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Tally Developer 2.7 is seperated from Tally License

Tally DeTally has finally released new version of Tally Developer. The version 2.7 of Tally Developer is a comprehensive development environment (an IDE) designed specifically for programmers to develop customized Tally applications. Tally Developer is used to author Tally Definition Language (TDL) code that customizes Tally to suit our requirements in Tally.
What's different from its earlier version is that it has been decoupled from Tally. It means now it can work with any version and any serial no. of tally. It can even work with educational Tally. Where as in its earlier version same serial no. of Tally has to be there and you cannot attach it with other software which was a drawback.

What does a Tally Developer do?
  • With the help of Tally Developer you can
  • Write programs in Tally Definition Language (TDL) and compile them in order to run in Tally.
  • Identify syntax errors in TDL as it has color coding system to show commands written in it Just like Edit Plus.
  • In built search facility to search codes in your TDLs and Tally's Default TDL (Only professional version can search default TDL).

Who needs Tally Developer
  • One who wishes to know Technology behind Tally.
  • One who wants to seek career in Tally Programing.
  • One who wants to provide services of Tally Customizations.
  • One who wants to pursue Tally Technology Program (TTP).
Tally has provided two variants of Tally Developer. One is educational version and another is professional version. Educational version is just an extension of Notepad as it can neither compile a TDL program not it can search in default Tally TDL. User can Download Tally Developer from Tally's site. Details infor about Tally Developer is also available.

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Anonymous said…
Hi TallyHelper,

What Major features / addition exist in New version of Tally Developer v2.7 compared to TallyDeveloper(TDLAuthor) v7.2 R1.

The features of Decompiling is one seen in v2.7.. Any other from your point of view?

very well explained

Nice explanation. This will be helpful for me.....:)

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