26 February 2007

TDL Training at Rewari for Professionals

Many of my users have faced in selecting right tally academy for TDL as most of the academies in Tally are not ready for TDL training. Taking this opportunity to help those professionals who want to venture in the field of Customization of Tally, I have planned to organised TDL Training Programme at my Rewari Center.

The schedule for training is as follows :-

Start Date : 05 March 2007
Time : 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Duration of Training : 14 Days
Ending Date : 18th March 2007
Venue : Tally Academy, Old Court Road Model Town, Rewari

Assistance in Staying Arrangements would be provided by CyberTec Solutions but cost would be born by individual.
Daily Complimentary Lunch would be provided by CyberTec Solutions.

Eligible Candidates

1. One who is in the field of Software development and want to work on TDL
2. Tally Partners (Tally Academy) who want to work in tally customization.
3. Students who want career in Tally Programming.

Last Date
Tally Partners who want to attend this training can register with me by March 01, 2007 by sending me a mail.
Participant should have functional Knowledge of Tally.

How to Reach Rewari

By Train
Rewari is situated on Delhi Jaipur Bombay Rail Track
Other wise its 90 KM away from Delhi.
Buses are very easily available from Hajrat Nijjamuddin Railway station for Rewari
Booth No. 6 or Sarai Kaley Khan which is just outside Hajarat Nijjamuddin Plateform's Exit Gate is the start POint for Bussed for Rewari
By Buss :-
Busses are availabe from Dhaula Kuan and Sarai Kaley Khan for Rewari.
From Jaipur

Location in City :
Click for Location
Guide Map for Location

How to use Tally Developer Educational version

As I have earlier discussed that tally has disassociate the Developer from Tally licensing. Now this move has many benefits for a tally user.

1. He don't have to purchase Tally license for using Developer.
2. Both the things are separate and can work on different machines.
3. Educational version of both are available.

Educational version of Developer 2.7 has same utilities that of Tally. i.e. you can evaluate the product but cannot use it for commercial purpose. Same thing as it is for Tally. Those who are looking for an opportunity in customization of Tally can check the educational version. If sounds good then can go for purchase of product.

What you can do
  • You can make program in Developer and save them as .txt files.
  • You can check the syntax of the code by color indication and write a good workable code.
  • You can check the default functions and take help of help menu.

What you cannot do

You cannot see the default TDL. It means you cannot make advance program unless and until you remember the methods and parts from Tally. But who needs it any way. As we are learning, we have to learn basics and advance learning can be done at some one's place where we have to work.
You cannot compile or decompile a program. But who needs this thing also when you can save the program in .txt file and this text file can work with tally very easily. We need to compile a program only when we want to protect our code and want to earn money out of this program. Once again commercial aspect is there so you can buy it any time when you are ready enough to make commercially viable programs. But you can always sell your program with codes open as the user would not probably that much literate to understand what greek has been written.

How to write a TDL Program

  • Download the Developer version 2.7 . (see right hand panel in download section)
  • Run developer and type in a program with TDL commands and save it as .txt file e.g. trial.txt.
  • Now put two things in tally.ini file
    User tdl = Yes
    tdl=c:\tally\tdl\trial.txt (your location of tdl file)
  • Save the file and run Tally.
Your TDL is working.
So a learner of TDL needs two things one help books and a good teacher.

18 February 2007

Tally 9 Becomes more Network Friendly

The new release of Tally 9 i.e. Rel 1.1 is available for download ( See the download section on right hand pane). It is with statutory update. You need stat file version 51. One of the few new features added the new release are related to Tally's working on Networking. With modifications in its executable file tally has given new optional setting for network users in Tally.ini file.
As we all know Tally loads its environment by tally.ini file which is usually placed in your default tally folder.

Optimize Network Tag
If this tag option is set to Yes then Tally loads quickly and generates reports quickly. But for this you have to add a new line in Tally.ini i.e.

OptimizeNetwork= Yes

This would result in huge memory usage at server machine. So If you have 512 mb ram or higher only then you should put this tag to Yes otherwise keep it to No . Your memory usage by tally would be low and reports would be generated a lit bit slower. By default this tag is set to No.

LoadBuffering Tag

This tag when put to yes in Tally.ini file would loads buffers like batches, godowns tracking nos in tally memory and reduces network trafic. By default it is put to Yes you have to insert following Line


In case of single user version this can be put to No as it would allow other things like masters , items etc to take memory space.

FlushFiles Tag

If set to No this tag would result in faster acceptance of masters and vouchers and result in faster performance in Network environment. Add following line in Tally .ini


By default it is to set Yes. If you are using single user version or having frequent power backup problems then it is advisable to let it remain to Yes as this would reduce the possibility of data loss.
Add these lines in your Tally.ini file and send me the inputs about performance in your network environment.

11 February 2007

Tally Fever Catching On : More people coming forward for Help

In the year 2006 Tally activities on internet were limited to few yahoo groups and few tally sites where which rarely updated. Only Tally's own site was main resource for any help on tally. Some of the sites were reviewed by me but they were not providing good contents regarding help of tally user. Searching for Tally would yield about buying Tally Printer or some thing like Tally Ho etc.
Even questions in Yahoo answers regarding tally used to go unanswered. I have answered more than 100 questions about Tally but mostly have only one answer and that is by me only.
But Now things have changed quite a lot. Many sites are coming up related to Tally. Even users have see google adsense regarding utilities related to tally (see the image below)
So many Yahoo groups are there to help Tally Users. Some of the busiest groups about Tally are Tally_india, tallyusers, Tally_CA are having lot of activities.

Some blogs are have also come up to help regarding Tally. ApniTally has got the previlage of support by large number of tally users. Running for a long time with constant posts ApniTally started free help, but now few more people have joined hands.

To name a few a blog about case studies is at Tallyextreem
TDL Playground is one such groups who has started free TDL Training
Although these blogs need constant posts and it would be a great help in Tally.

Adding more fuel to Tally fever is free Tally tutorials by epathshala . This is pure masti ki pathshala for tally users cos you need nothing just click and hear tally tutorials.
Take a look at Atul Khandelwal effort by clicking the image below

We all Tally users eagerly wait for these project to mature and help users of Tally. Mean while if some body want to launch his project on Tally then he can use ApniTally as launch pad for his Tally related services. Just mail me, ApniTally can give you more than 20,000 click per month.

10 February 2007

Data Migration revisited : Solving Tally Data Migration problems

Tally users who are shifting form older versions to newer version are facing problems while migrating data. In some cases data is not migrated successfully. It is unfortunate with me that when ever i have tried to migrate data it has always finished successfully. Let me share some tips regarding data migrations from one version to another.

Migrating from Tally 4.5 to Tally 5.4, 6.3 or 7.2 The process has been discussed in my earlier post on Data Migration from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2. You can download this utility from the download section of the site on the right hand panel. Few things should be taken care.

  • Be sure to extract the zip file in tally 4.5 folder.
  • Edit the setting in .ini file regarding path of data.

After conversion you would find folder names 001 or so according to companies you have converted. These companies are workable in tally 5.4 or Tally 6.3 or Tally 7.2. You have to copy paste them in respective data folders.

Migrating from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9

Migration tool which comes with tally 9 has to be used for this purpose. It is also available on the right hand side bas under download section. Few things have to be taken care here also:-

  • Migration tool works with original license version. First it check the license file and then proceeds.
  • You can migrate from backup taken in Tally 7.2.
  • In case of unsuccessful attempt or error message in migration process you can check migration.err file which is created in same folder after migration process ends
  • migration.log files can also be seen for details of migration process.
  • win 98 can cause you some problem while migrating so xp or xp home is better
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05 February 2007

Data Recovery Revisited : What to do when computer crashes

Few of my readers are facing data damage problem in tally. Asking for help and rewrite command in tally is also not working. I am presenting few more things here and some interesting readings which would help you to recover your data not only in tally but also in other softwares. But before this let me give you my words to prevent this thing. Follow these things and chances are high that you will never face a situation where you have to look for data recovery software or sending data to experts.

Precautions to save you the day.
First and most important thing is proper power backup. Your computer should have that much backup which can help it in properly shut down the system. When working in network environment it becomes more important.

Second and even more important take proper and regular backup of your important back. Multiple and increasing backup method is best and frequency of backup is determined on volume of your data you can easily enter from your last date of backup.
But your data is corrupt and files are damaged now what to do.

When you have accidentally deleted the files.
If your files are deleted from recycle bin then there are chances that you can recover data from computer with help of any data recovery software. This is because when we delete certain files from computer then they are not actually deleted even after you remove from recycle bin. Windows mark those files as free space and when you write some thing new on computer then there is possibility that those areas can be overwritten by new files and your deleted data files can be erased fully or partially.
So the first thing to do is never write any thing on that hard disk where files are deleted and you have plan to recover it with some data recovery software.
Attach that hard disk to another system and install data recovery software on that machine and then try to recover those files.

Three tips of increasing success of your data recovery are also saying this.

You can also see some Do's and Don'ts of data recovery at this page.

Here is Beginners guide for hard disk data recovery at PCStats which makes us understand the fundamentals as well as guides about softwares to recover data.

You can try this file for NTFS get data back to recover data. But do it on your own risk.

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03 February 2007

प्रभु चले ‘सी ए’ करने : When God went for CA

I received a yahoo group mail by Mr. Vijay Kewalramani of Mumbai about how tough it is to complete CA study in India. I have translated this into hindi with some of my inputs and slight changes. Take a look at this interesting reading. Please forgive me for any mistake regarding spellings as this is my first publishing in Hindi. I would like to thank Mr. Ravi Ratlami for guidelines about blogging in Hindi. As my blog doesn't support Hindi very well i am presenting Hinglish version of this poem here. You can visit my Hindi Blog at http://apnitallyh.blogspot.com


Hey ! Prabhu tum jag ke swami ho,
Is yug mein anteryaami ho,
Ek ungli par prithvi utha sakte ho,
Ek netra khulane par pralaya la sakte ho,
Par ek kam hai jo tum nahi kar sakte,
Kitna bhi chaho par C.A. pass nahi kar sakte.


Yah aasur kon hai, is atyachari ka kya naam hai,
Itna to batao ki C.A. kis chidiyan ka naam hai.
Kosata hoon usako jisane bazar banaya,
Len-den ke liye Rupiya chalaya,
Sahukaar jise munshi kahkar rakha karte hai,
Padhe-likhe Munshi ko hi log C.A. kaha karte hai.

1947 mein desh aazad hua to logon ne vo din khushi se manaya,
1948 mein Gandhiji chale gaye to hamne shok manaya,
par aane wale sal mein ek bada bhuchal aaya,
1949 mein jab C.A. Regulation Act aaya.

Bas tabhi se shuru hui yah kahani hai,
Har student ki aankhon mein pani hai,
Intelligence & patience isake upchar hai,
Kya aapka yah pariksha aajmane ka vichar hai.

Read the full poem in Hindi at my blog in Hindi. Thanks to Mr. Vijay also

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