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ApniTally User Survey: Let me Help You better

Finally I have also decided to conduct a survey about my reader in to let them understand better. Here is the survey questionnaire. Please give a moment or two to answer all questions. Results would be out within next week.

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Unknown said…
i use tally for our jewellery retail business. When we record gold stock in grams i.e 5.580gm sale. Now when viewing them in stock summary it shows outwards and inwards plus closing balance 2gether. is there any way to increase the space of outwards. inwards, and closing balance block for better viewing of the figures when fig is 18786.590gm.?
Unknown said…
i use tally for our jewellery retail business. at the closing of the financial period... when closing stock is valued.. according to the auditors...there is minor changes in the amount figures about Rs 5 to Rs 100. How can we set the actual amount valuated by the auditor for closing balance to get proper figure in the next year as opening stock.
Also same in the case of interest calculated for the unsecured loans.
how we can set the amt. of loan plus int.incurred on it as calculated by the auditor in tally .
Waiting for ur guidelines...
Shailendra said…
sunny for first problem of space it can be increased . All you need is a small customization of the reports already provided by tally.
For stock related problem you can put your closing stock value wise at the end of year in closing stock figure. All you have to do is disintegrate stock with inventory in F11 and put whatever stock you want as closing stock. Hope this would solve your problem
Anonymous said…
we used deal with production of clothes business now the production is stopped now i have to enter opening & closing stock values but i am unable to do it in tally 6.3 plsssssssssss help me its urgent

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