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New Update for Tally 7.2 users released.

Download Tally 7.2 rel 3.13For the existing users of Tally 7.2 users New release is on the site for downloading. You can download release 3.13 of Tally 7.2. The update is accompanied with stat version 47 which is applicable to release 3.0 and higher. As far as release is concern few minor up gradations and few corrections has been done for existing users. User must read full release notes before installing the new release. If you need any of these upgraded or modified features then download the same by giving your sr. no. and the activation code or email address. Users can check their current statutory master by pressing Ctrl+Alt+B at Gateway of Tally Menu. As discussed earlier also stat.slk file contains latest statutory rules and up gradations regarding VAT,Service Tax etc, it should be upgraded.

Some of the major facilities and enhancements include:-
display of due date in purchase entry,
importing VAT rate specified in item master,
VAT bifurcation details in sales invoice and accurate calculation of tax for multiple VAT rate items etc.

Some major stat changes incorporated in Stat file are:-
VAT return forms RT II and RT III have now been provided for Bihar
New VAT classifications has been added.
Modification and deletion in existing VAT classifications
Forms 8, 8A and 8B have now been provided for Kerala.
New VAT classification for VAT 20% added for Kerala.
Capital Goods 12.5% has now been provided in VAT/Tax Classes for Rajasthan.
New VAT Classifications have been provided, in order to make voucher entry convenient for Haryana.

You can get pdf version of release notes of stat 47.

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Anonymous said…
Vat Return Form 14 of West Bengal has been changed. Stat file needs an upgradation acordingly.

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