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Computer tips for Tally users

Again Computers for Tally Users. These tips can help you in your day today computing.

Scan your computer with online virus scan. Quick Online tips tells you how to scan your computer if your symentec subscription has expired.This article tells how individual files can be uploaded for scanning before entering your computer.

Recovery of deleted files is possible. Simple information tells us the logic behind this. You find a free file recovery software also which is very handy and simple yet powerful.

How to create a good password for your account. Life rocks shares his ideas about how powerful password protection can be obtained.

Free pop3 facility for email. Life rocks reviews 5 free email services with POP3 facility.

Go for gold has Just one day left. For those who want to upgrade then this is the right time. The scheme is closing on 15th August.

Learn how to take care of your laptop. Digital inspiration shows you how to clean your laptop.
So Its Holiday so Happy Independence day and clean your computer from Junk as well as from dust.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link back.
Renie Ravin said…
Hi Tally Helper, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs, thanks!
Ajith said…
Thank you very much....

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