31 December 2007

100th post : Be a TallyHelper for Free

This is my 100th post in ApniTally. The scene before the start of ApniTally was like this. If you want to find help on Tally via internet then you would land on sites which were developed by those who are doing it for their business purpose. Or you would land on Tally's own site, where there is no help on tally related problems.
There were few yahoo groups on Tally but not that much active. Only the members of those groups use to share their problems. Then way back two years ApniTally was started. Now the scene is different. ApniTally has tried to provide the user the platform where they can share their problems . Now ApniTally has more then 100 help articles which are top in search lists of most of Tally users.
One thing at this juncture I feel is that many questions related to Tally still go unanswered. Reason may be commercial reasons or my own time schedule etc. I try to answer most of the problems on mail but still what i feel is more help and more Tally Helpers are needed.

So here is the offer for all Tally Helpers. If you are ready to help in Tally around you, with or without money then fill this form to Be a TallyHelper for free and get in the list of Tally Helpers.
Mention your contact details, The price you want to charge, the area you can cover for Help.
Whether you are a pro or hobbiest the place is open for you free of cost for 30 days. Even after thirty days you can reenter the details again.

27 December 2007

How to clear Tally Certified Professional (TCP) Exam :Some Tips

Race for Top performers in Tally Certified Professional (TCP) exam for this year is heating up as the top score in each zone has crossed 90% marks and it would increase even more. As the last date is approaching near, TallyAcademies across the country are putting their best efforts to produce topper.
While all eyes are on top performers this is also a ground reality that students still feel hesitation in TCP exam. If i am not wrong then chance of failure in first attempt are very much higher as there was no such test in Tally before.
Here are my few Tips for those who think that TCP is hard nut to crack. These tips would at least help you in preparation as well as in making strategy to attempt the questions which can lead you to be a TCP.

Game Plan
The condition of passing is overall 55% marks. This would be the average of %age marks of Both sections viz. Business accounting and Business Environment. The student has to secure at least 50% marks in first section and 21% marks in second section also. If student is afraid of second section then his first section which is having questions related to Tally must be strong enough to given him overall percentage of 55.
The second which is having questions related to current business environment around us is having less questions so the the number of right answers increase the % very quickly, which improves over all percentage.
Tips for first section
  • Learn all short cut commands of Tally. This can be done by operating Tally without touching the mouse.
  • Understand overall concept of each feature of Tally why it is there and what it does. It would help in solving the questions. For example what budget does and why we use scenarios. If this is understood then solving the questions would be easy.
  • See all F12:Configuration options of all screens and remember where they are. For example Master configuration, voucher configurations, printing configuration etc.
  • Same way F11: Features should be known.
Tips for Second section
  • Learn about the types of organisations e.g. Proprietorship, Company, HUF etc. How they are formed and its constituents like shareholders , their rights etc.
  • Lern about return filing e.g. Income tax and its rates,Vat , Excise, TDS,TCS and forms used in them.
  • Overall use common sense if you don't know the answers and attempt.
  • Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.
Although these tips are based on my self experience and my students who has attempted this test, however it would be excellent if all ApniTally readers who have attempted TCP, contribute their experiences by commenting on this article.

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13 December 2007

Tally 7.2 retirement by Dec 31,2007

At Last It has come, Tally has declared the end of the life for its version Tally 7.2. No Longer will Tally team provide support for Tally 7.2. Tally 7.2 is retiring from Jan 1 2008. Any one who has got this software version has to think about his best options before 31st Dec. 2007 regarding up gradation of continuation with the version.

The reason for retirement for this version as given by tally on its website is that its support staff and development team is concentrating on new technologies. Due to constrains in older technologies it is not possible to sort out some know issues of Tally 7.2. How ever, it is note worthy that tally has stopped any new releases in Tally 7.2 very long ago. Statutories were also stopped. In the light of these events it is worth while to think what it means for a Tally 7.2user.

What it means for me?
It means that, If I am a Tally 7.2 users then in case of any problem i would not get the support from Tally's toll free numbers. No new updates would be available in case of Tally 7.2. If you have discovered some bugs then it would not be fixed for you as it was earlier done by Tally.

It means that user has to remain on what he is getting at present. If it is sufficient and his work is going on smoothly, then its very fine otherwise he has to think about newer version. There are so many users who are still working on Tally 6.3 and working fine because they never felt any need to upgrade.

It also means that in future if you need any customization etc then the older tools would no longer will be available in your version of software. The answer to all fears and questions regarding retirement can be viewed in Retirement FAQ's.

Should I upgrade ?
The answer to this question to is a again depends on requirements. If you feel that in the age of windows xp and vista you can still do with your windows 98 system then windows 98 would work in same system for ever. Same is the case with Tally 7.2, If you are working fine and you think you don't need any thing else on same system then Tally 7.2 is going to work for ever. Company is not going to take you license back, it would be surrendered and activated as it is done now.
As statutory rules would change and newer laws would come, so you need to upgrade your product too to full fill your business needs. If you think you and your organizations need would grow in future, then you have should go for upgrade to Tally9.

Find a Tally partner near you and explore your best upgrade options.