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How to use Tally Developer Educational version

As I have earlier discussed that tally has disassociate the Developer from Tally licensing. Now this move has many benefits for a tally user.

1. He don't have to purchase Tally license for using Developer.
2. Both the things are separate and can work on different machines.
3. Educational version of both are available.

Educational version of Developer 2.7 has same utilities that of Tally. i.e. you can evaluate the product but cannot use it for commercial purpose. Same thing as it is for Tally. Those who are looking for an opportunity in customization of Tally can check the educational version. If sounds good then can go for purchase of product.

What you can do
  • You can make program in Developer and save them as .txt files.
  • You can check the syntax of the code by color indication and write a good workable code.
  • You can check the default functions and take help of help menu.

What you cannot do

You cannot see the default TDL. It means you cannot make advance program unless and until you remember the methods and parts from Tally. But who needs it any way. As we are learning, we have to learn basics and advance learning can be done at some one's place where we have to work.
You cannot compile or decompile a program. But who needs this thing also when you can save the program in .txt file and this text file can work with tally very easily. We need to compile a program only when we want to protect our code and want to earn money out of this program. Once again commercial aspect is there so you can buy it any time when you are ready enough to make commercially viable programs. But you can always sell your program with codes open as the user would not probably that much literate to understand what greek has been written.

How to write a TDL Program

  • Download the Developer version 2.7 . (see right hand panel in download section)
  • Run developer and type in a program with TDL commands and save it as .txt file e.g. trial.txt.
  • Now put two things in tally.ini file
    User tdl = Yes
    tdl=c:\tally\tdl\trial.txt (your location of tdl file)
  • Save the file and run Tally.
Your TDL is working.
So a learner of TDL needs two things one help books and a good teacher.

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Anonymous said…
Hey TallyHelper,

Very valuable Information you have given.

Thank you

Tallynine said…
Hi Tally Helper

This is simply superb!
I checked and its working Fine!!! Really wonderful and I have no words for what the valuable information you gave us.

U saved our lot of bucks yaar
Anonymous said…

Is there any more settings needed? It is not working in my Tally 7.2 Version.

Could you please help. Compiled programs are working fine, but the one which is .txt is not working.

-Tally user
Shailendra said…
The settings are described in my posts which are to be done in tally.ini file.
In educational version you can only make .txt files and cannot compile them.
The only help which you would get is that you can see the errors in syntex .
You have to save the file in .txt format and then descibe the path in tally.ini file.
If it is not running then check the path of you tdl file
Anonymous said…
Thank You very much for the info
can u pls suggest a book on tally developer so i can learn that fast
Unknown said…
help me .......
just let me know how can i get gtalk(gmail talk) notification when i m working on tally.........
because i m unable to check way i m getting in Gtalk .....
Anonymous said…
I have downloaded some .TDL files but when I try to activate it says “Duplicate Description Name”

This TDL Include the Item Creation Window. After getting this error msg I have changed all the user defined field names. Then I’ve tried to get Item Creation window there it’s not changed. How can I change the original windows in the Tally????

[Report: Stock Item]<----Error in this line
Family : "Inventory Masters"
Use : Master Report
Object : StockItem
Variable : MSTHasPartNos
Set :MSTHasAliases : if ($$NumItems:Name > 1) OR ($$NumItems:PartNo > 1) then Yes else No
Set : MSTHasPartNos : if ($$IsEmpty:$PartNo) then No else Yes
Local : Collection : Company : Filter : IsInvCmp
Variable : MVSetSortPosition
Set : MVSetSortPosition : No
Anonymous said…

Umesh R Bilagi said…
can you suggest which book should I read for learning tally developer
Anonymous said…
how can i view the default tdl without the license
Anonymous said…
hey this sounds great!!!
I'll give it a shot.
Anonymous said…

I am prajith from calicut

I need some costcenter based open

tdl and any one knows about Logo

printing in tally
Anonymous said…

I am prajith from calicut

I need some costcenter based open

tdl and any one knows about Logo

printing in tally

my mail id is
Unknown said…
i edited tally.ini exactly as mentioned, but its not working?! i tried TDL=c:\tally\trial.txt

also, i tried the same for TCP files also, but it doesnt work! any ideas?!?!
Unknown said…
Hello Tally Helper.
please provide help. How we can adjust text box width in sale bill/voucher. problem is simply faced by every tally user that available width of textbox for ledger name or item name is limited, when large name entered in this like 50 character size, it become shrink and unreadable. any body can reply answer/discussion on

Unknown said…
R/p TallyHelper
pls tell me how to migrate my accounts from tally 9 backup to busywin 3.6...actually tally installed on my pc is stucking again and again;so i m looking forward to busy 3.6
Shailendra said…
You should use Tally.ERP 9 it is actually many times faster.
If you are having problems then you can send me mail with detail problem I would try to solve it.
Anonymous said…
I have downloaded and installed new tally version 1.61, but now my earler tdl file customised is not working in this new version,shows error, what should i do.
kindly advise.

Anonymous said…
kindly advise
Arya said…
can you help me???
I am searching tdl codes for LOGO on INVOICE. Can you give me?


Anonymous said…
how to enter mrp of a stock item & based on that it should calculate rate without vat
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for more articles! When will you update your interesting website?

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