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Computer tips for Tally Users

Here are my internet searches in the blog sphere on computer for the user of Tally. The Tally users would find it useful in their day today working on computer. This is my second post on computer tips. You can find more tips on my previous post.

Windows Keyboard shortcut keys
: Simple information has some nice shortcut keyboard commands. He has most of them which are generally used. Also see Apnitally posts on short cuts about Tally, windows and browsers.

Convert anything except Tally
: evaluates about Zamzar which converts every file format to any format (almost). Word to pdf, vice versa, video formats, music formats, doc formats and image formats can be converted from one form to another. I have tried to convert word file in pdf format and it works great.

Useful DOS commands for windows XP : Digital Inspiration gives few useful DOS commands for windows XP.

Gmail Drive in your computer :Tech-buzz shows a trick to add your gmail account as another drive in your system from where you can easily store and retrieve your files. You need broadband connection of course.

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The.Phonix said…
Hey i hve one big problem, i use tally 5.4, and in that while printing from a particular company i cant print in quick format, it only allows me neat format. and while printing from any new company it allows me to do both kind of printing. So can any one help me regarding this matter.

Thnks in advance.
Anonymous said…
How an one back up data in drives different than A:\ in Tally 7.2? It gives option only for A:\. I would like back up data in my pen drive.
Shailendra said…
Press backspace Sivan and change the letter from A:\ to what ever your pen drive has been assigned.
Unknown said…
In my case, I am trying to restore data with foll details.
Destination: D:\Tally\Data
Source: D:\TempBkp\038

Here 038 is the folder containing my backed up data.

On pressing enter it tells, "Insert Disk 1 in Drive"?

What to do?

Please Help....
prajith said…
hai Iam prajith

i want to know about the Dos command or step for converting tally tcp(tdl)file.

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