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Tally 9 Becomes more Network Friendly

The new release of Tally 9 i.e. Rel 1.1 is available for download ( See the download section on right hand pane). It is with statutory update. You need stat file version 51. One of the few new features added the new release are related to Tally's working on Networking. With modifications in its executable file tally has given new optional setting for network users in Tally.ini file.
As we all know Tally loads its environment by tally.ini file which is usually placed in your default tally folder.

Optimize Network Tag
If this tag option is set to Yes then Tally loads quickly and generates reports quickly. But for this you have to add a new line in Tally.ini i.e.

OptimizeNetwork= Yes

This would result in huge memory usage at server machine. So If you have 512 mb ram or higher only then you should put this tag to Yes otherwise keep it to No . Your memory usage by tally would be low and reports would be generated a lit bit slower. By default this tag is set to No.

LoadBuffering Tag

This tag when put to yes in Tally.ini file would loads buffers like batches, godowns tracking nos in tally memory and reduces network trafic. By default it is put to Yes you have to insert following Line


In case of single user version this can be put to No as it would allow other things like masters , items etc to take memory space.

FlushFiles Tag

If set to No this tag would result in faster acceptance of masters and vouchers and result in faster performance in Network environment. Add following line in Tally .ini


By default it is to set Yes. If you are using single user version or having frequent power backup problems then it is advisable to let it remain to Yes as this would reduce the possibility of data loss.
Add these lines in your Tally.ini file and send me the inputs about performance in your network environment.

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Chaitanya said…
This move by Tally will prove to be good for Multi-user Tally users because, more than the difficulty one could face by investing in RAM, is to face problems with entire network geting slow down because of Tally's way of working in Network environment. But even then I would suggest people to use Thin Client and Enjay Thin Client has explained the theory of using Tally on Thin client. your visit to would make your doubts clear about why Multi-user tally gets slow down and how to prevent your network from getting slow down

For you for ever
gaja said…
One simple question??

In tally.ini file where perticularly we should mention all these new three tags??

like is it after Data tag or after color tag??
Anonymous said…
Dear gaga..

The new tags is applicable to New version Tally 9 Release 1.1 only.

not for older version.

Even if you add in INI it will not work.. You must use latest version of Tally v9 R1.1

Shailendra said…
You can insert it any where Mr. Gaja.
only correct syntex should be there.
Unknown said…
True!!! this will help in a Tally multiuser env. but only for new tally users for the others I strongly suggest using Thinclients.
Thinclients save on power, and help in maintainence of software and if you use thinclient upgrade cards then they also help in reviving old machines. and Tally works very very well and fast on a thinclient setup (expecially multiuser)

contact me: for any help
Arpan: 9972306060
Anonymous said…
After upgrade my company tally from 6.3 to 9, it takes long time to open and working very slow.. please give me a solution
Unknown said…
cud u plz tel me how to make tally 9 a multi user s/w? i need to connect 2 systems to the tally server for running multi user... also tel me the network settings... with how to connect also...
surendra said…
Dear Sir,

I have Windows 2012R sever and clients with windows 7 and I am using Tally ERP Release 4.93 and facing slow process and tally getting stuck quite frequently and taking a lot of time in processing the data. Please suggest any setting to over come the same.


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