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Go Gold rates still available: Thanks to Tally Pragati

Those Tally Customers who have missed the Go Gold bus and were not able to update their single user license to latest Tally 9 have a good news. They still can avail Go Gold rate for their upgrade from Tally 7.2 silver to Tally 9 silver. At present the upgrade rates from Tally 7.2 silver to Tally 9 silver is Rs. 6300/-. But if this upgrade is done through any Tally student then they can get a discount of Rs. 1800/-.
A tally student can redeem his coupon and the customer can get benefit of Rs. 1800/-. The effective price would be Rs. 4500/- for the customer. The same prize was offered in Go Gold scheme.
The discount of Rs. 1800/- can also be availed on Tally 9 silver and Tally 9 gold purchase. Again the sales has to be completed from a Tally Student.
So Hurry before the scheme ends again.

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Anonymous said…
Well done much thanks to a job well done. Now day it happens to be that
credit cards are like gold as well.

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