07 December 2008

400+ Free Tally resumes to do accounting Job for you.

Ever since the starting of Tally Job service for Tally users across the glob, ApniTally has collected more then 400 resumes of people from different parts of India. These resumes have been submitted by people who are interested in doing job in Tally. The job resumes are from across the India and from almost all the states. That could have been possible because Apnitally has gained readership of Tally users in all the states of India.
If we take a look at the stats during last month (Nov) ApniTally got almost 17000+ unique visits from 83 different cities of India out of 19000+ visits across the glob.(See map overlay of Google analytic). That's why the resume of candidates for job are also from almost all states.

Find Tally People
So if you or your organisation is looking for Tally professionals to help you out in your accounting jobs, your hunt for Tally people ends here. The process of selecting a candidate is very simple. What you have to do is just check the candidates near you from the list which is categorised according to experience of candidate, functional area of Tally (e.g. sales, support, technical,accounting), work areas, type of work (e.g. full time, part time, freelancer), age and qualification. Then fill the form based upon your selection criteria and submit the form. The rest of the things would be done by ApniTally i.e. sending him the email at his/her address with your comments about your requirements. He would respond you. Later on you can call him at his contact mobile number also. Find the right candidate now.
The best part is that this service is that it is free and Apnitally is not charging a single penny for it.
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18 November 2008

How to print mailing labels through Tally

In the previous post I have described the free utility UDI Magic free edition. With the help of this tool data can be exported to Excel from Tally with the fields we need. Simple Select command of SQL styles has to be given and the data is shown in the way we want. One useful thing that I have tried is printing mailing lables of my sundry debtors and sundry creditors. As we know data can be filtered through this utility and it can be saved in excel file. Lets see how this can be achieved.

The prerequisites of Mailing Lables

In printing mailing labels through word few prerequisites has to be taken care of. The first one is that all the addresses of ledgers would be properly filled in Tally with full details like contact person, pincode, state and ofcorse full mailing address. If some thing is missing then it has to be completed before hand.
Second thing is that one should have full knowldge of the whole process of mail merge or printing mailing labels. I would provide a brief outline of the whole process but this has been explained here, Here and Here. These three sources would give you detailed idea about printing labels.
The main steps involved are :-
1. Selecting the main document.
2. Selecting the data source.
3. Merging the data with the main document to form labels.
Here second step of selecting the data source has to be done by selecting the excel file we would make now from Tally its self.
Start Tally, Open the company you want the labels to be printed. Be sure the ODBC Server is written on Tally panel. Now minimize the Tally and start UDI Magic. In Tally to Excel section give following command.

Select $LedgerContact, $MailingName, $_address1, $_address2, $_address3, $_address4, $_address5, $PinCode, $StateName from Ledger where $$IsChildOf:$$GroupSundryDebtors

Press the button View in Excel and this data extracted would be added to an excel file. Save this file and pick this file while performing the step 2 of Selecting the data source. Fix the size of the labels and print and fix the fields in a good order. All your sundry debtors would get a label. Following command can be given to print the lit of all Sundry creditors.

Select $LedgerContact, $MailingName, $_address1, $_address2, $_address3, $_address4, $_address5, $PinCode, $StateName from Ledger where $$IsChildOf:$$Creditors

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13 November 2008

Another free utility for Tally Users: UdiMagic

ApniTally reader Rajiv has sent me another free utility which can be used by all Tally users. This is called UDI Magic Free Edition. This utility is an excellent tool to bring data out of Tally. This can be in various forms and user can bring out what ever report they want.
Basically it can be termed as bridge program which can fetch data from Tally provided you know which data you want.The utility can be downloaded from this link.
After downloading you can unzip the files and install it on your c drive. You would get icon on desktop.

How to Use it

Although it is a restricted version then the original software called UDI Magic but still i was able to get lot of reports from this utility. Start Tally and Open the company from where you want to pull the data. Be sure that ODBC Server is running.
Double click the icon and the utility is started.
Now press next and choose the first option of Tally to Excell.
Press Next and you would get the are where you have to put the command for data. The utility accepts SQL like commands and the data is shown in the portion below. Try this example, In Tally you cann not get balances off all ledgers. Here you can see all ledgers with their closing balances. Put this command:

Select $Name, $ Closingbalance from ledger

You would get all ledger names with their closing balances. If you want only sundry debtors then modify the command as this:

Select $Name,$ClosingBalance From LEDGER where $$IsChildOf:$$GroupSundryDebtors

This would give you the list of all sundry debtors. This report can be taken from Tally itself by going to Display->Account Books->Group Summery->SundryDebtors
But If you want to call all sundry debtors then this utility would help as this command would provide their phone numbers also with the name and balances. Just insert $LedgerPhone. The command would be :
Select $Name,$LedgerPhone,$ClosingBalance From LEDGER where $$IsChildOf:$$GroupSundryDebtors

This report would be usefull and you would like to print the list of all person with their phone numbers. Just press the button view in excel in the right bottom and it would be transferred in excel and new sheet would be opened from where you can take the print out also.

Similarly following command would show the item report with name , base unit, closing value and closing balance.

Select $Name, $Baseunits, $ClosingBalance, $ClosingValue from StockItem

In case you get some error then perhanps there is a spelling mistake, correct it and try it again.
The readers can face problem in exploring the names of the tags which are used to display report. This problem will be explored and explained in next article.

As a closing note I want to add that if ApniTally readers have free utilities developed by them they can share it with other readers. If some payed products are there which can help the users of the Tally then ApniTally would be happy to review them. They can send the information regarding their products at my email at shailyji at gmail dot com.

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24 October 2008

How to Install Tally 9 Rel 3

Many users have tried their hands on rel 3 beta of Tally 9 and tested its new features. But many are still waiting for official release. Release 3 of Tally 9 would have many thing changed when it would be ready for release. Official release notes say's many new features and enhancements. Enhancement includes performance wise and memory usage wise. Among many things One thing that would be get changed is how to install Multi User Tally.
Unlike its previous versions rel 3 license server has to be installed separately. This has been done to enhance the functioning of Multi user Tally. For Single user version the installation process is almost similar and nothing extra has to be done, But in case of Multiuser version installation process is little different. Here are the steps to Install Tally 9 rel 3 Multi user.

Installation at Server
Tally has made license server different from the software installation. Multiuser installation has two different steps. The first step is to install it on server and then to install on nodes. Before installation the License here is a check list that you should be ready with.
  1. All PC's on Network are connected properly.
  2. Proper IP's are assigned to them and from every node you can ping the server IP.
  3. The License Sr. No., Key and email address are handy with you.
While installing it on server you have to tick the license server option shown in the setup window. It would treat that machine as server. Follow the steps of the setup wizard. Click upto the finish.

Installation at Nodes The installation process for nodes is as usual. One thing you can do is to specify the Port and the IP address while installing it on the space given fo this. You would save one step of modifying the Tally. ini file. For example if you have installed server at IP and port specified is 9000 then this thing as to be mentioned while installing Tally at nodes. Be sure not to tick License Server while Installing Tally on Nodes.

Activating the License

After Installing Tally if you run tally you would get a message like this, 'Tally server running License not activated'. Because the license is still not activated although the server is installed.
You have to browse tally folder in which you have installed the software e.g. c:\tally9 and find a file TallyAdmin. Run that file and you would get option to activate your license. Here put the license Sr. No., Key and Email id. Make sure that internet is connected and press enter to activate the license.

Your Tally 9 Rel 3 is installed.

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05 October 2008

Tally 9 Release 3 Beta : Should I Upgrade it?

Many of ApniTally readers have posted me queries related to problems faced in release 3 beta. They have downloaded Release 3 beta from the site and converted the data. Now they are facing operational problems in this release. What should they do now? Should beta be tested or not? Should new releases be downloaded or not?
Here is my answer to these queries.
Going by the experience which i have got from Tally I would like to say that if you are using a version and it is running smoothly then you should never think to upgrade directly on your live or current data unless and until some new feature is there and you are in dire need of that feature. Data conversion from lower release to higher release is very easy but from higher release to lower release it is not that much easy.
Reader may think if Tally is not to be upgraded then why Tally people are upgrading every 15 days? Here i would like to say that new release normally have some modifications etc which some times may not be needed to some people. Where as some users of some states may not need that upgrade. More over a stable release which is working and a condition where new feature is not needed up gradation is not advisable. There are chances that newer release may bring problems with it.
Here are few solutions to overcome possible upgradation problem
1. When ever you change the release then first thing you should keep in mind is always take a backup of data before converting.
2. Try new upgradation on separate location and separate data so that original data can be protected.
3. Give some days of try to new upgrade so that possible errors if come can be seen on demo data. Only after satisfaction of problem free functioning new upgradation should be put into full practice.

So coming to basic question of upgrading to release 3 beta i would like to share that beta is for testers only. It is having many problems and users should avoid the release to their live data. Although keeping in mind above steps it can be done or be wise and wait for final release 3.

04 August 2008

Tally ToolBar : Download to get latest about Tally

Here is my new step towards taking Tally users close to Tally, The Tally Toolbar. Most of us have downloaded many toolbars in our browsers and have never used them. Most probably the case can be that users don't even know that a toolbar is installed on their computer browser and they haven't used it.
But Tally Toolbar is different from others. Besides giving you latest information regarding Tally it also helps you in day- today working. Users would find almost every thing they may need related to Tally.

What can Tally Toolbar do for you ?
Let's take a step by step look at different components of Toolbar. What it can do for a Tally user?

The Search:
You can search what ever you want on Tally as well as on other search topics. This can be done without opening a separate search page like google etc.

Site Links:
Site Links are related to important Tally Topics. These are regarding Registration of Tally, Downloading Latest version of Tally and latest articles on Tally, Tally Help, Tips etc.

RSS Link provides you the feed related to Tally Blogs and Sites as well as Financial sites offering usefull information. At present I have included Economic times, Yahoo finance and ABC Business. Users can let me know about any thing else which can be usefull for Tally Users.

Find Tally People:
This Link basically provides resourses about Tally People. Who ever needs Tally People can click here and find Tally related people.

Ticker gives user any information which needs immediate attention. News Like Latest updates new releases can be seen here without going to the relevant Tally site pages.

Talk to a Tally User:
All the users of This Toolbar can chat with their fellow Tally users and discuss their problems. At present there are more than 700 Tally users registered here which can chat with each other.

Gadgets :
These gadgets can be used in day today working. It includes on screen calculator, To do List formulator, Sudoku game puzzle etc which are useful as well great utility.

Email Notifier :
If configured with your email account you would get notified when ever you get the mail.

So This Toolbar can help in keeping you abreast with what is latest in Tally. Download the Tool bar and start searching what you need.

27 July 2008

The Big Question: Which Tally version should I Buy ?

The question may seems to be easy one for some people but it is very tricky one for most of the people who may be planning to use any accounting software. When it comes to keeping record of your business transactions on computer then Tally comes to one's mind naturally. Unless and until your requirements are not big enough and exhaustive Tally would handle them easily and efficiently.
The question comes naturally that Which version should I buy? The answer is also simple i.e. Tally 9, The latest version from Tally India which is having most features and is updated regularly. The reasons are described here:-

Tally 9 is Latest and the Best
Let see it in this way. Which windows version are you running at present? The answer would be Windows XP or Vista, reason being its the latest and most of the features. Older version are not supported by your machine or they gets slow in operations. The same is the case with Tally also. Tally 9 is the latest and having most of the features. It has fast speed of processing and uses the latest tools and technology while working.
Previous Tally Version are Dead
See the Tally 7.2 End of Life document. You would find that just like windows 95 or windows 98 they are dead. No help is present on Company side, No tools are present to correct the data, technology on which Tally 7.2 has worked is obsolete. So if you have older version with you or you are arranging from some where, then be careful as are alone, as from company 's side these versions (any thing lower then Tally9 i.e. 7.2, 6.3, 5.4, 4.5 etc) are dead. Use these software versions at your own risk as no support on error or data lose would be available.
Updates are available only on Tally 9
Any software is successful for you only when it is updated on regular basis. For accounts this thing is very crutial as many govt. rules related to Taxation changes. This can be achive only when software is updated regularly. Tally 9 is the only version which is updated on regular basis. You would see the statutory version updation only in Tally 9. You would see these updates in almost every 15 days. I have not seen any other software company updating that much frequently.
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12 July 2008

Tally rel 2.13 is here with stat version 72

Tally 9 rel 2.13
Tally has released another release for its software Tally 9. This release 2.13 has added support for HP 10 series of Printers. This would enhance the Tally's performance on HP printers. Users can now upload the data using passive ftp mode. Some bugs have also been removed related to excise and Payroll. Issue of Forex Gain/Loss has also been addressed. The Forex Gain /Loss of the current period is adjusted in the next year, the values of the unadjusted Forex Gain/Loss for current period is taken as outstanding ledger balance.
If you were facing these problems then you can download the latest release. The latest version link is also available to Tally Toolbar users under Site links.

Stat Version 72
Stat version 72 has lot of important modification for the users. To start with New form 10 for Kerla VAT and CST has been provided. The states who have changed their VAT rate for diesel and Petrol are now been modified in this stat version. For Haryana a new class of 8.8 has been created. For UP and Orrisa new vat classifications have been created as declared by these state govts. Modifications for Maharastra and Gujarat has been also done related to filling the tax return form. For Rajasthan VAT form 7, 12,48,50, output tax annexture and purchase tax annexture can now be exported in excel format.
Lots of VAT/CST issues has been resolved for Gujarat, Tamilnadu and Punjab states. In addition to this minor form related modifications has been done for Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and west bengal.

All these modifications are very timely and keeping Tally software ahead of the pack. I haven't heard this much modifications done by any other software in the field of accounts.

17 June 2008

Celebrate FireFox Day :Download Firefor 3 for free secure browsing

Today on June 17th is the Firefox Day. Firefox is planning to establish a Guinness World Record of getting maximum downloads in one day.
If you don't already have the fastest, most secure, most customizable web browser, get it for free today!
All Tally users can also become the part of this download the Firefox from their community page. According to Indian Standard Time the download should start from 10.30 pm on Tuesday. Our Tally Toolbar which is the best way to find any thing related to Tally and to give you latest happening on Tally is also compatible with Firefox 3.
So Download Firefox 3 first and then download the Tally Toolbar. Tally Toolbar is free and is compatible for Internet Explorer also.

Download Day - English

13 June 2008

Stat version 71 available for download for Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamilnadu states

Tally has released stat version 71 for download. This is only a stat version which has been made available for download. The product release is still on the cards. The stat version is important for Tally users in assisting them filing correct Statutory report e.g. VAT , Service Tax, TDS, Exicse etc. This stat release have good number of modifications for states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamilnadu etc.
VAT CST enhancements, VAT classifications have been made for Maharastra. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Goa states.
Composite VAT issues have been resolved for Karnataka State. A lot of VAT/CST issues have been resolved for States of Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Uttar Pradesh.
Detailed release notes and state version 71 can be downloaded from the site.
It is noteworthy here that all Tally users need not to download the stat version and it is a on going process. Stat version upgrades are free for all original users.

01 June 2008

Tally Licensing : How to Actvite, Update and Surrender

Tally Licensing is one of the best thing for Tally and the most unique licensing system for stopping software piracy. In fact Tally is one of those software companies who had succeeded in stopping the piracy of software by implementing innovative licensing system.
Although it has proved a boon to company but is has been a bane for the users. This licensing system has raised difficulties for its users. According to Mr Bharat Goenka , Managing Director Tally India, life of pirated user is more easier the original user. All the hardship of licensing are faced by original user.
Many of Tally users have asked me about licensing related problem from time to time.These are related to activation of license, surrender of license and the updation of license. Lets understand the licensing process to solve the problems faced.

The Process of Licensing
After Installing Tally, you have to activate the license. Activation of license actually puts the signature of your computer into Tally's server. The signature, which contains information related to version of operating system, the hardware installed, the machine name etc is stored in Tally's server against your serial no. That serial no. is blocked against any other installation preventing duplication of your license. Internet is needed to send the signature file to Tally's server. In response to the entry a file is sent to the computer which is stored in the same folder where Tally is installed. This file is stored as tally9.lic in same folder where tally is installed.
There are two ways to activate the license. Online and Offline. Computer with direct internet connection can activate the license by online process. Those computers which has no direct internet have to follow offline process.

Activation of License

The License is to be activated to avail full features of Tally. If the license is not activated Educational would be shown on the top right corner. And Multi Account printing menu would be disabled.
Just after starting the tally the activation form is displayed. After connecting the internet this form has to be filled and submitted. The serial no. and the key is printed on every box which comes with Tally. You have to fill the email address which you often use because tally sends latest updates regarding product on this email address.

The offline Process.
If you don't have the direct access to internet then you have to follow the offline process of license activation. The concept is same, a file has to be generated and sent to the tally server and another file from server has to be installed in Tally machine. If the computer has no internet connection then we have to find a pc where the internet connection is available. So the file from our computer has to be generated and then copied to another system and from there it has to be uploaded and the resultant file has to be again copied in tally folder.
For this out have to escape the activation form in the starting and perform following steps.
Go to F12 -> Licensing -> Offline -> Activation.
Again the same form will be displayed and after pressing enter with all information filled a file called tallyreq.lic would be generated. This file has to be copied on any cd or pen drive and pasted in the computer where internet connection is available. (if Tally is not installed on that computer then it is to be installed there also.)
Here when you follow these steps:-
Go to F12 -> Licensing -> Offline ->SEnd External Request.
You would get tallyresp.lic file in response to file you have uploaded. Now the last and final step of offline activation is to copy the file from Tally folder and paste in the folder where Tally is to be activated. After pasting the file just run Tally and you would be greeted by a message of successful activation and a prompt for you to register your software.
Your Tally is activated.

Updation of Tally License
The Tally License has to be updated frequently. This is usually done to prevent license being expired. After 30 to 45 days you would start watching a message in your lower right corner that your license is going expire, please update/renew your license. This message is usually 5 days
prior to the expiry of license. During this period what you have to do is just connect to Internet and start Tally. The License is automatically updated. Otherwise you can choose
F12-> Licensing->Online-> Update

Surrender of License
Tally has made provisions to surrender the software license in case The machine you are currently using is going to be formatted. If the change is inevitable then one should surrender the license so that the information written in Tally server can be erased. Only after successful surrender of your license it can be installed on another machine.
F12 -> Licensing -> Online -> Surrender
Here it is noteworthy that while surrendering the license we should update the license first just to check that if internet is working properly or not. Otherwise it may happen that due to unavailability of connection or poor connectivity the license get surrendered on machine but information on internet server is not correctly updated. So only after successful message of updation you should surrender the license.

So from the above discussion it is clear that:-
1. We activate license to make it origional.
2. We update license when it is going to expire and
3. We surrender the license just to reactivate it somewhere else.

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15 May 2008

Understanding Tally's configuration file Tally.ini

If you have used single user then it may be the case that you have neverApnitally : Tally.ini bothered to edit this file or even tried to know where this file is and what it does. But If you have worked on a multi user Tally version then chances are that at one time or another some one has told you to go to Tally.ini file and do the required setting.
Tally's behavior is controlled by its .ini file. This file resides in the folder in which Tally's exe file is or you can say in the folder where tally is installed. Let understand why this file is necessary and how it can be helpful for us.


This file is Tally's initialization file. It can be also referred as configuration and setting file of Tally. When ever Tally loads itself then it takes working environment from this file. All variables from this file are picked and then tally starts functioning accordingly. So this file is important for desired working of Tally software.

How to identify?

If you have multiple installations of tally then you would find multipleApniTally Tally.ini ini files. But which file is effective for which installation is identified only by the fact that where it is located. The easiest way is to just Right Click Tally icon then select properties and then click find target. You would land in the same folder where tally is installed. Here you would find many files which have name as Tally. Out of which you have to find a file with notepad icon with a yellow baidge on it.( Just as shown in photograph above)

Understanding commands
The first line of Tally.ini file is
TallyLicense = Connect
This shows tally how to get the license of Tally. If this is connect then while loading tally would look for license file. If this file is found then tally serial no would be shown otherwise education mode would be active. If we are at the node machine of a multi user tally then we should put double semi collons (;;) before this line so that tally doesn't look for license file. The second command line would take care of this information.

The second line is
TallyLicenseServer = server:port
This line shows where tally should look for license file. It is used in nodes to specify where is the license file. Server:port are replaced by machine name of the server or the ip address of the server and followed by the port on which tally license is running. Usually this is port 9000 in tally. So the effective line on nodes in multiuser Tally should be
TallyLicenseServer =
where is the ip address of server and 9000 is the port.

The next important line is
Data = C:\Tally9\Data
It shows where Tally should look for data files to load the companies. What ever the data path is automatically those companies would be shown. In case of multi user Tally it can be the shared folder of server,e.g. \\\data where data is the tally data folder on server which has ip address

Next Line is about loading default company automatically. It is
Default Companies = Yes
Load = 10000

If default companies is yes then tally would automatically load the company which has number written in load variable. If default companies is put to No then no company is loaded by default and you have the option to select the company from the list from your desired location.
If default companies is set to yes then default company is loaded automatically. But in case the default company is corrupted then tally would try to load the default and throw you out by displaying the error message. You would never be able to open tally.

Next lines are related to tdl programs to be loaded. If you have customized your tally then you must be having some tdl files. the location of these files has to be provided here so that they can be loaded as the is started. These lines to do it are
User TDL = Yes
First put the user tdl is to yes and then give the path of the tcp or txt file in next line.

These are all the important command line of Tally.ini. There are some more network friendly commands which are explained in my earlier post on Tally becomes network friendly.

29 April 2008

How to avail Tally's Placement Services

Do you know that Tally offers Placement assistance to its learners? Yes, Tally India Pvt. Ltd. the makers of Tally software also provide placement services to its customers. Companies who are looking for Tally professional to help them in their day today working can ask Tally for helping them finding the right person for their job. This service is provided free of cost.
In the same manner Tally provides placement assistance to it's learners free of cost. To avail this facility only one condition has to be met and that is, you should be TCP i.e. Tally Certified Professional.
You can become a Tally Certified Professional by cracking a 90 minute online exam. For this you have to contact any Tally Academy near you in your city. You have both options, i.e. you can learn Tally from a Tally Academy or you can directly attempt the test. You can prepare for TCP exam by attempting a demo test also.

The Process
If you are a TCP then here are the steps that has to be completed for availing this service. After successful completion of online test you would get TCP certificate at your home address within a week. This certificate has registration number on it. This registration number is also printed on your exam hall ticket which is printed at the time of registration.
Go to Tally's site and you would find TCP Login in education section. Enter your registration no. as user name and same as your password.
You would be shown the terms and condition screen which you have at accept.
After accepting the terms and conditions you would get your biodata details which you have filled at the time of TCP test.
These details need further enhancement according to your resume qualification and experience. It has four sections which store your information in detail. General profile stores your contact details. Job profile stores your previous job experience details. Education sections stores educational details and Skill set section stores your key skills in specific areas.
The placement service is available for one year only. You have the option to select the location of work of your choice. You also have the option to avail this facility after 3 months, 6 months and one year which ever suits you.

We would find some extra feature like resource center to get help articles , which is currently under development. One should change his password after logging in for the first time. According to Tally policy every TCP can get 3 Interview chances.
According to terms an conditions of Placement services If one rejects the job after selection then he would loose all his remaining chances of interview.

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20 April 2008

Welcome to ApniTally: Please help Yourself

Welcome to ApniTally. Your own blog on Tally where you can find free help on Tally. You can post query on Tally and find solution. This post is to describe how you can use this site for the best of your benefit.
As the contents of the site are increasing day by day, I am finding that ApniTally readers are finding it hard to locate the correct resource or articles. Some times repeated questions are asked on different pages as comments. The answers to these questions are very much in several articles but those readers are unable to find those articles in the bolg.
My purpose of this post is to describe how this blog can provide you best help related to Tally.
If you are a first timer then you can find most popular articles on left hand side pane of the blog under the heading My evergreen Posts.
You can also consider subscribing my posts through email or feed reader. In this way you would not miss a single article on Tally.
On this blog current article are arranged in systematic order in various links. These links are under Tutorials, Tally tips and Computer tips.

Older articles are tagged under certain words. Click on labels and you would find the relevant articles containing these words.
Still you can enter the search term in Google search bar on the right hand pane. It would search all articles which you are looking for.
To find all time help in Tally on this blog or on other blogs and site just Download the ApniTally Tool bar which would help you in finding articles in the field of Finance also besides Tally.
For immediate queries to solve you can always write down in Your Voice box in the lower end left hand pane.
You would get response not only from me but also from others too.

15 April 2008

Tally Tips : Useful Tips for Tally. ERP 9, Tally 9, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

ApniTally Tally Tips are the small tips to Tally software users which solves their problems. ApniTally is working hard to provide solutions and help to Tally users. During our journey many users have asked solutions to their problems. We have provided them with solutions time to time. We have tried to put all Tips on Tally software which are discussed in our blog.
This page is ever changing and would be modified when ever new tip is covered on this blog. Users can click on the link and it would be opened in new window.
Useful Tally Tips on Tally ERP 9, Tally 9, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 and Tally 5.4
Useful Tally Tips on Tally.ERP 9 and other versions

The Latest Tally Tip

Tally Cool Tip : How to make items, ledgers etc starting with small case ? New
Tally Tip regarding how you can enter masters like item masters, ledger masters which starts in small case.

The List of Tally Tips

How to Install Tally 9 Rel3
Tally tip Some basics steps to install Tally 9.0
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13 April 2008

Starting a New Financial year: How to Split a Company

Don't go by the title Literally !! You need not to virtually split you company to start a new financial year. In fact you have to double your company in new financial year. And Tally would be your tool in this en devour. Please read the title as "How to split a Tally company to start a new financial year".
This should be ideally your final step for closing your last year accounting transaction. Although by this time tally users have started transaction in new financial year but balance sheet for last year would be in final stages.

The prerequisites

Here are some pre requisite of splitting a company:
  • You should have posted all entries pertaining to last financial year like closing balances, adjustment entries, depreciation entries etc. Else Wait!
  • You should have adjusted all Forex Gaines/Losses. you can verify that no unadjusted forex gain/ loss is shown in balance sheet.
  • There should be no purchase bill or sales bill pending . Go to profit & Loss statement or go to inventory statements to see any purchase bill pending or sales bill pending. The path is :
Gateway of Tally -> Display -> StatemEnts of Inventory

Don't forget to take the backup of the data first.

The Purpose
Splitting a company data is helpful in easy of operation of company. As during the year company data goes on increasing it slows down the tally operation. Splitting makes company lightweight. A data for one year becomes safe and unwanted and accidental changes in previous year can be prevented by splitting the company.

The Procedure
The procedure is very simple. What you have to decide is which is the company you want to split and what is the date on which you want to split. The company data is on which you are working and the date is usually 1-April of the current year e.g 1-April-2008 for now. You can split the company on half yearly basis also on 1-Sep. if half yearly results are finalized.
Open the company to split. From Gateway of Tally press Alt+F3. Select SPlit Company Data from menu option and Select the Company to split. You would find following screen.

Just enter the date and its done!
It would create two new companies based on your date. You have to continue working in the second company. It is worth noticing that your current company is still there. So you have three companies and you have to continue working in the company ending (From 1-Apr-2008). You would find all the openings are there for respective ledgers.

06 April 2008

Starting a New Financial Year : Avoid Duplicate Invoice Numbers

Few of my customers faced a special hurdle in starting the new year. They have the problem of duplication
of Invoice number, purchase order form numbers, journal voucher numbers etc. In one way this is not a problem at all, If we are using simple numbering of vouchers in Tally. Tally has a feature to repeat it on what ever basis you want e.g. yearly, monthly, daily or even never get repeated . If you have put it on Yearly basis which is default in Tally then it would get repeated after every financial year. The invoice number on 1/04/07 would be 1 and Invoice number on 1/04/08 would also be 1. As the financial year has changed this numbering would start again and there is nothing to worry at all.
But problem comes when we use special numbering method to number our vouchers. Some people have used S/07/1 instead of simple 1 in sales vouchers and P/07/1 instead of 1 in purchase vouchers or similar thing like this. Now if they would do the entry on 1/04/08 then similar number would appear in sales voucher and all other vouchers where special voucher numbering has been done. But It should have been S/08/1 or P/08/1 instead of S/07/1 and P/07/1 on 1/04/08.
How to rectify this error?
This problem can be rectified only from where it has originated. The place from where this numbering is changed.

Go to

Gateway of Tally -> Account Info. -> Voucher Type -> Alter

Now select the voucher type you have to alter. Here we are going to alter Sales voucher. You would find a field of Use Advance Configuration under Method of Voucher Numbering.

Put it to Yes. Another screen would appear, here you would find another screen in which you can try various options. Here you would also see what you have done to specialised last year's voucher number in Prefix Details. Just add another entry below it. If you have put S/07/ then you can put S/08/ applicable from 1/04/08.

Same thing can be done for all type of vouchers which has special kind of numbering.

For those who are starting invoicing in Tally for this year and having a bill book also may face a problem of starting bill number. Their bill book may be having bill no. 1134 as the first bill on 1/04/08. They also want Tally to show similar invoice number.
They have solutions on this very form. At the beginning just put the starting number as 1134 or what ever you have instead of 1 and wohlah its done!! Your first bill on 1/04/08 would be 1134.

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02 April 2008

Starting New Financial Year : Is it time to create a new company ?

Starting a New Financial YearMarch ending and April starting is very crucial period for every accounting professional. It is time to finalize the old books as well as starting the new ones also. Accounting professional are busy closing the books and managing the returns etc. It is very busy time for a Tally users too. Tally users are busy but for various reasons. Some of them would be starting a new feature of Tally in their accounting like invoicing or inventory or payroll from current financial year while others would be busy starting afresh using Tally. What ever the reason may be but one question comes in the mind is,
Should i start with a new company to start the accounts in next financial year?
Is it really time to create new company? Lets explore.

Creating a new company costs nothing but it can cause extra burden on you as well as it can save you from some extra hassles also. You need a new company where as you can also do with current company, all depends on your needs and situation.

You need to create a new company in following cases only.
  • If you are a first time user of Tally and you have no account in Tally.
  • You are creating a new firm and separate accounting is needed.
  • Previous company you have created has too many errors and irregularities and beyond rectification.
For all other reasons you need not to create separate company as you can do with the current one.

  • If you have to just do accounting in new financial year.
  • If you have to activate some extra feature like payroll or excise or any other feature.
You can do it in current company.
What you have to do it is extend the financial period in Gateway of Tally. Press Alt + F2 and enter the period as from 1/4/2007 to 31/3/2009. Change PeriodYour Gateway of Tally would look like this.Gateway of Tally after changed Period
This way you can enter the transactions in previous year as well as in the new financial year. Choosing financial year of more then one year has only one drawback and that is you have a danger of entering vouchers in back year as it is open now. you are entering date as 1/4 and it can go in 1/4/07 as well as in 1/4/08 so you have to be careful.

Later on when you have finalize the accounts or year 2007-08 you can split the company on 1/4/08 and you would get a new company on which you would get the openings of all ledgers automatically.

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27 March 2008

Finding Best Tally people to work for you

ApniTally Job service has received a very good response. We are receiving number of contacts of people. It is bound to increase as more and more people get positive responses from it. Now the main question is how to choose best people out of these candidates . This task would be more difficult as number of people would increase.
To help a selector we have provided many filters which can short list the candidates based on the search criteria.
Although more modification are on cards but at present our database can handle queries of many type of readers. When i say many types then i mean:-
  • If you are a user of Tally software and facing any problem in operation then it can help you to find right person near you.
  • If you are a user of Tally and want person to manage your accounts then also it can help.
  • If you are a trainer and need any body to provide you training then it can help.
  • If you are looking for a person to get your customization done then it can help you finding the right person.
  • If you are a seller of Tally software and need suitable candidate then you can find help.

What all these people have to do is to choose the right filter and the results would be narrowed down with suitable candidates.
Lets take first type of a person who is using Tally software and have some kind of problem in operation and he needs any person near him who can either visit him or can guide him on phone etc. For this what he can do is find freelancers who are doing this type of job on consultation basis or he can filter records based on functional area like support.
Same way for second kind of person who is in need of a person who can operate Tally two more search filters are available which can help him. These filters are of State of your choice and Educational Background. (See the figures below)

Similarly for a person who wants people for customization or for sales purpose then Filter Functional area is helpful.

Other filters like Type of work, years of experience in Tally, age of candidate are also very useful to search the right candidate. Over all this service becomes and interactive platform where Tally Learners,Tally Partners, Tally Academies can submit their profiles or biodata and expose them to Tally Users.
See how these filters work in the database below.

16 March 2008

ApniTally Job service renewed

ApniTally has tried to make a platform for its readers who wants to do jobs in Tally. But this effort was ended in a sad note as the platform on which it has been build (edgeio) was sold to some other company and they have not activated this facility till date.
Never mind now this service has been activated again (thaks to ZOHO creator). I have build this application on ZOHO creator. But this time it has been done with a twist.
Now candidates has to enter the bio-data and employers has the option to call the candidates. This way employers would get large number of data to cal upon.
Candidates can enter their bio-data Here.
and Employers can see the candidates Here.
The bio-datas of each candidate would be available for 30 days and after 30 day if a candidate doesn't get any response, he can again list his resume for consideration.
Candidate has to mention his email and contact no. which would help employer contact the candidate.

Find the Tally People to work for you

To facilitate the employers and the users of Tally ApniTally has again started the faility to provide you candidates who are working in Tally and can perform the job desired.
Employers can click on the email link of the candidates if they find him interesting or contact on their contact phone no. Hope ApniTally would contribute to help some one getting the right job and some getting the right candidate.

Submit your resume

Avail the facility of ApniTally to find suitable job. You have to fill in the form.
Please note that
Try to enter relevent details which can help the employer to fully identify you and your capabilities.
Try not to resubmit your details.
If word verification image is not shown then refresh the page and then submit the imformation.
See the list of candidates Here.

Happy Job Hunting

06 March 2008

Computer Tips : Keep your system running like new

Remember the time when you purchased your PC? Every thing was smooth and fine. The performance of the PC was good. But with the passage of time thing started changing. The system gets slower and slower and we think that is is not performing up to the mark despite the fact that the hardware chosen by you was the finest. But the fault is not fully of your computer. It is some what you are also involved. The problem gets more severe when also graduate in operating PC with a brand new PC.
Here are some tips and links that can help you to maintain the health of your PC.

Maintaining your System Health
According to This website 7 point agenda can help you in maintaining the health of your PC. According to the site you should
Update the system hardware in every 2-3 years. As repairing of old hardware can cost you almost equivalent to upgrade of whole system.
Protect from Power surge as frequent power surge can damage the life of equipments. The surge protection should be updated within 2-3 years.
Provide training to staff as this would increase the efficiency in particular software and overall performance of PC as well as worker would increase.
Protection from spams should be there as spams and firewall security
Backup of data is not usually done by most of the people. 100% backup of data should be taken instead of taking intermittently.
Good Anti virus should be there to protect the system form viruses as 80% of the systems are down by these threats.
After purchasing PC few things must be immediately done.
  • First is protecting the PC from surge by some reliable ups.
  • Second get some firewall software to protect from external threats Zone alarm firewall a free utility can provide you basic firewall facilities.
  • Third get virus protection by some anti virus software. Norton can be a good choice, But free utilities like sysclean with latest virus patterns from AVG can also serve the purpose. This page tells how to do it.
  • Fourth thing is to protect from spy wares. The Spybot which is the free and effective with its includes (which should be updated time to time) is the ultimate choice in this regard.
By this way your pc is almost secure. You can keep working it would have minimum chances of getting corrupted or hacked.

Keep working as new
The next thing is to keep the pace of the performance like a new one. The problem here is that as you would keep working and installing softwares windows registry would be getting crowded and the system would slower and slower. One dumbest way is to format when ever you think it is now impossible to work smoothly.
But smart people can use utilities which can clean the unwanted stuff like broken registry links, clean temporary internet files, repair system startup entries etc then CCleaner is also a nice and free utility.

You can follow these 9 points to protect your system from hackers, online threats and Viruses.
I hope this would be enough to get your pc work for more time without troubles.

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29 February 2008

Tally Tutorials : Complete Tutorials on Tally ERP 9,Tally 9, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 all versions

ApniTally has piled up a series of Tally Tutorial over a period of time to make you understand different features of Tally. Here is the List of Tally Tutorial available for  Tally on this site.  These Tally Tutorials are applicable on all versions of Tally right from Tally 5.4 upto Tally ERP 9 including Tally 8.1,  Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 and Tally 5.4. 

If you want to try these Tally Tutorials and need Tally ERP 9 software then it is freely available. You can download Tally ERP 9 free from this Tally ERP 9 download page.  Install Tally on your computer and browse all the Tally tutorial and try them one by one.
The List is ever increasing and more and more links would be included on this page. User can click on each link and it would open in a separate window. The Links are arranged in chronological order.
Tally Tutorials: Ever Increasing List of Tally Tutorial on all versions of Tally including Tally ERP 9
ApniTally Tally Tutorial

Tally Tutorial

The Latest Tally Tutorial

Tally ERP 9 has new release 6.6 which has a feature to access your Tally reports in any browser. How to enable this feature is discussed here.

The Complete List of Tally Tutorial

Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to migrate Tally data from older versions like Tally 9.0, Tally 8.1, Tally 7.2 and even Tally 6.2 and Tally 5.4

If you want to shift your Tally license from One computer to another computer or just want to reactivate on same machine.

How to Calculate Interest in Tally ERP 9
Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to set your Tally for interest calculation. Tutorial applicable on all versions supporting interest calculation. Learn Tally interest calculation.

Tally ERP 9 tutorial on how to Book your interest. Learn Tally interest booking.

Want to put your company logo in Tally ERP 9 ? Here is the solution.

In starting a new financial year in Tally Invoice numbering needs to be restarted.

Tally 9.0  Tutorial which is applicable in Tally.ERP 9 also on how to convert your old Tally Data into newer version of Tally.

Tutorial on How to start your Tally learning. If you want to learn Tally then this is your first step and first Tally tutorial.

Tally 9.0 tutorial which tells you how to implement Value added tax (VAT) in your Tally and generate automatic VAt reports.

Old Tally 7.2 tutorial on how to convert Data from oldest Tally 4.5 version to Tally 7.2 

Tally ERP 9 tutorial applicable on almost all version including Tally 9.0 and Tally 7.2 on how to hid your data so that only you or authorized person can see it.

Tally 9.0 tutorial which lets you know how to implement Tally Payroll.

Tally tutorial on How you can work on Tally without touching mouse. Tally shortcut keys are described in this tutorial

Tally Tutorial on how to put entries from one company to another company. Applicable for all versions of Tally.

Tally tutorial on how to keep doing accounting in new financial year. Applicable on all version of Tally

Small Tally 9.0 Tutorial on How to do Point of Sale (POS) invoicing. Applicable to Tally ERP 9 also

Tally ERP 9 Tutorial on how to implement Excise accounting in Tally 

Tally Synchronization is a feature to merge data from two different locations. this Tally Tutorial describes steps for Tally Synchronization.

In Tally 9.0 feature to interact with MS Excel was introduced. This Tally 9.0 tutorial describes the steps to export data from Tally in MS Excel format.

If you are facing problems in configuring Multi user Tally then this Tally tutorial is for you.

Tutorial on how you can manage post dated cheques in Tally 9.0 and Tally ERP 9

Tally Tutorial on how to Split a company. Applicable on all versions

This tutorial tells you how to print mailing labels in Tally.

This Tally Tutorial teaches you how to use Tally via remote id. Learn Tally remote id usage

This Tally tutorial is basic step in learning Tally. Learn Tally master creation with this tutorial

    The List continues as new articles are added up

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