16 September 2007

All you want to ask about Tally Pragati Earn While you Learn:Some FAQ's

Tally Pragati has been started. Students are enrolling them self from all across country. Tally has published list of student names from its five zones who have secured top five positions. This list is being constantly upgraded. Students who would get top position would get reward.

Here are some frequently asked questions prepared by me about the scheme.
1. What is Tally Pragati Earn While You Learn ?
Ans: Its a scheme by Tally India to help students to become entrepreneur and earns some money using his social network as well as learn and get certified by Tally and ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, UK).
2. How can i get enrolled for Tally Pragati EWYL?
Ans: You have to enroll in Tally Financial Accounting Program (TFAP) or Tally Financial Accounting Certification (TFAC) or both at your nearest Tally Academy.
3. What is the benefit to a student of Tally Pragati?
Ans : A Student would get :
  • Exposure to the market
  • On the job training while Learning
  • Opportunity to interact with its future employers.
  • Part time internship certificate from Tally.
  • Cash Reward from selling.
4. What is Pragati Gift Voucher?
Ans: It's a gift coupon which can be redeemed by the holder for Rs. 1800/- saving on purchase of Tally products.
5. How many Gift vouchers can any student get?
Ans : Student can get as many as coupons he can sell, but at any point of time he can have only 6 vouchers. For additional vouchers he has to contact Tally partner with whom he has enrolled.
6. How can a student track the status of his coupons?
Ans: Students would be given access to students portal, where he can see details with his registration no.
7. Would student get any kind of help for prospecting Tally products?
Ans: Every Student would get sales kit and instructions from sales partner. Sales kit would contain 6 coupons, Student FAQ's, presentation CD etc.
8. Whom should student contact for sales orientation / Training Program?
Ans: Tally Partners (DCP) assigned to particular Tally Academy would provide the training.
9. How many coupons can be redeemed against sales of Tally Products?
Ans: Only one coupon can be redeemed against one product.
10. Can this coupon be used for personal use use?
Ans: Yes student would get discount of Rs. 1800/- plus Rs. 900/- cash reward would also be there in case of Tally Silver.
11. How will student receive cash reward?
Ans: Student would get reward in form of Net Fund Transfer or by cheque at the details described while registration process.
12. What are the last dates?
Ans: Last date for Registration in Pragati is 18th Oct and Last date to redeem the coupon is 31th Dec.
13. What are the additional benefits?
Ans: On registration for TFAC student can get cash prize on being among first 5 top positions in their respective zones in TCP examination.
14. When would cash prizes be given?
Ans: Cash prizes would be given after declaration of result on Dec 31st. and on March 31st.
15. Can a student improve his score card?
Ans: Student can improve his score by retest. The fee for retest would be Rs.675/- plus service tax. A student can appear in exams as many times he likes.

Further queries can be written here as comments and would be answered as soon as possible.

04 September 2007

Tally Pragati : Earn while you learn Tally from a Tally Academy

Tally has launched its marketing campaign to boost its training and certification business. Code named Pragati, Tally has started this unique project to from Sep.3rd to Oct 18th for 45 days. For all those who were interested in learning Tally and want Job in Finance sector this is the opportunity to strike the right chord.
Any person whether he is a student or working professional who is interested to learn Tally has to get enrolled in his nearest TallyAcademy to get the benefit from this project. This project provides Tally aspirant the much needed training as well as a chance to earn money by doing part time Job work with Tally parter while learning. More over he can get rewards on meritorious performance in Tally Certified Professional exam after learning. Here is how the things work in Pragati.

Tally Pragati:

Student has to get enrolled in TFAP (Tally Financial Accounting Program) and get the TFAC (Tally Financial Accounting Certification). At the time of enrollment he can opt for Earn while you Learn scheme and would get 6 redemption coupons of Rs. 1800/- each. These coupons can be redeemed on purchase of Tally products and upgrades. The customer who is buying Tally products from a Tally Student would get a discount of Rs. 1800/- on every purchase and student would get a cash reward of Rs. 900/-. The student can get as many coupons as he want and reap the benefit upto Rs. 50,000/- during the project period and fund his financial needs like education etc.

Benefit of earn while you learn option

  • Gives Student the required experience before joining his job.
  • Exposes to market and clients with whom he has to work in future.
  • Handsome amount to fund his future needs.
Reward for Excellence
Once student gets enrolled in TFAC on good performance in TCP exam student can win cash reward upto Rs. 50,000/-. This reward is available to all those students who would get registered within the project period i.e. Sep 3rd to Oct. 18th. However students can attempt TCP exam upto 31st march, 2008. Even if the student cannot get required marks then he can improve his performance at a reduced price.
More details about this project would be available at http://tallysolutions.com/pragati/ soon. Readers of ApniTally can post their queries in comment section.

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