31 December 2006

Tally Academy, save on hardware cost : Switch to Thin client Computing

Many of my readers are Tally Academies. For them here is my New Year idea. Some advance level academies are using it but for those who are new players in this field they can use it. You can use thin client technology and save big on hardware cost and get advantages on many fronts. Thin client solutions is not a new concept but now a days as hardware costs is a major factor in establishing a good Tally Academy you can give thin client computing a thought. More the number of PCs you are installing more is your saving.
The beauty of this concept is that need not throw your existing hardware. You can use the existing one and add up the new ones also to expend at a very low cost.
Now a days hardware configurations are changing very fast and it is very hard to keep pace with changing hardware requirements. More is the number of PCs more complex is your problem and more difficult is its maintenance.
What is Thin Client computing
A thin client is a computer (client) in architecture networks which depends primarily on the central for processing activities. It is a network terminal which behaves like desktop but applications running on central server instead. It doesn't ave any moving parts like disk drives, fans etc but have all the same ports and accessories to support as a PC. Thin client computing consists of a server which does all the processing and thin clients which are disc less systems which just displays what is going on screen. The actual processing of OS and Application software happens on server only. The server with the help of thin client software can manage any thing on clients. The client computer have just a lan card with boot Rom which can start the system. It can have a minimum memory and a very low capacity processor (even P2 can work). This wikipedia page on Thin Client can give you some insight about what is concept behind thin client computing. You can further explore about Thin Client computing and its advantages.

How to switch to thin client computing

The first requirement for this to decide about which brand of thin client software and hardware you want to opt for. At present in India few players are working very successfully. These include Neoware, ThinNet and Enjay thin clients. I am using Enjay cards and Tally solutions is using Neoware for its regional office at Delhi.
After deciding about hardware next step is to make server. Any P4 processor server with 3.01 GHz speed or higher and 1GB or more RAM can handle upto 15 pcs in case of normal Tally Academy kind of work. You can easily run Tally, MSOffice, and host of other applications.
In your existing setup you choose your best PC, increase its RAM and hard disk and make it like server. Windows XP professional as OS can do but Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 server would be better.
Now comes the client part. Add Lan cards with boot ROM in your existing pcs and let them boot through it. In case of Enjay they provide their own LAN cards and a CD for installation. If your system are having LAN cards then they need to be replaced with newer ones. To add more PCs if you can make it by your own then you can assemble it in Just Rs. 4000/- a pc. Otherwise you can purchase new slim thin clients in around Rs.8000/-
  • In academy a student can sit on any pc and open its own Tally company where as in second case he is fixed to one system otherwise you have to shift his company data.
  • Maintenance is low as client PCs would never get out of order due to software failure.
  • Work on multi user version of Tally becomes faster.
  • Security of data is more as individual users can be created with restricted rights.
The only disadvantage is that all your computing gets dependent on single server. In case the server crashes then you have to make lot of efforts in putting the system on track again.

But this disadvantage can be taken care of by taking proper backup of data and making another dummy server which would take place in case of emergency.

You can check cost benefits and maintenance benefit on Enjay world. Some more FAQ's can also be found here.

Users individual experiences are welcomed here.

28 December 2006

Top 10 Tally Posts and Tally searches of 2006.

As the new year is round the corner, it is right time to get a flash back of year 2006. Here is the list of my top 10 post about Tally according to number of hits they got. The ranking is based on my traffic as tracked by Google Analytics. You would get an idea what people are most interest in Tally. You can also get any missed post.

1. Crack for Tally 8.1
My post for those people who are looking crack of Tally software.
2. Demo Test for Tally Certified Professional (TCP)
A demo test for practice for all aspirants who want to become Tally Certified Professionals. This test has been attempted by over 1500 different people including some Tally employees !!!
3. Recover your data in Tally
Tips to recover your lost data and ways to create backup.
4. Download Tally9.....
Tally 9 and its features as described on new designed site of tally.
5. Exporting Data from Tally
A quick preview about how to export data out of tally into other softwares like MS Word, MS Excel etc.
6. Getting started with Tally
Post about things to take care of before starting work in Tally
7. Faster data entry in Tally
How in work faster in tally. Some shortcuts and tricks.
8. How to migrate data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1
Step by step explanation about how to migrate your data from older version to newer version of Tally.
9. Why Tally turns Educational
Exploring why Tally turns educational and some solutions of this problem.
10. Tally 9 new version coming soon.
My pre-launch news related to schedule to be tally9 Launch.

Top 10 searches about Tally
After coming to my site people search for many terms the top 10 most searched terms are here. The source is google search records from my site.
1. Tally 6.3
2. Demo test for tcp
3. tally 4.5 to tally 7.2
4. Tally 4.5
5. Tally 7.2
6. FBT
7. tally 8.1 crack patch
8. tdl
9. Tally 8.1
10. how to take backup in tally 7.2

Most popular tally search tags were
Crack, Tally 8.1, Download tally, Data migration, pirated tally, tally 7.2, FAQ's, Tally Tips, Tally, shortcut keys

Happy tallying !!!

23 December 2006

50 best Yahoo Answers about Tally: What people ask about Tally ?

I have reached at level 3 of Yahoo Answers by answering questions regarding Tally. It had took me 7 months to reach there because people ask very few questions regarding Tally. You can see what people want to know about Tally from my Best yahoo answers . People have asked from what is Tally to configuration of Tally. Most frequently asked question was from where to download the crack of software or from were they can get the serial nos of tally. Another popular question was regarding learning tally. During search i found one link where you can get Tally 9 install file and Tally 7.2 install file.
Check out my all questions if they can help you.

21 December 2006

New Update for Tally 7.2 users released.

Download Tally 7.2 rel 3.13For the existing users of Tally 7.2 users New release is on the site for downloading. You can download release 3.13 of Tally 7.2. The update is accompanied with stat version 47 which is applicable to release 3.0 and higher. As far as release is concern few minor up gradations and few corrections has been done for existing users. User must read full release notes before installing the new release. If you need any of these upgraded or modified features then download the same by giving your sr. no. and the activation code or email address. Users can check their current statutory master by pressing Ctrl+Alt+B at Gateway of Tally Menu. As discussed earlier also stat.slk file contains latest statutory rules and up gradations regarding VAT,Service Tax etc, it should be upgraded.

Some of the major facilities and enhancements include:-
display of due date in purchase entry,
importing VAT rate specified in item master,
VAT bifurcation details in sales invoice and accurate calculation of tax for multiple VAT rate items etc.

Some major stat changes incorporated in Stat file are:-
VAT return forms RT II and RT III have now been provided for Bihar
New VAT classifications has been added.
Modification and deletion in existing VAT classifications
Forms 8, 8A and 8B have now been provided for Kerala.
New VAT classification for VAT 20% added for Kerala.
Capital Goods 12.5% has now been provided in VAT/Tax Classes for Rajasthan.
New VAT Classifications have been provided, in order to make voucher entry convenient for Haryana.

You can get pdf version of release notes of stat 47.

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17 December 2006

Useful free softwares to Protect your PC from virus, spyware and maleware!!

In most of the cases if a Tally user formats his PC then the most common reason is virus attack or too much spywares which hampers the normal processing of computer. The most major factor of infection is your internet connection. Faster is your internet connection faster would be the data transfer rate and faster would be the infection rate. Few tips and timely measures would say you the day and insure some level of security for your PC.
As festival season is approaching in the western countries the virus attacks or maleware attacks would increase. This msdn page makes you aware about internet frauds. This article at blogs tells about avoiding phising techniques. This page at Microsoft's site tells about 4 easy steps to protect your computer. The four steps include keeping a firewall between your computer and internet, keeping OS updated, use antivirus, and use anti spyware technology.

As far as firewall software is concern, Windows firewall can protect upto certain extent but a good fire wall software like Zone Alarm would give you choice to figure out each and every software which is using internet and facility to block and allow the use of Internet. You can get Zone Alarm firewall for free of cost.

The best anti virus choice depends on you and your experience. But what ever anti virus you use regular update is required to prevent new virus from attacking your computer. This page at labnol tell about free anti virus scanning. You can try some of the sites mentioned and see which one can work for you.

Anti spyware
For best anti spyware my best based on my experience is SpyBot. This software is free to download as well as very much effective. Like updating antivirus you have to update spyware list also and Spybot updates its list constantly. More over it can protect from internet explorer hacks, and can controll the windows registry keys. when ever a new entry is added in registry or deleted from windows registry you would get noticed and you can allow or deny particular action. It would warn you when ever a programe is putting an entry in startup or in internet explorer defaults etc.

Browser :
If you are fed up of frequent search pages automatically coming up in your internet explorer or certain pop ups automatically open some adult sites or automatic homepage configuration, then the only answer is to either switch to latest internet explorer or give firefox 2 a try. You would feel the difference. You can download Firefox 2 which is having dictionary support like MS word. You can download Firefox with google toolbar for easier surfing by clicking the Firefox button on left panel under useful software.

The combination of these softwares can secure your pc like anything.
Last but not the least you can get few tips about protecting your pc at this page on University of torento site and see how this person Clinton Forbes claims to be having virus free computer without having anti virus softwares.

13 December 2006

Tally 9 Payroll : 4 easy steps to generate Payslip

For users of Tally 9 who want to use tally payroll i have prepared small slide show to give a brief idea on how to work on payroll. The slide show is prepared by using ZOHO show which is an online tool like power point presentation. The contents were provided to me by Mr. Kumar from Tally solution while evaluating Tally 9 beta version.
Thanks Mr. Kumar I hope i have done justice to your documentation.

The four steps include:
1. Creating Pay heads
2. Creating Employee Master
3. Creating Salary details
4. Process payroll and generating Payslips.
Click on the slide show to view full illustrated process.

Click on this link to view the slide show in separate window.

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11 December 2006

Problem with Apni Tally View ? Try this

One of my reader informed my about in corrected view of Apni Tally blog. I verified it on different versions of Internet explorer but find it all right. But yesterday while working on a computer in a cyber cafe i noticed that if the screen resolutions is not 1024X768 or higher then you would get the middle row a little bit distorted.
The best view is in 1024X 768 for this blog.
You can correct it by right clicking on desktop and then properties

The best software to view this blog is Firefox . You can download it from the left hand panel under Useful Software section and see how smooth surfing can become.

Fire fox is my personal choice as after using it
1. I have got rid of frequent browser hacking which is a very common problem for Internet explorer users.
2. Unwanted search engines which use to show results now and then whenever a wrong url was typed.
3. Tabbed browsing Lets me do more work in a single window.

I would like to share some stats regarding viewers of ApniTally.

When i checked the site stats I find out that 78.36% or my users are using Internet explorer and 17.29% are using FireFox. 55% users have screen resolution 1024X 768 pixel which is a good sign for me. Only 7.12% users are using resolution below 1024X 768.

07 December 2006

Buying Accounting Software : 9 points to help you out..

If you are preparing to invest in accounting software then considering these points before making your decision would help you. Accounting software is an important investment and a tough decision to make as you have to think on many lines. All variety of software are available in the market. Some are small in price while others are rich in features. Some handle general features of all business while other are specially for certain type of business. Some have good support while others are with little upgradation. Let see what factors can help us in good buying decision.

1. Features you need
What features do you need in your accounting software at the moment and what would be your future need. For example you are keeping small inventory today but after 5 years your expanded business may need exhaustive inventory to managed. You have to think if your accounting software have those features which you may need in next 5 to 10 years. Can your software grow with your business? How much is the cost of upgradation to new features?

2. Ease of Use

How much easier is the accounting package to use? How is it's interface? Is it simple or having complex menus and options. After all its you who has to use it. Before buying you should take proper time to evaluate the software. How easily you can work on it?

3. Trained manpower

How much easily you can get trained manpower for this software. It is but obvious that you are not going to manager your accounts all the times. At later stage you have to employ some one to handle accounting job. It is an important factor that your business should not be hijacked due to lack of trained manpower. If your staff quits then how easily you can fill your post with another qualified person.

4. Support

What is the level of support accounting software is going to provide once you have purchased it. Is the local support also available to you? Most of the companies offer toll free numbers, web based support but is there any person in your local market who can get you out of trouble without spending much.

5. Expandability

As discussed earlier you have to be futuristic about your requirements. where do you consider yourself after 10 years. During that time is there any way to upgrade according to your requirements. How much easily you can upgrade and at what cost you can upgrade?

6. Training/Help Facility
How much easily you find out the training of your accounting software or help regarding specific feature where you have stuck. Web help is available for it or not? Help manual of software or help documentation should be able to solve your problem. Your business may need to get your employees trained about the new features of upgrade. In that case training facility near you would be of great help.

7. Users experience

You would easily users of your accounting software. Take their opinion. Finding users from same industry would be much helpful. Find their level of satisfaction. How do they feel after using the software? What type of problems they have faced and how they were solved? Users experience would give you the feeling of security in buying the software.

8. Value for money
Find our where you can the lowest price for your chosen software. You can shop around to different vendors and venues for a same software. Who is helping you with installation and guidelines for usage at lowest cost.

9. Available brands and their performance
You have to look for all available brands and their price. Compare there features with prices. The type of reports you want to get and the software facility in this regard. Check about their market share and performance of software in general.

05 December 2006

Tally 9 Features : What is in Tally 9 for me?

Tally 9 has some great news for every one. Features added in this upgraded version are a definite plus. And adding them for free is a great new for those who has put there faith in Tally 8.1. Tally's decision to add these features without any cost is going to give its sales a big boost. As the new version is here lets see what is stored in Tally 9 for us as a user of Tally software.

New Users :
For new users Tally 9 has got almost every thing. Either it is advance accounting or advance inventory. It has got more power to perform faster. A new user would get all major features like:-
  • Advance Accounting to manage your accounts
  • Advance Inventory to manage your store
  • Statutory compliance for VAT, TDS, Service Tax, Dealer excise, Fringe benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Payroll to manage employees accounts.
  • POS Invoicing with bar code supporting.

Tally 8.1 Users:
These users can get best of both worlds. They have to pay nothing and they would get more solid platform of Tally and features like Payroll and POS invoicing. They should upgrade because many bugs and disadvantages have been corrected in this version. a few ones include:-
  • Grid lines in printing price lists.
  • Cost centers display with scenario
  • Display of credit days in purchase entry
  • Alter a forex transaction in purchase
  • Multi columnar report in corrected form
  • Setting Off Excise Duty Credit against Service Tax Payable
  • ST-3 form of Service Tax
  • Printing cheque in foreign currency
Tally 7.2 & Tally 6.3 Users
These users can get many features like payroll, VAT, FBT, POS Invoicing, Dealer Excise etc. They would get faster speed for VAT report viewing. But for this they have to upgrade their software with the help of Tally currency of appropriate value.
Tally 7.2 users can find check the price of upgrades them self by going to F12 Configuration--> shop --> online --> price List and then see what upgrades they can get and at what price. You can find more information about Upgrade options on Upgrade page.

How to upgrade
For Tally 8.1 users the upgrade is free of cost what they have to do is just download the latest files of Tally 9 and upgrade their license in Tally9 by entering their serial no key and email address.
For Tally 7.2 they have to enter the nos. of Tally currency in F12 shoping cart --> add products
For Tally 6.3 user they have to give a DD of the required amount and Tally would allow to download Tally software from site with those serial nos.

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Download Tally 9 : New version of Indian Accounting Software Tally is Here

As expected Tally 9 is here in the first week of December as discussed in my earlier article on Tally 9. Packed with many features and other minor up gradations from its earlier version Tally 8.1, Tally solutions has launched it with a bang. Tally's New eye catching site has been revamped for it with an international flavor, as the product is for many countries. New release as described by Tally Solutions is based on C:MuLATE (Concurrent Multi-lingual Accelerated Technology Engine) is a path breaking technology which can work faster and efficient on Concurrent Multi-lingual Platform with Object Oriented Database Engine.

The Major features covered in this release is of
  • Payroll
  • POS Invoicing
  • Multilingual support in 13 languages
  • Statutory compliance for Service Tax - Malaysia Sales Tax – Malaysia and VAT for Indonesia.

Some Minor enhancements are also done which are related to TDS, cost centers and scenario management, bank reconciliation, set off Excise duty credit against Service tax payable, new service tax form ST3, printing a Cheque in a foreign currency etc.

Some Performance up gradations are also done which includes faster processing of data related to vat computation, vat form display, e-TDS export and import of statutory masters.

What a Tally 8.1 user has to do?
Quickly upgrade to Tally 9 because its Free for him. Just click here and enter your serial no and email address. download all the necessary files like install.exe, help files, and stat file. Be care full to take backup of your data before upgrading.
One more thing after opening a company in tally 9 you have to alter it and specify the Statutory compliance for field to enable the statutory features of the required country in Tally 9. E.g. users of India has to select Indian from list. Save it by pressing Ctrl +A

Any one who want to upgrade his Tally 7.2 silver, he has to pay Rs.4500/- for upgrade through TVP's, Rs. 8100/- is needed for upgrade from Tally 7.2 gold.

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