07 January 2008

TCP First Phase ends : Do we get genuine toppers ?

The first phase of TCP (Tally Certified Professional) examination was over on Dec 31st. Few of the toppers made their last ditch efforts to top the list on Dec 31st late night at 8:00 pm to get into the toppers list and succeeded. The official results are yet to be declared but I doubt if we would get genuine toppers.
Lets take a look at following trends :-
  • Before December month the toppers in each zone were having some where 80 to 90 % marks. But in Last few days every zone got many topper with above 90 % marks, where as nobody seems to have taken retest. From where these genius have come from? Is it out of sheer competition or due to getting maximum marks by hook or crook?
  • In North zone out of top 25 TCP's 11 were from same institution or city. Do they teach Tally very good to all students or all brilliant minds have come to One city? And that too on last few days.
  • Almost all top 25 candidates from each zone are from few selected cities.
In absence of proper monitoring system few people are bound to get benefited. But the credibility of the TallyAcademies is at the stack in wake of these developments. Tally should take proper caution before finalizing the winners.
Hope to see genuine toppers in Next phase which has begun and would end on March 31st.

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