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Tally9 rel 1.11 with Educational Cess Update for Excise Dealers

As expected New release of Tally is here for Download. As new excise rules has been put in 2007 union budget, This release is just a correction for those who are excise dealers. As 2007-08 budget has introduced Secondary Educational Cess at the rate of 1% of the aggregated duties of Custom and Excise, the new release introduces one additional type of duties and taxes which behaves just like educational cess. This breakup is also visible in Dealer excise sales invoice.

Other Changes
Another major change in new release is multi user function in educational mode. What this really mean to a customer is that now you can evaluate Tally in multi user environment. You can load on multiple machines and then see the changes. Earlier it was only in single user version.

You can now have one more option of printing declaration in invoice printing. In F12 configuration of Invoice printing you would get one more option of Print declaration which has to be put yes or no. This declaration can be configured by you by going to

Gateway of Tally -> Account Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter

and then selecting sales voucher.

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Mahesh said…
Tally 9 is fundamentally same as Tally 7.2 for accounting purposes.

I have come across some troubles with Tally as listed below :
For Excise related work Tally supports Excise for Dealers but the company is not back it with confidence that Excise Department will accept bills made in Tally. This is to be checked by a buyer of tally. In Excise the bill numbers should be non repeateable. But in practice the numbers for CENVET bills(Excise Bills) and normal bills the numbers are repeated. The ultimate trouble will be with the end user.The entry for Bill of entry for importers is not arranged for. When a purchase entry is made and the value is given, Tally re calculates the values and would lead to trouble later with various govt departments .

Tally is not providing for any change in Tax structure. hence the user has only one option to buy a upgrade at a astronomical 1/2 price or buy the new version.

I have come across a few irritating bugs also in Tally which I feel need to be solved.
Shailendra said…
Mahesh I have sent your problem to Tally solutions bangalore
Here is what they have to say about your problem
"Dear Customer,

We thank you for using Tally.

This is with reference to your E-mail with regard to above subject.

1) Please note in tally we have two methods of numbering 1) Automatic 2) Manual where numbers will not repeat.


This method is both flexible and exhaustive. You can use it carefully to give you your desired numbering system. Select this option to let Tally number the vouchers automatically for you.


This method will allow you to number vouchers of this type yourself. It does not check for sequence of the numbers and permits you to specify anything you wish in the voucher number field. However, you may choose to prevent entry of duplicate numbers. If you do, enable the field "Prevent Duplicates".

2) We request you to kindly revert with more details with regard to bill of entry for importers and When a purchase entry is made and the value is given, Tally re calculates the values and would lead to trouble, on receipt of the same we will assist you."

I hope you would provide more info .
You can directly contact with support of tally at

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