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Tally Help Channels : How many have you tried?

Companies in software industry provide customer care and different help channels for their customers. Tally is also no exception. For a software like Tally which is being used by many old as well as many new customers these channels play a vital role. All of us has one time of other stuck and asked for help regarding it, but how many of us know that in case of emergency which is the right channel to get help.
For a Tally customer help comes in many forms. Here are the ways to get help.

Case 1

You have bought Tally cos somebody told you and you were convinced, now you don't know how to use this software. In that case calling tally for help would not help you much. what you have to do is to get some printed material from market or you can get it from a TallyAcademy near you. Try your hands on it and if stuck some where first Press Alt+H to get context sensitive help(Be sure that you must have tallyref.chm file installed in your tally directory). It would at least make you understand the concept behind it, But in absence of live example you would face difficulty. You can call Tally's toll free numbers at 1-800-425-8859 or 1-800-22-8859.

Case 2

You have bought Tally cos its good and many people in your type of industry are using it but you can not work on it. You can very easily hire some body who is well equipped with Tally knowledge. Again you can contact TallyAcademy near you who produce fresh Tally graduates every two months. Alternatively you can take help of Placement service of Tally which would provide you the list of candidates according to your specifications and experience free of cost.
What you have to do is write a mail at with your requirements.

Case 3

You know Tally but suddenly you stuck up with Tally. You don't know what to do as problem is new to you. In this case Telephonic conversation may help you but one more channel is there which would be better, that is of web chat support which is present on Tally's website. You can even send mail from site itself.

Case 4
You have bought tally but you cannot get the support from all these channels. In that case you first knock the doors of person who has sold you tally. In fact this should be your first choice to get help. Sometimes you cannot get much help from particular person who has given you tally, but for tally there are multiple channel partners you can find all channel partners near you. If one doesn't work then other would get your problem solved.

Here are few more help email ids

Few Phone Numbers
80- 66282559
Last but not the least you own help channel of ApniTally. Users are requested to share their help channel experiences.

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