Know Tally? Earn Rs. 50,000/- before Dec 31, take TCP test

As Dec 31st is approaching many deadlines are also coming near for Tally users. One of the important deadline is of Tally Certified Professional (TCP) Test. If you know Tally and know it well then you have a chance to earn Rs. 50,000/- scholarship . Only thing you have to do is attempt a TCP test and score highest marks in you zone.
A TCP test is a test to check your knowledge in Tally. It has two sections out of which first tests your knowledge about your business environment around you and second sections deals with Tally. You can attempt a demo test before the real test and get a feel of what is going to be asked. You have to contact nearest TallyAcademy to get the test vouchers. Although academies charge the fee of whole course. But any one who have a knowledge of Tally can attempt this test in Rs. 1530/-
The award scheme is as follows :-
First position :- Rs. 50,000/-
Second position :- Rs. 35,000/-
Third position :- Rs. 25,000/-
Fourth position :- Rs. 15,000/-
Fifth position :- Rs. 10,000/-

The five zones are East Zone,North zone, South Zone, South central Zone, and West Zone. At present the compitition for top posotion is very tough as top positions are above 85% marks.You can check the latest score on site.

Shailendra Yadav

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