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Buying Accounting Software : 9 points to help you out..

If you are preparing to invest in accounting software then considering these points before making your decision would help you. Accounting software is an important investment and a tough decision to make as you have to think on many lines. All variety of software are available in the market. Some are small in price while others are rich in features. Some handle general features of all business while other are specially for certain type of business. Some have good support while others are with little upgradation. Let see what factors can help us in good buying decision.

1. Features you need
What features do you need in your accounting software at the moment and what would be your future need. For example you are keeping small inventory today but after 5 years your expanded business may need exhaustive inventory to managed. You have to think if your accounting software have those features which you may need in next 5 to 10 years. Can your software grow with your business? How much is the cost of upgradation to new features?

2. Ease of Use

How much easier is the accounting package to use? How is it's interface? Is it simple or having complex menus and options. After all its you who has to use it. Before buying you should take proper time to evaluate the software. How easily you can work on it?

3. Trained manpower

How much easily you can get trained manpower for this software. It is but obvious that you are not going to manager your accounts all the times. At later stage you have to employ some one to handle accounting job. It is an important factor that your business should not be hijacked due to lack of trained manpower. If your staff quits then how easily you can fill your post with another qualified person.

4. Support

What is the level of support accounting software is going to provide once you have purchased it. Is the local support also available to you? Most of the companies offer toll free numbers, web based support but is there any person in your local market who can get you out of trouble without spending much.

5. Expandability

As discussed earlier you have to be futuristic about your requirements. where do you consider yourself after 10 years. During that time is there any way to upgrade according to your requirements. How much easily you can upgrade and at what cost you can upgrade?

6. Training/Help Facility
How much easily you find out the training of your accounting software or help regarding specific feature where you have stuck. Web help is available for it or not? Help manual of software or help documentation should be able to solve your problem. Your business may need to get your employees trained about the new features of upgrade. In that case training facility near you would be of great help.

7. Users experience

You would easily users of your accounting software. Take their opinion. Finding users from same industry would be much helpful. Find their level of satisfaction. How do they feel after using the software? What type of problems they have faced and how they were solved? Users experience would give you the feeling of security in buying the software.

8. Value for money
Find our where you can the lowest price for your chosen software. You can shop around to different vendors and venues for a same software. Who is helping you with installation and guidelines for usage at lowest cost.

9. Available brands and their performance
You have to look for all available brands and their price. Compare there features with prices. The type of reports you want to get and the software facility in this regard. Check about their market share and performance of software in general.

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