20 March 2007

Is your Tally origional? How to check it !!!

ApniTally Reader Ankur Jain faced a very strange problem. His tally is showing serial number on the top right corner but not accepting dates other then 1 and 2 or every month. As it is very well known fact that if Tally turns educational then you cannot change date of any voucher other then 1st and 2nd of every month. But if Ankur is to be believed then this can be a case of getting pirated tally even after paying the legitimate price. So what can be the possible solutions to this problem?
I would suggest following steps to undertake to check if your Tally is original and authentic.

First thing first, check up your source of purchase. Here is the list of DCP's and Resellers of tally from where you can buy original Tally. TallyAcademies can also give you Tally.

When you purchase tally you would get one box which would contain a small booklet having serial number and key printed on front with one cd which would have rel one of that software. You can get latest version of the software from Tally's site of tally or at ApniTally.
If you are upgrading from 6.3 to 9 then your serial nos. would change but one thing would never change is the sum of all digits of serial no. The sum would be the multiple of 9

Just after buying don't forget to register the software. By this way you would be know to Tally. Tally would provide you the required help when you are in need only if your serial no. is registered with them.

So here is my checklist for Ankur :-
  • Check the serial no. the sum of all digits should be multiple of 9
  • Check your registration details on Tally Site.
  • Install the latest release and then check the functioning.
  • If all things mentioned above are correct then contact tally or the vendor.
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Pic : Tally

15 March 2007

Contributions Invited : Show your skills in Tally at ApniTally

We are having a burst of activity at Tallyusers group. Daily 30 messages are coming and 30 solutions are are coming up for tally users. Our groups is now the biggest group related to Tally Software in terms of number of members and number of posts per month, thanks to the active participation of group members. Sometimes I don't have time to handle ever increasing traffic of problems. Where as sometimes I am drained out of ideas for writing at ApniTally.

But looking at the enthusiasm of people at solving problems and sharing their experiences at ApniTally and Tallyusers Groups I feel now buck for helping free to Tally users should be passed on to all enthusiastic members.

So here is the way to do it or the way I do it.
  • Check for the problems of users at ApniTally
  • Read messages at Tallyusers groups or other tally groups.
  • Find a thing you strongly feel about or you think you know the best.
  • Write a mail to me about your solutions.
  • I would post it after required changes at ApniTally with full credits to you.

So are you ready for this challenge?

13 March 2007

Tally9 rel 1.11 with Educational Cess Update for Excise Dealers

As expected New release of Tally is here for Download. As new excise rules has been put in 2007 union budget, This release is just a correction for those who are excise dealers. As 2007-08 budget has introduced Secondary Educational Cess at the rate of 1% of the aggregated duties of Custom and Excise, the new release introduces one additional type of duties and taxes which behaves just like educational cess. This breakup is also visible in Dealer excise sales invoice.

Other Changes
Another major change in new release is multi user function in educational mode. What this really mean to a customer is that now you can evaluate Tally in multi user environment. You can load on multiple machines and then see the changes. Earlier it was only in single user version.

You can now have one more option of printing declaration in invoice printing. In F12 configuration of Invoice printing you would get one more option of Print declaration which has to be put yes or no. This declaration can be configured by you by going to

Gateway of Tally -> Account Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter

and then selecting sales voucher.

07 March 2007

How to use Single user Tally on Multiple Computers

Single User Tally V/s Multi User Tally
The difference between Single user Tally and Multi user Tally is that you can use single user Tally at only one location where as a Multi user Tally can be used on different computers which are connected through LAN. Another major difference between Single user Tally and Multi user Tally is that you can open one company at all locations in case of Multiuser version and users can work on same company and data would be updated accordingly.
But let us consider a different case. You want to use one company at only one location and other company at other location but on same LAN, then should you go for Multi user Tally? This thing was very much possible in Tally 6.3 with hard lock but after introduction of soft lock feature this feature was also gone.
Due to hard lock single user tally was able to be detected on LAN although the feature of using single company on several computers was not available. But this was ideally suited for those who were teaching Tally. They need to work on separate companies on separate computers just for teaching purpose and single user version was doing pretty fine.

Using Single User Tally on Multiple Computers
Now again this thing is possible. You can use Single user license of Tally on multiple computers. For this the trick is that you have to use Thin clients on nodes and install Single user Tally on server computer. Ideally a server with P-IV configuration and with 1GB of RAM and 80 GB of hard disk with Windows 2003 server as OS can handle almost 10-15 thin clients.
As the data is severed from server so all node can run tally simultaneously. But again the condition remains the same. No two or more computers should open single company other wise second person would be booted out by giving error message "Forced to quit by Tally User "

So this is another cost saving for Tally teaching institutes and other computer institutes. At one hand thin client solutions would save you hardware and maintenance cost while software cost would also be reduced.