31 December 2007

100th post : Be a TallyHelper for Free

This is my 100th post in ApniTally. The scene before the start of ApniTally was like this. If you want to find help on Tally via internet then you would land on sites which were developed by those who are doing it for their business purpose. Or you would land on Tally's own site, where there is no help on tally related problems.
There were few yahoo groups on Tally but not that much active. Only the members of those groups use to share their problems. Then way back two years ApniTally was started. Now the scene is different. ApniTally has tried to provide the user the platform where they can share their problems . Now ApniTally has more then 100 help articles which are top in search lists of most of Tally users.
One thing at this juncture I feel is that many questions related to Tally still go unanswered. Reason may be commercial reasons or my own time schedule etc. I try to answer most of the problems on mail but still what i feel is more help and more Tally Helpers are needed.

So here is the offer for all Tally Helpers. If you are ready to help in Tally around you, with or without money then fill this form to Be a TallyHelper for free and get in the list of Tally Helpers.
Mention your contact details, The price you want to charge, the area you can cover for Help.
Whether you are a pro or hobbiest the place is open for you free of cost for 30 days. Even after thirty days you can reenter the details again.

27 December 2007

How to clear Tally Certified Professional (TCP) Exam :Some Tips

Race for Top performers in Tally Certified Professional (TCP) exam for this year is heating up as the top score in each zone has crossed 90% marks and it would increase even more. As the last date is approaching near, TallyAcademies across the country are putting their best efforts to produce topper.
While all eyes are on top performers this is also a ground reality that students still feel hesitation in TCP exam. If i am not wrong then chance of failure in first attempt are very much higher as there was no such test in Tally before.
Here are my few Tips for those who think that TCP is hard nut to crack. These tips would at least help you in preparation as well as in making strategy to attempt the questions which can lead you to be a TCP.

Game Plan
The condition of passing is overall 55% marks. This would be the average of %age marks of Both sections viz. Business accounting and Business Environment. The student has to secure at least 50% marks in first section and 21% marks in second section also. If student is afraid of second section then his first section which is having questions related to Tally must be strong enough to given him overall percentage of 55.
The second which is having questions related to current business environment around us is having less questions so the the number of right answers increase the % very quickly, which improves over all percentage.
Tips for first section
  • Learn all short cut commands of Tally. This can be done by operating Tally without touching the mouse.
  • Understand overall concept of each feature of Tally why it is there and what it does. It would help in solving the questions. For example what budget does and why we use scenarios. If this is understood then solving the questions would be easy.
  • See all F12:Configuration options of all screens and remember where they are. For example Master configuration, voucher configurations, printing configuration etc.
  • Same way F11: Features should be known.
Tips for Second section
  • Learn about the types of organisations e.g. Proprietorship, Company, HUF etc. How they are formed and its constituents like shareholders , their rights etc.
  • Lern about return filing e.g. Income tax and its rates,Vat , Excise, TDS,TCS and forms used in them.
  • Overall use common sense if you don't know the answers and attempt.
  • Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.
Although these tips are based on my self experience and my students who has attempted this test, however it would be excellent if all ApniTally readers who have attempted TCP, contribute their experiences by commenting on this article.

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13 December 2007

Tally 7.2 retirement by Dec 31,2007

At Last It has come, Tally has declared the end of the life for its version Tally 7.2. No Longer will Tally team provide support for Tally 7.2. Tally 7.2 is retiring from Jan 1 2008. Any one who has got this software version has to think about his best options before 31st Dec. 2007 regarding up gradation of continuation with the version.

The reason for retirement for this version as given by tally on its website is that its support staff and development team is concentrating on new technologies. Due to constrains in older technologies it is not possible to sort out some know issues of Tally 7.2. How ever, it is note worthy that tally has stopped any new releases in Tally 7.2 very long ago. Statutories were also stopped. In the light of these events it is worth while to think what it means for a Tally 7.2user.

What it means for me?
It means that, If I am a Tally 7.2 users then in case of any problem i would not get the support from Tally's toll free numbers. No new updates would be available in case of Tally 7.2. If you have discovered some bugs then it would not be fixed for you as it was earlier done by Tally.

It means that user has to remain on what he is getting at present. If it is sufficient and his work is going on smoothly, then its very fine otherwise he has to think about newer version. There are so many users who are still working on Tally 6.3 and working fine because they never felt any need to upgrade.

It also means that in future if you need any customization etc then the older tools would no longer will be available in your version of software. The answer to all fears and questions regarding retirement can be viewed in Retirement FAQ's.

Should I upgrade ?
The answer to this question to is a again depends on requirements. If you feel that in the age of windows xp and vista you can still do with your windows 98 system then windows 98 would work in same system for ever. Same is the case with Tally 7.2, If you are working fine and you think you don't need any thing else on same system then Tally 7.2 is going to work for ever. Company is not going to take you license back, it would be surrendered and activated as it is done now.
As statutory rules would change and newer laws would come, so you need to upgrade your product too to full fill your business needs. If you think you and your organizations need would grow in future, then you have should go for upgrade to Tally9.

Find a Tally partner near you and explore your best upgrade options.

25 November 2007

Get faster reports and data processing with Tally 9 rel 2.0

Faster speed
Release 2.0 of Tally 9 has come up with many useful features. One of the feature discussed in earlier post regarding easier export of Tally data to MS Excel and its further processing. Another good feature in release 2.0 is Tally's speed of processing the data. ApniTally has seen the new release working at a much faster pace. Be it displaying of VAT reports of whole one year or a quarter, If you have to wait to see the reports to appear then you need the new release. It reduces time by at least 1/4th.
More over while converting the data from any older version of Tally to Tally 9 by Tally 72 Converter utility now takes very little resources and very little time.

Save money

Another hot feature of Release 2.0 is that Tally single user license can now accept data files from another license. This feature may seems to be of no importance but it can save you a lot of money. Now at a time when multi user Tally is high priced this feature can save you good money. Lets understand this.
If you have to work in a same company and you have two computers then you need a multi user license. Without this no two license can allow you to work you in one company from more then one location. But with this release you can have two single user license and can work in same company from two different machines as rel. 2.0 allows you to access other license file data.

16 November 2007

Export data from Tally 9 to Excel more effectively with rel 2.0

With introduction of Tally 9 rel 2.0 one more powerful features has been added in Tally. The feature which was very much required by people who has to regularly change the data for presentation. Most of us has faced this problem in Tally, that you cannot do calculation on data exported to excel from Tally. A great deal of skills are required in excel if you have to do your calculation on tally data. But this problem has been now taken care of.

Export to Excel With new release now you would get one more options while exporting data. One added format option is Excel format. If you export in this format then file would be saved in xls format. More over if you put Excel formating option to Yes then tally would automatically format the data in presentable format. Tally would automatically bold the headlines and main fields for you and format data in a good way. Take a look at excel snapshot of balance sheet exported from Tally.

The special thing here is that you can do the calculation on any amount figure or any row or column, which was earlier not possible. The only drawback which i could find was that amount figures are not right aligned which is must for numbers for easy calculation, although you can do it by selecting the amount figures and putting them right aligned.

Faster then ever
Few more features added in rel 2.0 are faster way to convert data from tally 7.2 to Tally 9.0 and faster and more efficient rewrite feature. Reports related to VAT and other statutory would not take more time now.

08 November 2007

Happy Diwali Greetings to Tally Users

Wishing you all Tally users a very
Prosperous Diwali.

Diwali greetings

16 October 2007

Remembering a Visionary Philanthropist : Sh. Shyam Sunder Goenka

Our lives are always influenced by people around us. But In our life there are always people who make a deep impact. Who change the direction of your life. You need not to meet them or even have personal contacts with them. Their contribution to society and country influences many lives. Late Sh. SS Goenka was one such personality who has changed the way of life for many Indians including mine.
For a person like me who has learned his life's first hard lesson by loosing money in a popular textile company's e-commerce business venture, it was not easy to put faith in a new company or brand. But Tally gave me the right path, the direction I needed to move forward. I would thanks to my stars and would remain indebted to Shri SS Goenka ji for this.
People who were close to him may know him better, but for me who has never met him personally has just always heard his praise from others. My impressions about his personality are purely based on what i have heard from other Tally partners.

People who are in Tally know him as their mentor and father figure. He treated his investors and dealers like his children. Many old partners of Tally use to tell me their stories about how they get their things done from Goenka ji when it was not done by company officials or even by his son Bharat Goenka. This which may be considered not allowed in business interest but should be supported on humanitarians grounds.
Right from Peutronics Ltd. in 1986 till Tally Solutions, Tally's exponential growth has vision of Shri SS Goenka. In the year 2002 when Indian IT Industry was understanding unicode system his announcement about Multi lingual Tally left other's wondering. We are having Tally 9 in our hands with not only Indian languages but in foreign languages also. Here is another of his quotes in a popular English daily " Our ambition over next couple of years is to take our product into the heart of the US, a difficult market. International brands exude a certain power that we would like to match." That vision too will not take much time.

According to him "Tally is a blessed Package". The blessings of God, blessings of Parents. To him "Moral and spiritual support plays a part in any success."
Today Bharat Goenka's energy is fast forwarding Tally towards that goal, but how many Bharat's in India are missing the blessings and mentor ship like of Shri Goenka ji's?
May every Indian Bharat gets a father like Shri SS Goenka ji !!

10 October 2007

Configuring Tally on Network : 3 Quick n simple installation steps [infographic]

This Apni Tally Tutorial is about configuring Multi user Tally on Network. How to configure  Tally server and then how to configure Tally client machines. The installation steps required are very simple.
ApniTally reader Raju, Shamshad, Austin and many others have faced problems in Tally while working on Network environment. Working in tally multiuser i.e. gold gives you facility to work on same data with many users on it. Smooth working can ease the work load and get the things done faster. Few basic requirements and configuration can lead to easy working in Tally. Smooth working needs few requirements. Lets see these 1 2 3  installation steps.
1. A separate Tally server
2. A fast and smooth network
3. A good Tally Configuration.

Tally Server
When ever we talk about server we imagine a machine which is big on computing and having high memory and storage space etc. But in case of Tally a Tally server need not to fulfill these requirements. In case of Tally server an ordinary computer can do the job, as on server not much computing is done. Tally server usually does the duty of holding the data and serving the license file only.It doesn't do any computing on it self as tally seldom gets loaded on server.
So we can give an ordinary desktop the responsibility of tally server. It should be well connected with other computers in organization and should have reasonable memory for working. Normal server in the company which may be doing some other duties like hosting, domain controlling etc can be avoided if needed as it would be busy with it's own work. But the most important thing is it should be on power backup.

Steps are explained below,but this infographic would help you a lot to understand the concept.

or Simply click Tally Installation on network infographic 

Step 1: Configure Network
Proper network should be there with Cat5 or Cat6 cables. Switches should be used instead of hubs as they are fast and intelligent . Preferably it should be on TCP/IP protocol and every machine should have an ip address on its LAN card with one common IP Pool. If tally server is having IP as then nodes should have the IP as and so on. The work group on all computers should be same and machines can have separate names. The name of the tally server can be TallyServer and the work group name can be organization name e.g. cts or tallyacademy etc. Most important of them all, your network devices should be on power backup.

Step 2 : Configuration Tally Server
Configuration at server end as well as nodes is very important. First of all while installing tally on server the check mark for server should be ticked. Then Tally license on server should be active i.e. Tally on the server should show the serial no and Tally Gold Multi user should be there on right hand top corner of Tally.
Tally Server Machine configuration
It is advisable that you make the folder name according to its version instead of making a default folder like tally only. If version Tally9 is there then the folder should be Tally9.
Share the data folder and give it a name like tally9data. Sharing can be done right clicking the folder and choosing sharing and security. Be sure to allow users to modify the files.

Step 3 : Configure Tally Nodes First of all install Tally in Tally9 folder in C drive. Modifications are needed in tally.ini file at nodes. Open the tally.ini the configuration and setting file in notepad and find the line TallyLicenseServer. If there are semi colons bore this line then remove the semicolons. This line has following syntex :-


Here is the IP address of the Tally server machine and 9000 is the default port at which license is running. You can replace the IP address with computer name e.g. TallyServer. The path of data folder should be also defined, for this find the line ;; Specify location of Data files Data =. By default it would have syntex like Data = C:\Tally9\Data i.e. the folder where tally has been installed on nodes. It should be changed to new location on network i.e. \\Tally9Data the name of the folder which we have given while sharing on server. So the data line becomes as follows :

Data = \\Tally9Data

These are the general setting which are needed for tally to run on network. If you company data is huge and experiencing difficultly then more network friendly setting can be used as described in my earlier post on network settings.

How to Check ?

Just open any browser like Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome. Type this url. It should be first checked on Server machine and then at client machines.
(the server Ip address followed by colon and then the port)

If the configuration is right then message displayed would be :
Tally Server Running !!!
other wise if page cannot be displayed is shown then your configuration is not right.

Share your experiences in comment box.

04 October 2007

Go Gold rates still available: Thanks to Tally Pragati

Those Tally Customers who have missed the Go Gold bus and were not able to update their single user license to latest Tally 9 have a good news. They still can avail Go Gold rate for their upgrade from Tally 7.2 silver to Tally 9 silver. At present the upgrade rates from Tally 7.2 silver to Tally 9 silver is Rs. 6300/-. But if this upgrade is done through any Tally student then they can get a discount of Rs. 1800/-.
A tally student can redeem his coupon and the customer can get benefit of Rs. 1800/-. The effective price would be Rs. 4500/- for the customer. The same prize was offered in Go Gold scheme.
The discount of Rs. 1800/- can also be availed on Tally 9 silver and Tally 9 gold purchase. Again the sales has to be completed from a Tally Student.
So Hurry before the scheme ends again.

Tally turns students into Entrepreneurs: Students winning Lacs of rupees.

The Pragati scheme on Tally which was started to help students in getting part time jobs have turned students full time entrepreneurs. Started on 3rd of Sep. till date students have earned upto Rs. 14,98,500/-. The top earner Depaka Sharma has earned Rs. 41,850/-. If a tally learner can earn this much money then how much he would get in full time jobs is anybody's guess. So isn't it a good start for entrepreneurship?

According to Tally's website, till 3rd of Nov 609 students has earned nearly fifteen lacs as cash rewards.
Students who cannot find them self suitable in selling field can earn a cash reward by excelling in TCP examination. Top scorers are getting Rs. 50,000/- cash prizes in each five zones. The results would be finalized on Dec 31st, till then every body can improve their scores. At present the best performer R.uma Nandhini from Nagercoil has scored 88% marks and he is from South Zone.
As scheme is ending on Oct. 18th lots of excitement and prizes are still there.

Further reading: All Pragati FAQ's , Pragati Earn While You Learn

16 September 2007

All you want to ask about Tally Pragati Earn While you Learn:Some FAQ's

Tally Pragati has been started. Students are enrolling them self from all across country. Tally has published list of student names from its five zones who have secured top five positions. This list is being constantly upgraded. Students who would get top position would get reward.

Here are some frequently asked questions prepared by me about the scheme.
1. What is Tally Pragati Earn While You Learn ?
Ans: Its a scheme by Tally India to help students to become entrepreneur and earns some money using his social network as well as learn and get certified by Tally and ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, UK).
2. How can i get enrolled for Tally Pragati EWYL?
Ans: You have to enroll in Tally Financial Accounting Program (TFAP) or Tally Financial Accounting Certification (TFAC) or both at your nearest Tally Academy.
3. What is the benefit to a student of Tally Pragati?
Ans : A Student would get :
  • Exposure to the market
  • On the job training while Learning
  • Opportunity to interact with its future employers.
  • Part time internship certificate from Tally.
  • Cash Reward from selling.
4. What is Pragati Gift Voucher?
Ans: It's a gift coupon which can be redeemed by the holder for Rs. 1800/- saving on purchase of Tally products.
5. How many Gift vouchers can any student get?
Ans : Student can get as many as coupons he can sell, but at any point of time he can have only 6 vouchers. For additional vouchers he has to contact Tally partner with whom he has enrolled.
6. How can a student track the status of his coupons?
Ans: Students would be given access to students portal, where he can see details with his registration no.
7. Would student get any kind of help for prospecting Tally products?
Ans: Every Student would get sales kit and instructions from sales partner. Sales kit would contain 6 coupons, Student FAQ's, presentation CD etc.
8. Whom should student contact for sales orientation / Training Program?
Ans: Tally Partners (DCP) assigned to particular Tally Academy would provide the training.
9. How many coupons can be redeemed against sales of Tally Products?
Ans: Only one coupon can be redeemed against one product.
10. Can this coupon be used for personal use use?
Ans: Yes student would get discount of Rs. 1800/- plus Rs. 900/- cash reward would also be there in case of Tally Silver.
11. How will student receive cash reward?
Ans: Student would get reward in form of Net Fund Transfer or by cheque at the details described while registration process.
12. What are the last dates?
Ans: Last date for Registration in Pragati is 18th Oct and Last date to redeem the coupon is 31th Dec.
13. What are the additional benefits?
Ans: On registration for TFAC student can get cash prize on being among first 5 top positions in their respective zones in TCP examination.
14. When would cash prizes be given?
Ans: Cash prizes would be given after declaration of result on Dec 31st. and on March 31st.
15. Can a student improve his score card?
Ans: Student can improve his score by retest. The fee for retest would be Rs.675/- plus service tax. A student can appear in exams as many times he likes.

Further queries can be written here as comments and would be answered as soon as possible.

04 September 2007

Tally Pragati : Earn while you learn Tally from a Tally Academy

Tally has launched its marketing campaign to boost its training and certification business. Code named Pragati, Tally has started this unique project to from Sep.3rd to Oct 18th for 45 days. For all those who were interested in learning Tally and want Job in Finance sector this is the opportunity to strike the right chord.
Any person whether he is a student or working professional who is interested to learn Tally has to get enrolled in his nearest TallyAcademy to get the benefit from this project. This project provides Tally aspirant the much needed training as well as a chance to earn money by doing part time Job work with Tally parter while learning. More over he can get rewards on meritorious performance in Tally Certified Professional exam after learning. Here is how the things work in Pragati.

Tally Pragati:

Student has to get enrolled in TFAP (Tally Financial Accounting Program) and get the TFAC (Tally Financial Accounting Certification). At the time of enrollment he can opt for Earn while you Learn scheme and would get 6 redemption coupons of Rs. 1800/- each. These coupons can be redeemed on purchase of Tally products and upgrades. The customer who is buying Tally products from a Tally Student would get a discount of Rs. 1800/- on every purchase and student would get a cash reward of Rs. 900/-. The student can get as many coupons as he want and reap the benefit upto Rs. 50,000/- during the project period and fund his financial needs like education etc.

Benefit of earn while you learn option

  • Gives Student the required experience before joining his job.
  • Exposes to market and clients with whom he has to work in future.
  • Handsome amount to fund his future needs.
Reward for Excellence
Once student gets enrolled in TFAC on good performance in TCP exam student can win cash reward upto Rs. 50,000/-. This reward is available to all those students who would get registered within the project period i.e. Sep 3rd to Oct. 18th. However students can attempt TCP exam upto 31st march, 2008. Even if the student cannot get required marks then he can improve his performance at a reduced price.
More details about this project would be available at http://tallysolutions.com/pragati/ soon. Readers of ApniTally can post their queries in comment section.

Additional resources Here are some resources which can help you in Tally Training.
How to be a TCP
Finding a Tally Institute of Learning TIL ( Previously Tally Academy)

15 August 2007

Computer tips for Tally users

Again Computers for Tally Users. These tips can help you in your day today computing.

Scan your computer with online virus scan. Quick Online tips tells you how to scan your computer if your symentec subscription has expired.This article tells how individual files can be uploaded for scanning before entering your computer.

Recovery of deleted files is possible. Simple information tells us the logic behind this. You find a free file recovery software also which is very handy and simple yet powerful.

How to create a good password for your account. Life rocks shares his ideas about how powerful password protection can be obtained.

Free pop3 facility for email. Life rocks reviews 5 free email services with POP3 facility.

Go for gold has Just one day left. For those who want to upgrade then this is the right time. The scheme is closing on 15th August.

Learn how to take care of your laptop. Digital inspiration shows you how to clean your laptop.
So Its Holiday so Happy Independence day and clean your computer from Junk as well as from dust.

03 August 2007

ApniTally Jobs: Now find Tally related Jobs also

apni tally jobs boardAdding a new dimension in helping out Tally Users I have introduced ApniTally Jobs Board. Now tally users can apply for the jobs listed on the board. Jobs are being categorized in four parts namely Jobs for TCP candidates, Non TCP candidates, Experienced candidates and freshers. The Listing of Jobs is free on the board but needs prior approval from me. I hope it is going to help employers as well as employees of Tally. Lets understand how this thing can be effective.

For Employers: All people or organisation who wants tally trained people can list there post on the board free of cost. But Listing would be only for 30 days. All you have to choose the correct category and description of the Job. Candidates can be called via walk- in interviews or details of contact email etc can be given where candidate can send there resumes. Now get your Job requirement get Listed . As soon as you would get the position uploaded i will approve and it would be listed.

For Tally Job seekers : All Tally Jobs seekers have to Just keep an eye on the ApniTally Jobs Board. Choose the position as per your choice of location and apply accordingly. A candidate can apply in as many as openings he wants.

20 July 2007

More stable Tally9 release 1.3 is available for download

Downlaod Tally 9 Rel 1.3Tally has come up with more stable release for its version 9. Release 1.3 is available for download on the site. User can also download from download section on right hand pane of this blog.

Many users including me were facing problem in cross plateform in release 1.2 and subsequent release 1.21. If you are facing problem in rel 1.2 or rel 1.21 in network environment then this release is a must download for you. My several users were facing problem in these releases and this happens while you are working in multi user version and the operating system on your server and clients are different. These releases has been giving problem of rewriting data. This new release has been tested ok with cross platforms in network environment.

In addition to this new release 1.3 ha come up with lots and lots of minor modifications which are beneficial for single user as well as multi users. These minor modifications are in the areas of voucher printing, interest calculation in forex, multi accounts printing with addresses, printing of invoices, bill wise bill details, bank reconciliation, cheque printing, security control and lots more. Same way modifications are also done in excise, tds and POS etc. See all changes in release notes for Rel. 1.3 The full release documentation is available on the site.

You will need stat version 56 also for latest changes in statutory norms. User can download it also for smooth working. Refer to release notes on stat Version 56 for latest changes.

10 July 2007

Go for the Gold : Golden opportunity to upgrade to Tally 9.

For the user of Tally here comes another chance to get upgraded to Tally Multi user version. Go Gold scheme of Tally is here. This scheme is for all those users who are old customers of Tally. It is applicable to all Tally 6.3 users as well as Tally 7.2 users. All the users of Tally Silver can now upgrade to Tally 9 Multiuser Just in Rs. 9000/-. You can check the eligibility of your Sr. No. of Tally and upgrade.
More over Upgrade to Tally9 silver is also available at Rs. 4500/-
Why i need It :
Upgrade is necessary as now Tally 7.2 is closed and no more support would be available for it.
Latest statutory rules and future changes in it would be available in Tally 9 only.
Tally 9 benefits are still there like the fast processing and features like, job costing, POS invoicing etc.

How to Upgrade:
Just buy TallyCurrency of required amount(see table below). Enter the nos. after scratching the cards and its done.How to check for your eligibility:
Just visit This link of Buying Tally and press add to cart button. It would ask for sr. no. of your existing Tally. Enter the Sr. No. and see if your product is eligible or not .

29 June 2007

Tally Synchronization : A great tool for people on the move

Suppose you are a CEO of a company and moving out of office for business meeting for a week.
You need access to your latest company financial data or inventory data. Here only way to get access to tally data is if somebody sends data via mail or sends backup of data. But isn't it a good idea if he can get the updated transactions with a press of few buttons. No need to send reports or take backup etc.
Tally has a unique feature of Synchronize by which this thing is possible. With a few settings at his end he can update his tally from his company server and that also without having live ips.
Lets see how tally synchronizations ca be achieved.

You need at least two tally license out of which one should be multi user.
You need internet connectivity at both ends. Broadband would be fine but you can do it on dialup also.
The Process
1. First of all setting in tally.ini files has to be done at server computer as well as client computer.
For server add these two lines in ini file

For client computer at this line

2. After that server setting has to be done first in F12 configuration and then in synchronization option of import data
you can restart tally and if the settings are right then at the start of tally it would get connected with tally link server and message would be displayed in calculator pane.
3. After setting server client machine needs to be configured same as in F12 configuration and then in import data option.
4. Client rules are needed to be set up in client machine and proper setting is needed.
5. While Setting rules two things are needed the be specified correctly, One the tally link id and the exact name of the company.
6. Synchronize from client machine and see the change in statistics.
Click the link to see whole process in presentation format.

Note down the error message act accordingly.
Whole presentation is given below fortte deference

31 May 2007

Computer tips for Tally Users

Here are my internet searches in the blog sphere on computer for the user of Tally. The Tally users would find it useful in their day today working on computer. This is my second post on computer tips. You can find more tips on my previous post.

Windows Keyboard shortcut keys
: Simple information has some nice shortcut keyboard commands. He has most of them which are generally used. Also see Apnitally posts on short cuts about Tally, windows and browsers.

Convert anything except Tally
: Rev2.org evaluates about Zamzar which converts every file format to any format (almost). Word to pdf, vice versa, video formats, music formats, doc formats and image formats can be converted from one form to another. I have tried to convert word file in pdf format and it works great.

Useful DOS commands for windows XP : Digital Inspiration gives few useful DOS commands for windows XP.

Gmail Drive in your computer :Tech-buzz shows a trick to add your gmail account as another drive in your system from where you can easily store and retrieve your files. You need broadband connection of course.

28 May 2007

New Service Tax updates now available in Tally 9

In a quick succession Tally 9 has got new release 1.21. This new release is with minor modifications related to Service Tax. New secondary education cess is applicable from May 11, 2007. This new modification is incorporated in this release. If you have made any entires during this period then you need to accept each individual entry once again.
Except this new service tax categories are also being added. Form 16-A for TDS returns have also been modified according the sec. education cess. Form 27D of TCS (Tax collection at source) has also been revised.
Now journal vouchers can also track delivery and receipt note. Try this feature by changing in F11 configuration of Use tracking numbers(Delivery/Receipt Notes).
You should also download the latest statutory version no. 54. This stat version has modifications related to VAT composite returns for Gujarat and Karnataka. VAT return changes are also done for Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerela.

20 May 2007

How to do Excise Accounting in Tally 9

With new rel1.2 of Tally 9 excise accounting has become easy upto certain extent. Although full excise accounting with excise registers and return filing is a distant dream in Tally at present yet excise records can be maintained in tally for manufacturer.
I have developed another presentation on Upto what extent you can do excise accounting without any customization with the help of latest rel 1.2 of Tally.

Some of Tally's old partners are working hard on excise module of tally with excise registers but no one has come up with a complete solution.
In the mean time tally users can get maximum out of tally with the help of this slideshow.

Any suggestions are welcome to improve the contents.

18 May 2007

New Release 1.2 for Tally 9 is here containing many modifications and corrections.

Finally Tally has come up with next release of its version Tally 9. The release has come p with many corrections and modifications. The most important one is of Excise duty. The correct calculation of Secondary Education Cess can be displayed in Excise invoices. Although this correction was much awaited but any way better late then never!
The Secondry Education Cess which was not calculated correctly in previous release has been corrected. Now One percent secondry Education Cess is calculated on Excise duty earlier this was calculated on just previous duty in the Invoice.

To do this correctly following steps has to be taken:-
The Ledger Excise Duty has to be made under duties and taxes and select type of Duty as excise Duty.
Same way Education Cess and Secondry Education Cess Ledgers have to be made in similar manner but Duty Head would be Cess on Duty.

There are other major corrections also which includes calculation of CVD(on Import) , VAT declaration in Excise VAT Invoices ans separate duty heads for custom and excise duties etc.
Check out the detail release notes of Release 1.2.

You need to download the stat version 53 also for updated Statutory reports. These updates include various statutory changes for different states and countries. State 53 release note are also available on site as well as on ApniTally. Tally 9 Rel 1.2 is available here for download.

27 April 2007

Weekly Computer Tips for Tally Users

For past few day i was planning to increase my postings at ApniTally. But while writing about Tally exhausts my mind out of ideas. So i was planning to include something more which can help Tally Users. So the first idea in this direction which came in my was to offer tips on computer usage and computer trouble shooting.
So Here i am with some tips which i have found on internet related to computer operations, small Business and accounting. I am planning to give you tips which i come across while surfing on the net. You may find these tips on one occasion or other while wondering on net but let me make ApniTally a place where a tally users can find answer to any issue related to Tally as well as general business operations. These tips will also available under Tally Tips tag.
Here is the first Installment

Hindi Browser Praagati
: Get the details about this Hindi browser. One can get the software also at download page
Faster XP Startup Tips : Try to startup your Windows XP faster with Configsys utility.
Rediscover Desktop Icons : If your Desktop Icons have lost then is the tip to find them.
Make your own Wired Cover : Here is a chance for you to be on cover of Wired Magazine. Design your own cover. See what i have designed Here is another example.

23 April 2007

Simple POS Invoicing in Tally 9

As we all know Tally 9 has a feature of POS. Most of the Tally users are not aware of this simple but great feature. POS helps us in giving quick invoice to customers who are shopping many products from one shop. The feature is very useful for retailers and shopkeepers.

  • By the help of POS small invoices can be printed quickly.
  • Barcode scanner can be used for scanning items.
  • And many payment options can be accepted.
  • See the slideshow below to get a feel about POS.

Vote for this slide show if you find it useful.

19 April 2007

Recycle Bin for Tally : A free Utility for Tally 9

As a part of promoting other user to write about Tally, contributions were invited from people who have some or great expertise in Tally. ApniTally reader Rajiv has grabbed the first spot to publish his contribution. He provided ApniTally readers with a free Recycle Bin Utility for Tally. This utility works same way as the normal Recycle Bin in windows run. Entries deleted in tally can be recovered from Recycle Bin. Go to Recycle Bin and find out all deleted entries. Follow the instructions if you want to retrieve back or permanently delete them.

How It works
After Installing it gives extra menu Item of Recycle Bin in Gateway of Tally. While working in Tally delete what ever vouchers you want to delete by pressing Alt+D. If you delete some thing accidentally then no need to panic. Just go to Gateway of Tally and Press R for Recycle Bin. Here you have to options. either to delete permanently or to restore the entry. If you press Alt+D again then the entry would be deleted but if you press enter then that entry would be restored back.

How to Install

  • Download the Zip file.
  • Extract the contents and you would find two tcp files.
  • Copy the file according to your Tally version. e.g. if you are using Tally 7.2 then Rin.tcp otherwise Rbin9v.tcp for Tally 9 in your tally folder.
  • Open Tally.ini file and modify the user tdl Line or enter a new line as
User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin.tcp (for Tally 7.2)
tdl=c:\tally\rbin9v.tcp (for Tally 9)

Save the file and Open Tally. You would see extra option of Recycle Bin

This is a nice utility to work on. Thanks Rajiv. The utility is a freeware from Shewta computers

If any tally expert want to show his work on Tally then ApniTally would be pleased to review and present to its readers irrespective of work being free utility or a paid one.

Related readings : Contributions Invited.

10 April 2007

How to continue accounting for New Financial Year in Tally 9

As new financial year has started tally users are busy finalizing their books. Some of ApniTally users as well as my own customers have raised query related to accounting in new financial year. They are asking if they should start a new company for new financial year. Then they have query how to put last year's closing balance in new financial year.

We face few questions while entering new year data like :-
  • How to put opening balances as closing balances for last year are not available at this moment?
  • What to do with those ledgers which are not going to be used in next year?
  • How to get rid of last years mistakes or errors?
  • How to include inventory in this year's books?
There are many solutions to this problem but we have to choose the best. Creating a new company can be one solutions as you would get rid of all those ledgers which have zero balance. In this case you can continue entering vouchers as they come. You have to feed opening balances of each ledger manually when ever your last year balance sheet is finalized.

Splitting the company
Another better solutions is to continue entering data in existing company by changing the period in gateway of tally. When ever you have to make changes in previous period just enter the last year's period and record the entry.
When ever you get you company balance sheet finalized after entering the closing transactions just split the company on 31 march.
This way you would automatically get the opening balances of the all ledgers and there would be no difference in opening balances. But a word of caution here is that do this after finalizing the balance sheet, because once split you will not be able to make changes in last year
s company. What ever entries you would make would reflect only current company. Later on you can delete all those ledgers which are having zero balance or dead.
This method has all the advantages.

03 April 2007

Buy Tally 9 before April 15 and save upto 60%

For all Tally dealers and distributors this is high time for selling Tally 9. Most of the software sales comes in these days for Tally. So every year Tally Solutions introduces some schemes to give sales the required Push in form of price reduction or discount upto 50% or so.
But this time sales push is some what different. This time Tally is not offering discount but a price hike. After 15th of April Tally prices are going to increase by almost 60%. It's an alarm bell for those who are planning to buy the software but delaying their decision.Tally has targeted these people to increase their sale. So for all those prospective buyers It is Buy now and save 60%. Tally 9 single user would be at Rs. 10,800/- and Tally 9 Gold multiuser would be for Rs. 36,000/- from its current price of Rs. 9,000/- and Rs. 24,300/- respectively.
An advertisement campaign has been started in all leading dailies related to this.

It is noteworthy here that Tally 9 is coming with host of features like POS facility which is helpful in printing retail bills, Dealer excise and Payroll etc.

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: Tally 9 Features: What in it for me?, For easy steps for generating payslip

01 April 2007

How many Reports Tally 9 can Print ? Its more then 90 !!

ApniTally reader Sandeep provided the users and sellers of Tally with the Sample Reports which Tally 9 can produce. You would amaze to know that the counting still continues after 90 pages. Starts from final reports to end with statutory reports for each state it covers all aspects.
As selling time is high these days in Tally, customers and as well as buyers would be benefited from these reports. This compilation of reports is basically focused for North Indian States like Haryana, Punjab Delhi etc for its statutory reports. More files would be uploaded for all Indian States sooner. So Happy selling and Buying.

20 March 2007

Is your Tally origional? How to check it !!!

ApniTally Reader Ankur Jain faced a very strange problem. His tally is showing serial number on the top right corner but not accepting dates other then 1 and 2 or every month. As it is very well known fact that if Tally turns educational then you cannot change date of any voucher other then 1st and 2nd of every month. But if Ankur is to be believed then this can be a case of getting pirated tally even after paying the legitimate price. So what can be the possible solutions to this problem?
I would suggest following steps to undertake to check if your Tally is original and authentic.

First thing first, check up your source of purchase. Here is the list of DCP's and Resellers of tally from where you can buy original Tally. TallyAcademies can also give you Tally.

When you purchase tally you would get one box which would contain a small booklet having serial number and key printed on front with one cd which would have rel one of that software. You can get latest version of the software from Tally's site of tally or at ApniTally.
If you are upgrading from 6.3 to 9 then your serial nos. would change but one thing would never change is the sum of all digits of serial no. The sum would be the multiple of 9

Just after buying don't forget to register the software. By this way you would be know to Tally. Tally would provide you the required help when you are in need only if your serial no. is registered with them.

So here is my checklist for Ankur :-
  • Check the serial no. the sum of all digits should be multiple of 9
  • Check your registration details on Tally Site.
  • Install the latest release and then check the functioning.
  • If all things mentioned above are correct then contact tally or the vendor.
Related reading : Why Tally Turns Educational
Pic : Tally

15 March 2007

Contributions Invited : Show your skills in Tally at ApniTally

We are having a burst of activity at Tallyusers group. Daily 30 messages are coming and 30 solutions are are coming up for tally users. Our groups is now the biggest group related to Tally Software in terms of number of members and number of posts per month, thanks to the active participation of group members. Sometimes I don't have time to handle ever increasing traffic of problems. Where as sometimes I am drained out of ideas for writing at ApniTally.

But looking at the enthusiasm of people at solving problems and sharing their experiences at ApniTally and Tallyusers Groups I feel now buck for helping free to Tally users should be passed on to all enthusiastic members.

So here is the way to do it or the way I do it.
  • Check for the problems of users at ApniTally
  • Read messages at Tallyusers groups or other tally groups.
  • Find a thing you strongly feel about or you think you know the best.
  • Write a mail to me about your solutions.
  • I would post it after required changes at ApniTally with full credits to you.

So are you ready for this challenge?

13 March 2007

Tally9 rel 1.11 with Educational Cess Update for Excise Dealers

As expected New release of Tally is here for Download. As new excise rules has been put in 2007 union budget, This release is just a correction for those who are excise dealers. As 2007-08 budget has introduced Secondary Educational Cess at the rate of 1% of the aggregated duties of Custom and Excise, the new release introduces one additional type of duties and taxes which behaves just like educational cess. This breakup is also visible in Dealer excise sales invoice.

Other Changes
Another major change in new release is multi user function in educational mode. What this really mean to a customer is that now you can evaluate Tally in multi user environment. You can load on multiple machines and then see the changes. Earlier it was only in single user version.

You can now have one more option of printing declaration in invoice printing. In F12 configuration of Invoice printing you would get one more option of Print declaration which has to be put yes or no. This declaration can be configured by you by going to

Gateway of Tally -> Account Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter

and then selecting sales voucher.

07 March 2007

How to use Single user Tally on Multiple Computers

Single User Tally V/s Multi User Tally
The difference between Single user Tally and Multi user Tally is that you can use single user Tally at only one location where as a Multi user Tally can be used on different computers which are connected through LAN. Another major difference between Single user Tally and Multi user Tally is that you can open one company at all locations in case of Multiuser version and users can work on same company and data would be updated accordingly.
But let us consider a different case. You want to use one company at only one location and other company at other location but on same LAN, then should you go for Multi user Tally? This thing was very much possible in Tally 6.3 with hard lock but after introduction of soft lock feature this feature was also gone.
Due to hard lock single user tally was able to be detected on LAN although the feature of using single company on several computers was not available. But this was ideally suited for those who were teaching Tally. They need to work on separate companies on separate computers just for teaching purpose and single user version was doing pretty fine.

Using Single User Tally on Multiple Computers
Now again this thing is possible. You can use Single user license of Tally on multiple computers. For this the trick is that you have to use Thin clients on nodes and install Single user Tally on server computer. Ideally a server with P-IV configuration and with 1GB of RAM and 80 GB of hard disk with Windows 2003 server as OS can handle almost 10-15 thin clients.
As the data is severed from server so all node can run tally simultaneously. But again the condition remains the same. No two or more computers should open single company other wise second person would be booted out by giving error message "Forced to quit by Tally User "

So this is another cost saving for Tally teaching institutes and other computer institutes. At one hand thin client solutions would save you hardware and maintenance cost while software cost would also be reduced.

26 February 2007

TDL Training at Rewari for Professionals

Many of my users have faced in selecting right tally academy for TDL as most of the academies in Tally are not ready for TDL training. Taking this opportunity to help those professionals who want to venture in the field of Customization of Tally, I have planned to organised TDL Training Programme at my Rewari Center.

The schedule for training is as follows :-

Start Date : 05 March 2007
Time : 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Duration of Training : 14 Days
Ending Date : 18th March 2007
Venue : Tally Academy, Old Court Road Model Town, Rewari

Assistance in Staying Arrangements would be provided by CyberTec Solutions but cost would be born by individual.
Daily Complimentary Lunch would be provided by CyberTec Solutions.

Eligible Candidates

1. One who is in the field of Software development and want to work on TDL
2. Tally Partners (Tally Academy) who want to work in tally customization.
3. Students who want career in Tally Programming.

Last Date
Tally Partners who want to attend this training can register with me by March 01, 2007 by sending me a mail.
Participant should have functional Knowledge of Tally.

How to Reach Rewari

By Train
Rewari is situated on Delhi Jaipur Bombay Rail Track
Other wise its 90 KM away from Delhi.
Buses are very easily available from Hajrat Nijjamuddin Railway station for Rewari
Booth No. 6 or Sarai Kaley Khan which is just outside Hajarat Nijjamuddin Plateform's Exit Gate is the start POint for Bussed for Rewari
By Buss :-
Busses are availabe from Dhaula Kuan and Sarai Kaley Khan for Rewari.
From Jaipur

Location in City :
Click for Location
Guide Map for Location

How to use Tally Developer Educational version

As I have earlier discussed that tally has disassociate the Developer from Tally licensing. Now this move has many benefits for a tally user.

1. He don't have to purchase Tally license for using Developer.
2. Both the things are separate and can work on different machines.
3. Educational version of both are available.

Educational version of Developer 2.7 has same utilities that of Tally. i.e. you can evaluate the product but cannot use it for commercial purpose. Same thing as it is for Tally. Those who are looking for an opportunity in customization of Tally can check the educational version. If sounds good then can go for purchase of product.

What you can do
  • You can make program in Developer and save them as .txt files.
  • You can check the syntax of the code by color indication and write a good workable code.
  • You can check the default functions and take help of help menu.

What you cannot do

You cannot see the default TDL. It means you cannot make advance program unless and until you remember the methods and parts from Tally. But who needs it any way. As we are learning, we have to learn basics and advance learning can be done at some one's place where we have to work.
You cannot compile or decompile a program. But who needs this thing also when you can save the program in .txt file and this text file can work with tally very easily. We need to compile a program only when we want to protect our code and want to earn money out of this program. Once again commercial aspect is there so you can buy it any time when you are ready enough to make commercially viable programs. But you can always sell your program with codes open as the user would not probably that much literate to understand what greek has been written.

How to write a TDL Program

  • Download the Developer version 2.7 . (see right hand panel in download section)
  • Run developer and type in a program with TDL commands and save it as .txt file e.g. trial.txt.
  • Now put two things in tally.ini file
    User tdl = Yes
    tdl=c:\tally\tdl\trial.txt (your location of tdl file)
  • Save the file and run Tally.
Your TDL is working.
So a learner of TDL needs two things one help books and a good teacher.

18 February 2007

Tally 9 Becomes more Network Friendly

The new release of Tally 9 i.e. Rel 1.1 is available for download ( See the download section on right hand pane). It is with statutory update. You need stat file version 51. One of the few new features added the new release are related to Tally's working on Networking. With modifications in its executable file tally has given new optional setting for network users in Tally.ini file.
As we all know Tally loads its environment by tally.ini file which is usually placed in your default tally folder.

Optimize Network Tag
If this tag option is set to Yes then Tally loads quickly and generates reports quickly. But for this you have to add a new line in Tally.ini i.e.

OptimizeNetwork= Yes

This would result in huge memory usage at server machine. So If you have 512 mb ram or higher only then you should put this tag to Yes otherwise keep it to No . Your memory usage by tally would be low and reports would be generated a lit bit slower. By default this tag is set to No.

LoadBuffering Tag

This tag when put to yes in Tally.ini file would loads buffers like batches, godowns tracking nos in tally memory and reduces network trafic. By default it is put to Yes you have to insert following Line


In case of single user version this can be put to No as it would allow other things like masters , items etc to take memory space.

FlushFiles Tag

If set to No this tag would result in faster acceptance of masters and vouchers and result in faster performance in Network environment. Add following line in Tally .ini


By default it is to set Yes. If you are using single user version or having frequent power backup problems then it is advisable to let it remain to Yes as this would reduce the possibility of data loss.
Add these lines in your Tally.ini file and send me the inputs about performance in your network environment.

11 February 2007

Tally Fever Catching On : More people coming forward for Help

In the year 2006 Tally activities on internet were limited to few yahoo groups and few tally sites where which rarely updated. Only Tally's own site was main resource for any help on tally. Some of the sites were reviewed by me but they were not providing good contents regarding help of tally user. Searching for Tally would yield about buying Tally Printer or some thing like Tally Ho etc.
Even questions in Yahoo answers regarding tally used to go unanswered. I have answered more than 100 questions about Tally but mostly have only one answer and that is by me only.
But Now things have changed quite a lot. Many sites are coming up related to Tally. Even users have see google adsense regarding utilities related to tally (see the image below)
So many Yahoo groups are there to help Tally Users. Some of the busiest groups about Tally are Tally_india, tallyusers, Tally_CA are having lot of activities.

Some blogs are have also come up to help regarding Tally. ApniTally has got the previlage of support by large number of tally users. Running for a long time with constant posts ApniTally started free help, but now few more people have joined hands.

To name a few a blog about case studies is at Tallyextreem
TDL Playground is one such groups who has started free TDL Training
Although these blogs need constant posts and it would be a great help in Tally.

Adding more fuel to Tally fever is free Tally tutorials by epathshala . This is pure masti ki pathshala for tally users cos you need nothing just click and hear tally tutorials.
Take a look at Atul Khandelwal effort by clicking the image below

We all Tally users eagerly wait for these project to mature and help users of Tally. Mean while if some body want to launch his project on Tally then he can use ApniTally as launch pad for his Tally related services. Just mail me, ApniTally can give you more than 20,000 click per month.

10 February 2007

Data Migration revisited : Solving Tally Data Migration problems

Tally users who are shifting form older versions to newer version are facing problems while migrating data. In some cases data is not migrated successfully. It is unfortunate with me that when ever i have tried to migrate data it has always finished successfully. Let me share some tips regarding data migrations from one version to another.

Migrating from Tally 4.5 to Tally 5.4, 6.3 or 7.2 The process has been discussed in my earlier post on Data Migration from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2. You can download this utility from the download section of the site on the right hand panel. Few things should be taken care.

  • Be sure to extract the zip file in tally 4.5 folder.
  • Edit the setting in .ini file regarding path of data.

After conversion you would find folder names 001 or so according to companies you have converted. These companies are workable in tally 5.4 or Tally 6.3 or Tally 7.2. You have to copy paste them in respective data folders.

Migrating from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9

Migration tool which comes with tally 9 has to be used for this purpose. It is also available on the right hand side bas under download section. Few things have to be taken care here also:-

  • Migration tool works with original license version. First it check the license file and then proceeds.
  • You can migrate from backup taken in Tally 7.2.
  • In case of unsuccessful attempt or error message in migration process you can check migration.err file which is created in same folder after migration process ends
  • migration.log files can also be seen for details of migration process.
  • win 98 can cause you some problem while migrating so xp or xp home is better
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05 February 2007

Data Recovery Revisited : What to do when computer crashes

Few of my readers are facing data damage problem in tally. Asking for help and rewrite command in tally is also not working. I am presenting few more things here and some interesting readings which would help you to recover your data not only in tally but also in other softwares. But before this let me give you my words to prevent this thing. Follow these things and chances are high that you will never face a situation where you have to look for data recovery software or sending data to experts.

Precautions to save you the day.
First and most important thing is proper power backup. Your computer should have that much backup which can help it in properly shut down the system. When working in network environment it becomes more important.

Second and even more important take proper and regular backup of your important back. Multiple and increasing backup method is best and frequency of backup is determined on volume of your data you can easily enter from your last date of backup.
But your data is corrupt and files are damaged now what to do.

When you have accidentally deleted the files.
If your files are deleted from recycle bin then there are chances that you can recover data from computer with help of any data recovery software. This is because when we delete certain files from computer then they are not actually deleted even after you remove from recycle bin. Windows mark those files as free space and when you write some thing new on computer then there is possibility that those areas can be overwritten by new files and your deleted data files can be erased fully or partially.
So the first thing to do is never write any thing on that hard disk where files are deleted and you have plan to recover it with some data recovery software.
Attach that hard disk to another system and install data recovery software on that machine and then try to recover those files.

Three tips of increasing success of your data recovery are also saying this.

You can also see some Do's and Don'ts of data recovery at this page.

Here is Beginners guide for hard disk data recovery at PCStats which makes us understand the fundamentals as well as guides about softwares to recover data.

You can try this file for NTFS get data back to recover data. But do it on your own risk.

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