How to use Tally Developer Educational version

As I have earlier discussed that tally has disassociate the Developer from Tally licensing. Now this move has many benefits for a tally user.

1. He don't have to purchase Tally license for using Developer.
2. Both the things are separate and can work on different machines.
3. Educational version of both are available.

Educational version of Developer 2.7 has same utilities that of Tally. i.e. you can evaluate the product but cannot use it for commercial purpose. Same thing as it is for Tally. Those who are looking for an opportunity in customization of Tally can check the educational version. If sounds good then can go for purchase of product.

What you can do
  • You can make program in Developer and save them as .txt files.
  • You can check the syntax of the code by color indication and write a good workable code.
  • You can check the default functions and take help of help menu.

What you cannot do

You cannot see the default TDL. It means you cannot make advance program unless and until you remember the methods and parts from Tally. But who needs it any way. As we are learning, we have to learn basics and advance learning can be done at some one's place where we have to work.
You cannot compile or decompile a program. But who needs this thing also when you can save the program in .txt file and this text file can work with tally very easily. We need to compile a program only when we want to protect our code and want to earn money out of this program. Once again commercial aspect is there so you can buy it any time when you are ready enough to make commercially viable programs. But you can always sell your program with codes open as the user would not probably that much literate to understand what greek has been written.

How to write a TDL Program

  • Download the Developer version 2.7 . (see right hand panel in download section)
  • Run developer and type in a program with TDL commands and save it as .txt file e.g. trial.txt.
  • Now put two things in tally.ini file
    User tdl = Yes
    tdl=c:\tally\tdl\trial.txt (your location of tdl file)
  • Save the file and run Tally.
Your TDL is working.
So a learner of TDL needs two things one help books and a good teacher.

Shailendra Yadav

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