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Contributions Invited : Show your skills in Tally at ApniTally

We are having a burst of activity at Tallyusers group. Daily 30 messages are coming and 30 solutions are are coming up for tally users. Our groups is now the biggest group related to Tally Software in terms of number of members and number of posts per month, thanks to the active participation of group members. Sometimes I don't have time to handle ever increasing traffic of problems. Where as sometimes I am drained out of ideas for writing at ApniTally.

But looking at the enthusiasm of people at solving problems and sharing their experiences at ApniTally and Tallyusers Groups I feel now buck for helping free to Tally users should be passed on to all enthusiastic members.

So here is the way to do it or the way I do it.
  • Check for the problems of users at ApniTally
  • Read messages at Tallyusers groups or other tally groups.
  • Find a thing you strongly feel about or you think you know the best.
  • Write a mail to me about your solutions.
  • I would post it after required changes at ApniTally with full credits to you.

So are you ready for this challenge?

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Chaitanya said…
Thats really great

I think i will go a real fan of Apni Tally. Let me tell you I am not a Tally user but I like the way apni tally works and today I will definitely try and make my membership in tallyusers group on yahoo.
I hope i will get the registration
lets see
Anonymous said…
i forgot the user name and password of my two tally companys
so how can i recover for it
Anonymous said…
i have one problem in tally 9 in received voucher i want not only chq no: in naretion i also want bank name. and i don't want to repeat the bank is it possible in tally that when i select a party name for receiving entry the name of its bank appear automatically in narration.please anybody can help me

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