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Tally 9 Features : What is in Tally 9 for me?

Tally 9 has some great news for every one. Features added in this upgraded version are a definite plus. And adding them for free is a great new for those who has put there faith in Tally 8.1. Tally's decision to add these features without any cost is going to give its sales a big boost. As the new version is here lets see what is stored in Tally 9 for us as a user of Tally software.

New Users :
For new users Tally 9 has got almost every thing. Either it is advance accounting or advance inventory. It has got more power to perform faster. A new user would get all major features like:-
  • Advance Accounting to manage your accounts
  • Advance Inventory to manage your store
  • Statutory compliance for VAT, TDS, Service Tax, Dealer excise, Fringe benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Payroll to manage employees accounts.
  • POS Invoicing with bar code supporting.

Tally 8.1 Users:
These users can get best of both worlds. They have to pay nothing and they would get more solid platform of Tally and features like Payroll and POS invoicing. They should upgrade because many bugs and disadvantages have been corrected in this version. a few ones include:-
  • Grid lines in printing price lists.
  • Cost centers display with scenario
  • Display of credit days in purchase entry
  • Alter a forex transaction in purchase
  • Multi columnar report in corrected form
  • Setting Off Excise Duty Credit against Service Tax Payable
  • ST-3 form of Service Tax
  • Printing cheque in foreign currency
Tally 7.2 & Tally 6.3 Users
These users can get many features like payroll, VAT, FBT, POS Invoicing, Dealer Excise etc. They would get faster speed for VAT report viewing. But for this they have to upgrade their software with the help of Tally currency of appropriate value.
Tally 7.2 users can find check the price of upgrades them self by going to F12 Configuration--> shop --> online --> price List and then see what upgrades they can get and at what price. You can find more information about Upgrade options on Upgrade page.

How to upgrade
For Tally 8.1 users the upgrade is free of cost what they have to do is just download the latest files of Tally 9 and upgrade their license in Tally9 by entering their serial no key and email address.
For Tally 7.2 they have to enter the nos. of Tally currency in F12 shoping cart --> add products
For Tally 6.3 user they have to give a DD of the required amount and Tally would allow to download Tally software from site with those serial nos.

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Anonymous said…
can any one tell me how you can maintain a share trading account in tally 9? with report details like long term & short term capital gains, detils and break up of shares in different investment acc etc.

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