16 October 2007

Remembering a Visionary Philanthropist : Sh. Shyam Sunder Goenka

Our lives are always influenced by people around us. But In our life there are always people who make a deep impact. Who change the direction of your life. You need not to meet them or even have personal contacts with them. Their contribution to society and country influences many lives. Late Sh. SS Goenka was one such personality who has changed the way of life for many Indians including mine.
For a person like me who has learned his life's first hard lesson by loosing money in a popular textile company's e-commerce business venture, it was not easy to put faith in a new company or brand. But Tally gave me the right path, the direction I needed to move forward. I would thanks to my stars and would remain indebted to Shri SS Goenka ji for this.
People who were close to him may know him better, but for me who has never met him personally has just always heard his praise from others. My impressions about his personality are purely based on what i have heard from other Tally partners.

People who are in Tally know him as their mentor and father figure. He treated his investors and dealers like his children. Many old partners of Tally use to tell me their stories about how they get their things done from Goenka ji when it was not done by company officials or even by his son Bharat Goenka. This which may be considered not allowed in business interest but should be supported on humanitarians grounds.
Right from Peutronics Ltd. in 1986 till Tally Solutions, Tally's exponential growth has vision of Shri SS Goenka. In the year 2002 when Indian IT Industry was understanding unicode system his announcement about Multi lingual Tally left other's wondering. We are having Tally 9 in our hands with not only Indian languages but in foreign languages also. Here is another of his quotes in a popular English daily " Our ambition over next couple of years is to take our product into the heart of the US, a difficult market. International brands exude a certain power that we would like to match." That vision too will not take much time.

According to him "Tally is a blessed Package". The blessings of God, blessings of Parents. To him "Moral and spiritual support plays a part in any success."
Today Bharat Goenka's energy is fast forwarding Tally towards that goal, but how many Bharat's in India are missing the blessings and mentor ship like of Shri Goenka ji's?
May every Indian Bharat gets a father like Shri SS Goenka ji !!

10 October 2007

Configuring Tally on Network : 3 Quick n simple installation steps [infographic]

This Apni Tally Tutorial is about configuring Multi user Tally on Network. How to configure  Tally server and then how to configure Tally client machines. The installation steps required are very simple.
ApniTally reader Raju, Shamshad, Austin and many others have faced problems in Tally while working on Network environment. Working in tally multiuser i.e. gold gives you facility to work on same data with many users on it. Smooth working can ease the work load and get the things done faster. Few basic requirements and configuration can lead to easy working in Tally. Smooth working needs few requirements. Lets see these 1 2 3  installation steps.
1. A separate Tally server
2. A fast and smooth network
3. A good Tally Configuration.

Tally Server
When ever we talk about server we imagine a machine which is big on computing and having high memory and storage space etc. But in case of Tally a Tally server need not to fulfill these requirements. In case of Tally server an ordinary computer can do the job, as on server not much computing is done. Tally server usually does the duty of holding the data and serving the license file only.It doesn't do any computing on it self as tally seldom gets loaded on server.
So we can give an ordinary desktop the responsibility of tally server. It should be well connected with other computers in organization and should have reasonable memory for working. Normal server in the company which may be doing some other duties like hosting, domain controlling etc can be avoided if needed as it would be busy with it's own work. But the most important thing is it should be on power backup.

Steps are explained below,but this infographic would help you a lot to understand the concept.

or Simply click Tally Installation on network infographic 

Step 1: Configure Network
Proper network should be there with Cat5 or Cat6 cables. Switches should be used instead of hubs as they are fast and intelligent . Preferably it should be on TCP/IP protocol and every machine should have an ip address on its LAN card with one common IP Pool. If tally server is having IP as then nodes should have the IP as and so on. The work group on all computers should be same and machines can have separate names. The name of the tally server can be TallyServer and the work group name can be organization name e.g. cts or tallyacademy etc. Most important of them all, your network devices should be on power backup.

Step 2 : Configuration Tally Server
Configuration at server end as well as nodes is very important. First of all while installing tally on server the check mark for server should be ticked. Then Tally license on server should be active i.e. Tally on the server should show the serial no and Tally Gold Multi user should be there on right hand top corner of Tally.
Tally Server Machine configuration
It is advisable that you make the folder name according to its version instead of making a default folder like tally only. If version Tally9 is there then the folder should be Tally9.
Share the data folder and give it a name like tally9data. Sharing can be done right clicking the folder and choosing sharing and security. Be sure to allow users to modify the files.

Step 3 : Configure Tally Nodes First of all install Tally in Tally9 folder in C drive. Modifications are needed in tally.ini file at nodes. Open the tally.ini the configuration and setting file in notepad and find the line TallyLicenseServer. If there are semi colons bore this line then remove the semicolons. This line has following syntex :-


Here is the IP address of the Tally server machine and 9000 is the default port at which license is running. You can replace the IP address with computer name e.g. TallyServer. The path of data folder should be also defined, for this find the line ;; Specify location of Data files Data =. By default it would have syntex like Data = C:\Tally9\Data i.e. the folder where tally has been installed on nodes. It should be changed to new location on network i.e. \\Tally9Data the name of the folder which we have given while sharing on server. So the data line becomes as follows :

Data = \\Tally9Data

These are the general setting which are needed for tally to run on network. If you company data is huge and experiencing difficultly then more network friendly setting can be used as described in my earlier post on network settings.

How to Check ?

Just open any browser like Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome. Type this url. It should be first checked on Server machine and then at client machines.
(the server Ip address followed by colon and then the port)

If the configuration is right then message displayed would be :
Tally Server Running !!!
other wise if page cannot be displayed is shown then your configuration is not right.

Share your experiences in comment box.

04 October 2007

Go Gold rates still available: Thanks to Tally Pragati

Those Tally Customers who have missed the Go Gold bus and were not able to update their single user license to latest Tally 9 have a good news. They still can avail Go Gold rate for their upgrade from Tally 7.2 silver to Tally 9 silver. At present the upgrade rates from Tally 7.2 silver to Tally 9 silver is Rs. 6300/-. But if this upgrade is done through any Tally student then they can get a discount of Rs. 1800/-.
A tally student can redeem his coupon and the customer can get benefit of Rs. 1800/-. The effective price would be Rs. 4500/- for the customer. The same prize was offered in Go Gold scheme.
The discount of Rs. 1800/- can also be availed on Tally 9 silver and Tally 9 gold purchase. Again the sales has to be completed from a Tally Student.
So Hurry before the scheme ends again.

Tally turns students into Entrepreneurs: Students winning Lacs of rupees.

The Pragati scheme on Tally which was started to help students in getting part time jobs have turned students full time entrepreneurs. Started on 3rd of Sep. till date students have earned upto Rs. 14,98,500/-. The top earner Depaka Sharma has earned Rs. 41,850/-. If a tally learner can earn this much money then how much he would get in full time jobs is anybody's guess. So isn't it a good start for entrepreneurship?

According to Tally's website, till 3rd of Nov 609 students has earned nearly fifteen lacs as cash rewards.
Students who cannot find them self suitable in selling field can earn a cash reward by excelling in TCP examination. Top scorers are getting Rs. 50,000/- cash prizes in each five zones. The results would be finalized on Dec 31st, till then every body can improve their scores. At present the best performer R.uma Nandhini from Nagercoil has scored 88% marks and he is from South Zone.
As scheme is ending on Oct. 18th lots of excitement and prizes are still there.

Further reading: All Pragati FAQ's , Pragati Earn While You Learn