17 January 2008

Trouble shooting Tally Multi User: How to make it work on Network.

Many Tally users face difficulty in configuration of Tally over a network. Many ApniTally Readers have also faced this kind of Problems. I have discussed this thing in my earlier post also on How to configure Tally on Network. The configuration settings to be done are described in great deal here.
But still tally is educational on nodes and license is showing up on server then some trouble shooting is needed.

Reason of Trouble

If Tally license is showing at server and still nodes are at educational tally then two things are possible.
  • Nodes are not able to connect with the server.
  • License is not reaching the nodes.
One of the great tool to check if nodes and server are communicating properly is Ping command. Before giving ping command you have to assign a particular IP to each machine. Normally it starts with for local Internal network for server. You can further assign next ips on nodes. They can be and so on. If you have confusion on how the ip should be given then this article on how to assign an IP would help you.
Now after giving ip's you have to check if all computers are communicating with each other. It should be checked both ways. i.e. from server to nodes and from nodes to server. Give this command from each node would tell you if it is connected with server or not.

ping -t
Here is the ip of the server.
Request Time out as a result of this command means absence of proper connectivity. Check for cables and connectors etc.
Destination Host Unreachable means LAN card is disabled, check the LAN card status.
Reply from means proper connectivity.

If the first step is through then license is not reaching the nodes.

Take following steps.
Open internet explorer and write following command in browser
It should show
Tally9 server running

If not then sit on server and reinstall license file.
Go to Start-> Programs-> Tally9->TallyLicense Server

If the Install button is not Highlighted then uninstall the license and Install it again.
It would install the license again and now the license file would be available on nodes. Make sure that if there is any firewall software on server then it should allow Tally software and keep it unblocked.
If still nodes are unable to get the license file then you should shut down all systems including server and first start the server and then all nodes.
It would definitely work, otherwise mail me your problem. We can do a CrossLoop session.

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13 January 2008

Yet another bloggers meet: Time to think why we blog?

Yesterday another bloggers meet was organized in the outskirts of Delhi which I attended as it was going to be a whole new experience for me. Many top authorities of Indian blog sphere were there to ponder upon few basic questions about blogging.
  • Why we blog and why we should blog?
  • Does our blogging is going to make an impact on society as a whole or two brands which are involved in blogging?
  • What is the future of Blogging in India?
  • How blogging in Hindi can be increased?
  • How can we earn money from Blogging?
  • What steps can be taken to improve the visibility of blogging?
The event was presided over by famous hindi Poet Ashok Chakra Dhar Ji who shared his views and experiences in Blogging.

Some brain storming was done by Mr. Rajesh Lalwani and some 'basic fundas' about blogging were cleared by Mr. Abhishek Baxi.

For ApniTally reader I would like to share the outcome of the event.
Blogging is consuming the 2/3rd of the internet activities in whole world. If we believe Ashok Chakradhar ji then those who have missed the chance to get their things published can try their hands in blogging. Here nobody is going to stop you and no editor is going to scan your writings. You would stay here for a long if you write sensibly. The credibility of your writings would be established in longer run and if the contents are good then people would subscribe your thoughts.
The moment people would start reading what you write and wait for it you would start earning.
Now a days blogging in Hindi has become easier and everybody can write in Hindi what ever he thinks. There are many helping hands who have done tremendous job in Hindi blogging.
I too have tried my hands on Hindi blogging but for me shortage of time and shortage of Hindi thoughts is having some problem.
The meeting ended with a note to make an India level body of bloggers who can help the new blogger learn the blogging and promote the new users to come forward and start blogging.
For all ApniTally readers I would be happy to share what ever i know about blogging for anyone having any questions regarding blogging.
You can understand blogging by this video which I shot at the meeting.

The full coverage of this event is at this page. Readers can pass their queries about blogging in comments as well as via mail.

07 January 2008

TCP First Phase ends : Do we get genuine toppers ?

The first phase of TCP (Tally Certified Professional) examination was over on Dec 31st. Few of the toppers made their last ditch efforts to top the list on Dec 31st late night at 8:00 pm to get into the toppers list and succeeded. The official results are yet to be declared but I doubt if we would get genuine toppers.
Lets take a look at following trends :-
  • Before December month the toppers in each zone were having some where 80 to 90 % marks. But in Last few days every zone got many topper with above 90 % marks, where as nobody seems to have taken retest. From where these genius have come from? Is it out of sheer competition or due to getting maximum marks by hook or crook?
  • In North zone out of top 25 TCP's 11 were from same institution or city. Do they teach Tally very good to all students or all brilliant minds have come to One city? And that too on last few days.
  • Almost all top 25 candidates from each zone are from few selected cities.
In absence of proper monitoring system few people are bound to get benefited. But the credibility of the TallyAcademies is at the stack in wake of these developments. Tally should take proper caution before finalizing the winners.
Hope to see genuine toppers in Next phase which has begun and would end on March 31st.