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Problem with Apni Tally View ? Try this

One of my reader informed my about in corrected view of Apni Tally blog. I verified it on different versions of Internet explorer but find it all right. But yesterday while working on a computer in a cyber cafe i noticed that if the screen resolutions is not 1024X768 or higher then you would get the middle row a little bit distorted.
The best view is in 1024X 768 for this blog.
You can correct it by right clicking on desktop and then properties

The best software to view this blog is Firefox . You can download it from the left hand panel under Useful Software section and see how smooth surfing can become.

Fire fox is my personal choice as after using it
1. I have got rid of frequent browser hacking which is a very common problem for Internet explorer users.
2. Unwanted search engines which use to show results now and then whenever a wrong url was typed.
3. Tabbed browsing Lets me do more work in a single window.

I would like to share some stats regarding viewers of ApniTally.

When i checked the site stats I find out that 78.36% or my users are using Internet explorer and 17.29% are using FireFox. 55% users have screen resolution 1024X 768 pixel which is a good sign for me. Only 7.12% users are using resolution below 1024X 768.

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