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Get faster reports and data processing with Tally 9 rel 2.0

Faster speed
Release 2.0 of Tally 9 has come up with many useful features. One of the feature discussed in earlier post regarding easier export of Tally data to MS Excel and its further processing. Another good feature in release 2.0 is Tally's speed of processing the data. ApniTally has seen the new release working at a much faster pace. Be it displaying of VAT reports of whole one year or a quarter, If you have to wait to see the reports to appear then you need the new release. It reduces time by at least 1/4th.
More over while converting the data from any older version of Tally to Tally 9 by Tally 72 Converter utility now takes very little resources and very little time.

Save money

Another hot feature of Release 2.0 is that Tally single user license can now accept data files from another license. This feature may seems to be of no importance but it can save you a lot of money. Now at a time when multi user Tally is high priced this feature can save you good money. Lets understand this.
If you have to work in a same company and you have two computers then you need a multi user license. Without this no two license can allow you to work you in one company from more then one location. But with this release you can have two single user license and can work in same company from two different machines as rel. 2.0 allows you to access other license file data.

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Anonymous said…
Tally 9 rel 2 is really a wonderful and what I was looking for a long time.
Speed is amazing.
Earlier I was never been able to generate ETDS file e.g. tally.txt even tally support itself confirmed that it takes 2-3 hours to generate etds file. now it can be done only wihtin 5 minutes.
Further exporting in excell spread sheet is an another lucrative feature. earliet it was a headech to export , edit with xml file for sales register payroll but no need for all that wastage of time.
I am very much happy with the rel. of 2
Now what is missing in tally ?
I think tally needs to cut the prices of tally developer or should offer a handsome disount to existing client
best regards

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