to learn Tally then this is your first step and first Tally tutorial.

Tally 9.0 tutorial which tells you how to implement Value added tax (VAT) in your Tally and generate automatic VAt reports.

Old Tally 7.2 tutorial on how to convert Data from oldest Tally 4.5 version to Tally 7.2 

Tally ERP 9 tutorial applicable on almost all version including Tally 9.0 and Tally 7.2 on how to hid your data so that only you or authorized person can see it.

Tally 9.0 tutorial which lets you know how to implement Tally Payroll.

Tally tutorial on How you can work on Tally without touching mouse. Tally shortcut keys are described in this tutorial

Tally Tutorial on how to put entries from one company to another company. Applicable for all versions of Tally.

Tally tutorial on how to keep doing accounting in new financial year. Applicable on all version of Tally

Small Tally 9.0 Tutorial on How to do Point of Sale (POS) invoicing. Applicable to Tally ERP 9 also

Tally ERP 9 Tutorial on how to implement Excise accounting in Tally 

Tally Synchronization is a feature to merge data from two different locations. this Tally Tutorial describes steps for Tally Synchronization.

In Tally 9.0 feature to interact with MS Excel was introduced. This Tally 9.0 tutorial describes the steps to export data from Tally in MS Excel format.

If you are facing problems in configuring Multi user Tally then this Tally tutorial is for you.

Tutorial on how you can manage post dated cheques in Tally 9.0 and Tally ERP 9

Tally Tutorial on how to Split a company. Applicable on all versions

This tutorial tells you how to print mailing labels in Tally.

This Tally Tutorial teaches you how to use Tally via remote id. Learn Tally remote id usage

This Tally tutorial is basic step in learning Tally. Learn Tally master creation with this tutorial

    The List continues as new articles are added up

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    21 February 2008

    Tally 9 Tutorial : How to Handle post dated cheques in Tally 9, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

    ApniTally reader Pawan from Royal Star Fashion put a query about handling post dated cheques in Tally. To put his problem he says,
    "We both receive and issue post dated cheques so if we want to maintain PDC status then how it can be managed in Tally."
    When we issue post dated cheques then we have to maintain the dates on which it is likely to be presented in bank. Regular post dated cheques can be easily tracked e.g. cheques issued for some regular installments etc. But if the quantity of post dated cheques is large and the payment schedule is not regular then keeping track of all PDC becomes more important.

    Tally can handle both PDC payments made by cheques and PDC cheques received by you. Tally has a facility to convert any voucher in post dated form. A post dated voucher is one which is going to be realized in future date. It would be reflected in books only on due date and not before this.

    While entering the PDC cheque you have received just press 'Ctrl+T' in reciept voucher type and enter the voucher on that specific date.

    In same way what ever post dated cheques issued by you can be entered in payment voucher by putting the voucher in post dated mode by pressing 'Ctrl+T'.

    Now comes the real problem, How to see the status of these cheques? How to see which cheques is going to be cleared and which cheque is coming for payment? To do this a particular period can be specified in
    Display -> Exception Reports-> Post Dated Vouchers
    Here you would see all the post dated vouchers. Select voucher type as receipt or payment by pressing 'F4' to see the status on a specified period. You can change the period by 'Alt+F2'.

    You can also see the total bills out standing amount with our without post dated vouchers.
    If we see
    Display-> Exception Reports->Overdue Receivables
    then normal screen would be like this

    But by pressing F12 and putting Include post dated transactions to Yes you can see the net pending amount also.
    See the figure below how PDC amount can be seen. A new extra column would be added to show the net PD Amount.
    The same thing can be achieved for Bills payable in
    Display-Exception Report->Overdue Payables

    13 February 2008

    Tally 9 tip: How to give different credit periods to same party in Tally 9

    ApniTally reader PAWAN M LAUNGANI posted me a problem of different credit period for same party. He wants to allocate a default credit period to a party according to his sales terms for a particular item. But he wants to assign shorter credit period to certain bills which are for other items which are fast moving.
    To illustrate he says,
    "We generally have fixed payment terms with our parties. But it also happens some times that we sell goods on different credit terms other then the fixed credit terms. For instance we sell a fast moving item, the default credit term is 90 days but we may sell it on 15 days term. In this case the reports generated are for 90 days."
    On first instance it seems to be a simple problem, but while entering sales bill Tally doesn't allow a different credit period. I tried to achieve it with in Tally 9 with a simple trick.

    The default credit period can be allocated to each party while creating his ledger. See the figure belowThis will make all bills to be payed in 90 days.

    Here comes the second part, which ever bill is of different credit limit then limit has to be changed. We generally make bill in tally in Invoice mode, which is easier in case of item invoices. But this mode doesn't change the default credit period. To achieve the different credit period what we have to do is that to first enter the bill as usual in sales invoice. After accepting the bill again reload it and now change the view from invoice mode to voucher mode by pressing 'Ctrl+V'. See the figure below
    The view will be like this

    At this moment change the credit period and accept the voucher by pressing 'Ctrl +A'. If you need then this voucher can be again converted to invoice mode by again pressing 'Ctrl+V'.
    Now go to
    Display-> Statement of Accounts ->Outstanding-> Receivables
    to see the report. That particular bill is having different due date. I have three screen shots of this report on different dates. Have a look
    1. Report on same date
    2. Report after 30 days where overdue days of one bill are shown
    3. Report after 90 days where over due days of both bills are shownLet me know if this thing works for you or not. You can click on the images for larger views

    11 February 2008

    Tally 9 Payroll bug and its solutions

    ApniTally reader figured out a bug in Tally Payroll in release 2.1. According to him while working in payroll in tally 9 rel. 2.1 you would get problem while altering salary voucher.
    The bug
    According to ApniTally ReaderMahender Rana from Rajkot, if we credit salary to employee A, B and C for Rs. 1500, 1700 and Rs. 2000 on 31st Jan, 2008 and later try to modify the voucher, it would not accept. Tally would not show the employee under primary cost category and courser wouldn't move. For example if have to do deductions for employee A say for Rs100/- then voucher alteration is not possible while going to voucher via Display -> Account Books-> Ledger Account -> Salary payable.

    The solution
    This problem can be overcome by altering the date of joining of the employee below 1/4/2007. Dates above this date would not work. However the joining date of the employee can be altered again after doing the modifications in voucher.

    07 February 2008

    Download Tally 9 rel. 2.1 with lots of modifications and corrections

    Tally 9.0 rel 2.1 is available for download on Tally's site for quite some time. After the modification in rel 2.0 which resulted in high speed processing of data this release was imminent. The issues which remained un attended and the news issues which has cropped up has been rectified upto certain extent.
    The details of the modifications are there in release notes. The new release is a must download without reading the release notes as there are numerous minor modifications e.g. toggle button between Item invoice and Accounts Invoice , some TDL issues etc.

    These rectifications are always subjected to user responses. Whenever a Tally user finds a problem there is a mechanism in Tally by which it can be reported to the company. It would be rectified in next release which is almost after every month.
    Any user can talk to Tally representative on its toll free number 1-800-22-8859 Or 1-800-425-8859 and report the bug or send a mail at support at tallysolutions.com.
    The new stat version of Tally 9 rel 2.1 which is stat 65 is also to be downloaded as major enhancements related to Bihar VAT has been done. Some minor modifications in Delhi and Kerala states has been done.