27 April 2007

Weekly Computer Tips for Tally Users

For past few day i was planning to increase my postings at ApniTally. But while writing about Tally exhausts my mind out of ideas. So i was planning to include something more which can help Tally Users. So the first idea in this direction which came in my was to offer tips on computer usage and computer trouble shooting.
So Here i am with some tips which i have found on internet related to computer operations, small Business and accounting. I am planning to give you tips which i come across while surfing on the net. You may find these tips on one occasion or other while wondering on net but let me make ApniTally a place where a tally users can find answer to any issue related to Tally as well as general business operations. These tips will also available under Tally Tips tag.
Here is the first Installment

Hindi Browser Praagati
: Get the details about this Hindi browser. One can get the software also at download page
Faster XP Startup Tips : Try to startup your Windows XP faster with Configsys utility.
Rediscover Desktop Icons : If your Desktop Icons have lost then is the tip to find them.
Make your own Wired Cover : Here is a chance for you to be on cover of Wired Magazine. Design your own cover. See what i have designed Here is another example.

23 April 2007

Simple POS Invoicing in Tally 9

As we all know Tally 9 has a feature of POS. Most of the Tally users are not aware of this simple but great feature. POS helps us in giving quick invoice to customers who are shopping many products from one shop. The feature is very useful for retailers and shopkeepers.

  • By the help of POS small invoices can be printed quickly.
  • Barcode scanner can be used for scanning items.
  • And many payment options can be accepted.
  • See the slideshow below to get a feel about POS.

Vote for this slide show if you find it useful.

19 April 2007

Recycle Bin for Tally : A free Utility for Tally 9

As a part of promoting other user to write about Tally, contributions were invited from people who have some or great expertise in Tally. ApniTally reader Rajiv has grabbed the first spot to publish his contribution. He provided ApniTally readers with a free Recycle Bin Utility for Tally. This utility works same way as the normal Recycle Bin in windows run. Entries deleted in tally can be recovered from Recycle Bin. Go to Recycle Bin and find out all deleted entries. Follow the instructions if you want to retrieve back or permanently delete them.

How It works
After Installing it gives extra menu Item of Recycle Bin in Gateway of Tally. While working in Tally delete what ever vouchers you want to delete by pressing Alt+D. If you delete some thing accidentally then no need to panic. Just go to Gateway of Tally and Press R for Recycle Bin. Here you have to options. either to delete permanently or to restore the entry. If you press Alt+D again then the entry would be deleted but if you press enter then that entry would be restored back.

How to Install

  • Download the Zip file.
  • Extract the contents and you would find two tcp files.
  • Copy the file according to your Tally version. e.g. if you are using Tally 7.2 then Rin.tcp otherwise Rbin9v.tcp for Tally 9 in your tally folder.
  • Open Tally.ini file and modify the user tdl Line or enter a new line as
User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin.tcp (for Tally 7.2)
tdl=c:\tally\rbin9v.tcp (for Tally 9)

Save the file and Open Tally. You would see extra option of Recycle Bin

This is a nice utility to work on. Thanks Rajiv. The utility is a freeware from Shewta computers

If any tally expert want to show his work on Tally then ApniTally would be pleased to review and present to its readers irrespective of work being free utility or a paid one.

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10 April 2007

How to continue accounting for New Financial Year in Tally 9

As new financial year has started tally users are busy finalizing their books. Some of ApniTally users as well as my own customers have raised query related to accounting in new financial year. They are asking if they should start a new company for new financial year. Then they have query how to put last year's closing balance in new financial year.

We face few questions while entering new year data like :-
  • How to put opening balances as closing balances for last year are not available at this moment?
  • What to do with those ledgers which are not going to be used in next year?
  • How to get rid of last years mistakes or errors?
  • How to include inventory in this year's books?
There are many solutions to this problem but we have to choose the best. Creating a new company can be one solutions as you would get rid of all those ledgers which have zero balance. In this case you can continue entering vouchers as they come. You have to feed opening balances of each ledger manually when ever your last year balance sheet is finalized.

Splitting the company
Another better solutions is to continue entering data in existing company by changing the period in gateway of tally. When ever you have to make changes in previous period just enter the last year's period and record the entry.
When ever you get you company balance sheet finalized after entering the closing transactions just split the company on 31 march.
This way you would automatically get the opening balances of the all ledgers and there would be no difference in opening balances. But a word of caution here is that do this after finalizing the balance sheet, because once split you will not be able to make changes in last year
s company. What ever entries you would make would reflect only current company. Later on you can delete all those ledgers which are having zero balance or dead.
This method has all the advantages.

03 April 2007

Buy Tally 9 before April 15 and save upto 60%

For all Tally dealers and distributors this is high time for selling Tally 9. Most of the software sales comes in these days for Tally. So every year Tally Solutions introduces some schemes to give sales the required Push in form of price reduction or discount upto 50% or so.
But this time sales push is some what different. This time Tally is not offering discount but a price hike. After 15th of April Tally prices are going to increase by almost 60%. It's an alarm bell for those who are planning to buy the software but delaying their decision.Tally has targeted these people to increase their sale. So for all those prospective buyers It is Buy now and save 60%. Tally 9 single user would be at Rs. 10,800/- and Tally 9 Gold multiuser would be for Rs. 36,000/- from its current price of Rs. 9,000/- and Rs. 24,300/- respectively.
An advertisement campaign has been started in all leading dailies related to this.

It is noteworthy here that Tally 9 is coming with host of features like POS facility which is helpful in printing retail bills, Dealer excise and Payroll etc.

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01 April 2007

How many Reports Tally 9 can Print ? Its more then 90 !!

ApniTally reader Sandeep provided the users and sellers of Tally with the Sample Reports which Tally 9 can produce. You would amaze to know that the counting still continues after 90 pages. Starts from final reports to end with statutory reports for each state it covers all aspects.
As selling time is high these days in Tally, customers and as well as buyers would be benefited from these reports. This compilation of reports is basically focused for North Indian States like Haryana, Punjab Delhi etc for its statutory reports. More files would be uploaded for all Indian States sooner. So Happy selling and Buying.