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Remembering a Visionary Philanthropist : Sh. Shyam Sunder Goenka

Our lives are always influenced by people around us. But In our life there are always people who make a deep impact. Who change the direction of your life. You need not to meet them or even have personal contacts with them. Their contribution to society and country influences many lives. Late Sh. SS Goenka was one such personality who has changed the way of life for many Indians including mine.
For a person like me who has learned his life's first hard lesson by loosing money in a popular textile company's e-commerce business venture, it was not easy to put faith in a new company or brand. But Tally gave me the right path, the direction I needed to move forward. I would thanks to my stars and would remain indebted to Shri SS Goenka ji for this.
People who were close to him may know him better, but for me who has never met him personally has just always heard his praise from others. My impressions about his personality are purely based on what i have heard from other Tally partners.

People who are in Tally know him as their mentor and father figure. He treated his investors and dealers like his children. Many old partners of Tally use to tell me their stories about how they get their things done from Goenka ji when it was not done by company officials or even by his son Bharat Goenka. This which may be considered not allowed in business interest but should be supported on humanitarians grounds.
Right from Peutronics Ltd. in 1986 till Tally Solutions, Tally's exponential growth has vision of Shri SS Goenka. In the year 2002 when Indian IT Industry was understanding unicode system his announcement about Multi lingual Tally left other's wondering. We are having Tally 9 in our hands with not only Indian languages but in foreign languages also. Here is another of his quotes in a popular English daily " Our ambition over next couple of years is to take our product into the heart of the US, a difficult market. International brands exude a certain power that we would like to match." That vision too will not take much time.

According to him "Tally is a blessed Package". The blessings of God, blessings of Parents. To him "Moral and spiritual support plays a part in any success."
Today Bharat Goenka's energy is fast forwarding Tally towards that goal, but how many Bharat's in India are missing the blessings and mentor ship like of Shri Goenka ji's?
May every Indian Bharat gets a father like Shri SS Goenka ji !!

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Unknown said…
I too think so. tally really make my life to change from Negative to Positive.


Ajay pandey
(Tally Customer Execuitce -

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Anonymous said…
"Simplicity" the mantra used for Tally by him gives amazing power to almost every aspect of life, no matter whether it is the personal or the business life.

Jai Bohra
Impressive Star Softwares P. Ltd.
Anonymous said…
Very Nice article.

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