27 January 2007

Tally 9 Tutorials : How to Copy Paste Entries from One company to Another

While maintaining accounts in tally we create more than one companies and put entries both companies accordingly. The most common reason for maintaining two companies is that one company has actual accounts as it happens and the another account is what we want to show for our returns etc. Another reason is when we have group company as well as single companies also. What ever is the reason for two companies we can reduce work load if there is a facility of copy paste of entries from one company to another just like what we have in MS Word or MS Excel etc.
Although simple cut and paste facility is not available in tally but this activity can be performed by few simple steps. Lets view it.

Tally has a feature of exporting data from any screen. Where ever you can see the export button just Alt+E can perform the trick. Lets assume we want to shift all sales entries for Dec 2006 from Company A to Company B. Take following steps :-

Select the entries
Select the entries you want to shift from Company A. You can do it but going to Display -> Daybook. Now filter the entries according to date by pressing Alt +F2 and giving period 1/12/2006 to 31/12/2007. Now you would get all entries for Dec month. Now filter according to sales vouchers by selecting voucher type as sales. Now all entries of sales voucher type for Dec 2006 would get selected.

Export the entries
At this moment select the Alt+E button and you would be prompted to select the file and the format of export. Select format as xml and remember the file name you have given by default it would be DayBook.xml. Press Y to accept the screen.
Export the masters/Ledgers
Next step is to export the ledgers masters. Masters which are presented in company A should be there in Company B also. For this select the multiple ledgers which are involved in dec sales transactions or all sundry debtors.
Go to Accounts Info --> Ledgers --> AlTer in multiple Ledgers --> Sundry Debtors. You would see all your Sundry Debtors.
Press F3 and select Company B. Accept the screen by pressing Ctrl+A. Your all sundry Debtors of Company A are in Company B.

Import entries

Select Company B go to Import of Data --> Vouchers and put the file name in the space provided. Accept the screen and all your sales entries are in company B.
So isn't it like copy paste?

Check the entries if all are transfered?. If not then there must be an error in shifting the masters. If tally doesn't find any ledger in target company then it halts the transfer of vouchers.

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20 January 2007

Memory Access Violation : Some possible solutions in Tally 9

All of a sudden I faced this problem from many fronts. Two of my readers Mahesh and Felix posted me this problem in the blog voice and I was asked in Yahoo Answers too about what to do in case of Error Message "Memory Access Violation" Exiting Tally .......contact Tally Solutions. Its just like blue screen of Death in windows, you are thrown out of Tally and you are clueless what to do!!
I am presenting some common causes of this error message and its possible solutions. Applying these methods can help you but I would say that before doing anything just take a copy of your data on separate disk or folder for safety purpose.

The moment of occurrence of this problem can help us know why this problem is happening with our Tally. Lets examine case by case and their possible solutions.

When you start Tally, it immediately gives error and throws out of tally after giving the message.

The possible cause is that your default company is corrupted. Company needs to be repaired. Open tally.ini file and set Default Companies = No. Save the file and return to Tally. Come to company Info menu and press Ctrl+Alt+R to rewrite that company.

When you try to open my company it throws this error message.
That particular company is corrupted and needs repair. Perform the steps discussed above and if that doesn't help then check for screen resolutions, choose 16 bit high color with small fonts and check.

When you try to print some report or document from Tally, It gives this error message.

If this message is coming then check for printer drivers. Remove unwanted printer drivers or remove all drivers and install the one you need. Check the paper size of report from print configuration in F12. Try defining correct paper size. If problem persist then you can check after reinstalling Tally.

While rewriting company data it worth noting that company you are rewriting should not be open, specially in network environment.
If nothing is working then send a mail at support@tallysolutions.com or send me a message.

15 January 2007

Tally Developer 2.7 is seperated from Tally License

Tally DeTally has finally released new version of Tally Developer. The version 2.7 of Tally Developer is a comprehensive development environment (an IDE) designed specifically for programmers to develop customized Tally applications. Tally Developer is used to author Tally Definition Language (TDL) code that customizes Tally to suit our requirements in Tally.
What's different from its earlier version is that it has been decoupled from Tally. It means now it can work with any version and any serial no. of tally. It can even work with educational Tally. Where as in its earlier version same serial no. of Tally has to be there and you cannot attach it with other software which was a drawback.

What does a Tally Developer do?
  • With the help of Tally Developer you can
  • Write programs in Tally Definition Language (TDL) and compile them in order to run in Tally.
  • Identify syntax errors in TDL as it has color coding system to show commands written in it Just like Edit Plus.
  • In built search facility to search codes in your TDLs and Tally's Default TDL (Only professional version can search default TDL).

Who needs Tally Developer
  • One who wishes to know Technology behind Tally.
  • One who wants to seek career in Tally Programing.
  • One who wants to provide services of Tally Customizations.
  • One who wants to pursue Tally Technology Program (TTP).
Tally has provided two variants of Tally Developer. One is educational version and another is professional version. Educational version is just an extension of Notepad as it can neither compile a TDL program not it can search in default Tally TDL. User can Download Tally Developer from Tally's site. Details infor about Tally Developer is also available.

13 January 2007

Tally Help Channels : How many have you tried?

Companies in software industry provide customer care and different help channels for their customers. Tally is also no exception. For a software like Tally which is being used by many old as well as many new customers these channels play a vital role. All of us has one time of other stuck and asked for help regarding it, but how many of us know that in case of emergency which is the right channel to get help.
For a Tally customer help comes in many forms. Here are the ways to get help.

Case 1

You have bought Tally cos somebody told you and you were convinced, now you don't know how to use this software. In that case calling tally for help would not help you much. what you have to do is to get some printed material from market or you can get it from a TallyAcademy near you. Try your hands on it and if stuck some where first Press Alt+H to get context sensitive help(Be sure that you must have tallyref.chm file installed in your tally directory). It would at least make you understand the concept behind it, But in absence of live example you would face difficulty. You can call Tally's toll free numbers at 1-800-425-8859 or 1-800-22-8859.

Case 2

You have bought Tally cos its good and many people in your type of industry are using it but you can not work on it. You can very easily hire some body who is well equipped with Tally knowledge. Again you can contact TallyAcademy near you who produce fresh Tally graduates every two months. Alternatively you can take help of Placement service of Tally which would provide you the list of candidates according to your specifications and experience free of cost.
What you have to do is write a mail at placement@tallysolutions.com with your requirements.

Case 3

You know Tally but suddenly you stuck up with Tally. You don't know what to do as problem is new to you. In this case Telephonic conversation may help you but one more channel is there which would be better, that is of web chat support which is present on Tally's website. You can even send mail from site itself.

Case 4
You have bought tally but you cannot get the support from all these channels. In that case you first knock the doors of person who has sold you tally. In fact this should be your first choice to get help. Sometimes you cannot get much help from particular person who has given you tally, but for tally there are multiple channel partners you can find all channel partners near you. If one doesn't work then other would get your problem solved.

Here are few more help email ids

Few Phone Numbers
80- 66282559
Last but not the least you own help channel of ApniTally. Users are requested to share their help channel experiences.

12 January 2007

ApniTally User Survey: Let me Help You better

Finally I have also decided to conduct a survey about my reader in to let them understand better. Here is the survey questionnaire. Please give a moment or two to answer all questions. Results would be out within next week.

10 January 2007

Tally 9 stat version 49 is also available for download

In a quick succession Tally has made available its stat version 49 for Tally 9. This version has statutory modification for Tamilnadu state. For the users of Tamilnadu state the is a must download. For other states stat version 48 would do as there are no major changes. The PDF version of release notes is available on site. VAT form 1 and VAT annexure I, II, III, IV are being provided. In addition to this more than 25 VAT classes has been provided. Users can download this stat file from Tally's download page of Tally 9.

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05 January 2007

How to work on Tally without mouse : Keyboard commands for Tally and Windows.

Have you ever imagined working on computer without mouse. Or what would you do when your mouse is dead. You would find it very difficult to finish your work. Fortunately this thing is not that much difficult in Tally. The reason being tally has all keyboard command for all its actions. More over it has a legacy from 4.5 which was a DOS based program the Keyboard commands are carried from that version and not yet changed (luckily good for us).
If your mouse is not functioning then for reaching to tally you have to know few keyboard commands for windows and windows explorer. There are several ways but the quickest way is to press the windows flag key + R and type the address of tally folder e.g. c:\tally9\tally9.exe etc. Whenever you would press the first letter of the drive it would show all contents of that drive, just select the folder by pressing the down arrow key and reach the exact tally exe file and press enter. Alternatively you can select any item on desktop b repeatedly pressing the Tab key. When any folder on desktop is selected the you can move to tally shortcut icon by arrow keys.
Alternatively you can reach through start menu also. You can find some windows shortcut keys on this page on Computer Hope.

After reaching to to Tally you can find which command you have to give by looking around on Tally panel. Hot keys are defined in four different ways in Tally.
1. They are in red color in menu items. By pressing them you would get the desired menu or screen. Pressing 'B' at Gateway of Tally would bring to balance sheet
2. Another keyboard command are with function keys like F(n) in top panel or in buttons in side bar. these commands can be invoked by pressing the relevant function key. e.g. F12= Configuration
3. Hot function key with Under line can be accessed by pressing Alt+F(n) keys. e.g. Alt+F12 = Range
4. Hot function keys with Double Underline can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+ F(n) key. Ctrl+F12 = Value
5. Except this there are certain shortcuts which are always applicable and of great use. e.g. Alt+C would create master

Here is the list of interesting shortcuts about Tally

ALT + 2
To Duplicate a voucher
To Add a voucher
To Alter the column in columnar report
To create a master at a voucher screen (if it has not been already assigned a different function, as in reports like Balance Sheet, where it adds a new column to the report)
To access Auto Value Calculator in the amount field during voucher entry
To delete a voucher
To delete a master
To delete a column in any columnar report
To export the report in ASCII, HTML OR XML format
To insert a voucher
To toggle between Item and Accounting invoice
To view the report in automatic columns
To print the report
To remove a line in a report
To bring back a line you removed using ALT + R
To retrieve the last line which is deleted using Alt + R
To view the Tally Web browser.
To cancel a voucher in Day Book/List of Vouchers
To Register Tally
To accept a form – wherever you use this key combination, that screen or report gets accepted as it is.
To check the Company Statutory details
To select the Group
Ctrl + Alt + I
To import statutory masters
To abandon a form – wherever you use this key combination, it quits that screen without making any changes to it.
To repeat narration in the same voucher type
CTRL + Alt + R
Rewrite data for a Company

Search to keyboard commands led me to find some interesting sites on internet which are providing very good details about keyboard commands of various software.
You can find windows 2000 keyboard commands at LabMice.net page.
Shortcut keys for FireFox explorer are provided by Mozila page. This page has Keyboard command comparison about Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.
Steve Clayton on his blog has given Top 10 windows keyboard commands but his users have provide some more insight on practical keyboard commands.
Last but not the least, This shell blog page provides some more useful explorer shortcut key for windows explorer and way to work faster with keyboard.
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02 January 2007

Download Tally 7.2, Tally 9 Stat version 48

Download for Tally stat version 48 is available at site both for Tally 7.2 and Tally 9. This time major changes are for Punjab state. Some major changes include revised VAT return form VAT15 and VAT16 for Punjab and revised VAT forms 18, 19, 23, 24.
Minor changes are done for Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand, Kerala, Delhi, Maharastra, Orissa Karnataka J&K and Rajasthan. Some provisions for VAT classifications for Panjab and Delhi are also made. Flags for VAT adjustments for Punjab are also done. You can find the PDF version of Full Release Notes .

Stat file is necessary in tally for following reasons as it contains.
  1. State Names
  2. VAT Classifications
  3. State Specific VAT Return Forms
  4. TDS Deductee Types
  5. TDS Nature of Payment
  6. Service Tax Categories
Steps to install Stat file in tally
Follow these steps to install stat file
  • Close Tally
  • Download the file from the site and save it in the folder where your Tally is installed.
  • Windows will ask you for over write the existing stat.slk file
  • Run Tally and open any existing Company
  • The System will automatically import the contents of the new file
  • Check the version information by pressing Ctrl + Alt + B from Gateway of Tally In the Calculator pane, you should get "Company Statutory Version 48"

Happy New Year 2007

To all My Readers and Tally Users a very warm wishes for New Year.

May God give them courage and strength to fulfill their Dreams